Monday Update 27th May Twist Of Fate Zee World

King goes to Kiara. Pragya asks her not to do this again. King thinks Pragya must be shattered seeing Kiara in that condition and I told her enough. Nurse asks King to bring something from Lab. Pragya says she will go. Nurse tells King that Kiara’s father loves her a lot and he lifted her in his arms after the accident. She says I have never seen such a father. King asks did he tell you that he is her father? Nurse says no. King says I am her father. Nurse says sorry.

Purab and Disha come to the lab and give DNA sample to the lab Doctor and asks when they will get the report. Lab doctor tells that it will take one week. Purab says it is a small test. Disha says but result is big. Purab tries to bribe him. Doctor smiles and says it is secret time and shall be off record. He tells that he will keep the secret safely and asks about Abhi’s sample. Disha says we forgot and asks Purab to call Abhi. Abhi comes there. Purab says I will pluck his hairs. Disha warns Purab. Tanu comes and hears them.

Disha gives Abhi’s hair sample to the doctor. Purab tells Doctor that he wants test for his sister. Tanu thinks why they are so happy, I have to find out. She thinks if they see me then I will never find out. Abhi asks about the Doctor’s name. Doctor says Ganesh. Pragya comes there. Abhi tells that he will give his everything to him if the D…Purab stops him from saying further seeing Pragya.

Pragya asks what is happening here. Disha says nothing. Pragya asks Doctor to give the report. Doctor goes. Pragya asks Disha and Purab to tell the truth. Purab says we are telling truth, we are not hiding anything. Disha says you are right, we are hiding something from you and tells that they came to do Purab’s blood test in the lab. Pragya asks why? Disha says Purab has become weak and fell twice, and that’s why she got his test done, while he refused. Pragya thinks if she is saying truth or not. King tells pragya that Kiara is getting discharged and asks Pragya to come. Pragya looks at Abhi and smiles. She leaves. King looks at Abhi.

Chachi tells Tarun that she is not happy with his alliance. Tarun asks her to accept Neha as her bahu. Chachi says I have mixed the mehendi and will come with you for your happiness. King brings Kiara home with Pragya. Chachi asks what happened to her? King tells about her accident. Chachi says we have to cancel the function and tells that even she has hurt her leg. King says nice try, but function will not be cancelled. Pragya takes Kiara and says she will make her sleep. King tells her that he will talk to her tomorrow. Chachi thinks don’t know when King talks to Pragya and clear everything.

Abhi talks to Pragya’s pic and thinks once report comes, then they will stay as a family. Disha comes there and asks until when she will talk to the pic. She says it is unbelievable that she is coming. Abhi says yes and tells that I love you to Pragya’s pic and tells I love you to Disha. Disha teases him and asks who will talk to her after di comes. Abhi thinks of Pragya.

King thinks of Nurse words that Kiara is very lucky as her father loves her a lot. Chachi comes to King and asks him what is he thinking? She says I know you are thinking about Abhi and Pragya. She says the matter is not about Pragya and you, but about Kiara. She asks if he can stay away from Kiara. King says you started again. Chachi asks him to keep his eyes open during the function.

Dasi asking Mitali to come for applying mehendi. Mitali says she doesn’t want to apply on her hands. Dadi says Indu will not agree. Mitali refuses still. Dadi asks her to get mehendi applied. Neha comes there with Disha. Dasi compliments her lovingly. Purab comes to Disha. Disha asks him to leave her hand as everyone is watching. Purab kisses on her forehead. Disha asks are you drunk? Purab says he is daring romantic. Disha asks what happened to you? Purab says love and asks do you love me? Disha says ofcourse. Purab asks her to kiss him. Disha says she is not shameless to kiss him publicly. Purab says he has learnt romance from Abhi. Disha goes seeing pragya. Purab thinks he will trouble her more and smiles. Disha takes Shagun’s mehendi from Chachi for Neha. Abhi thinks

if pragya didn’t come. Tanu collides with Abhi and falls. He holds her and asks her to stand straight. She doesn’t. He makes her stand right and goes. Tanu thinks to do something to make him realize that she loves him more than Pragya and will never leave him, and thinks think it as my madness or love, I will get you. Purab comes and welcomes King’s family. Pragya thinks where is he? Abhi thinks he gets same feeling whenever he sees Pragya and thinks she shall be arrested and put in my heart jail.

Tai ji asks Mitali to apply mehendi. Mitali looks on. Dasi asks about King. Pragya says he went for some important work and will come there. King thinks he never thought of any relation with Pragya, but now wants to have relation with her. He thinks why I am feeling that I can’t lose her, and thinks Pragya don’t like any guy and I don’t like any girl so we shall marry. He thinks to talk to Pragya about their marriage. Purab talks to the doctor and tells that it is bungalow no. 9. Disha says jiju will get what he wants after the report comes. Tanu hears them. Purab tells Disha that he will thank Dr. Anjali.

Disha asks him to praise her a bit. They start romance. Tanu thinks of Disha’s words and think they want to bring Pragya here and thinks what is this report about? She thinks to take someone’s help to find out. Dadi asks Mitali and Chachi to dance. Chachi refuses. Mitali says she also don’t want to dance. Dadi says nobody will refuse till shagun is done. Purab and Disha are dancing along with the other couples. Abhi covers his head with the red chunari and comes near Pragya. He tries to get close to her. Pragya asks about him.

Disha comes and understands Abhi is in the chunari. Pragya says she didn’t see him. Disha says he is behind you. Pragya turns, but he is gone. She looks for him while meeting the guests. Song plays… Purab asks Abhi to take her to side else he will repent. Abhi comes to Pragya and greets the guests. He silently takes Pragya with him. Tanu comes to the room and calls Nikhil. Nikhil rejects her call. Tanu calls him again. Nikhil closes his ears and says stop calling me Tanu. He tells himself that his phone is not ringing. Tanu thinks pick up my phone…

Nikhil. Nikhil recalls Tanu slapping him when they met last and thinks she must need my help or have some bad news. He asks himself not to become emotional fool by being emotional. He thinks he will not pick her call. He thinks last time when I picked her call, I had to kill John and then she asked me to get underground and I had to kidnap Kiara and my life became mess. Pragya is surprised and asks Abhi..you. Abhi asks then who will be here, if not me and says you have returned in my life, but you don’t know. Allah Wariyan plays…

Abhi taking Pragya to side. Pragya says you. Abhi says you have returned to my life, but you don’t know or is just acting. Pragya says no. Abhi says I know your eyes were searching me. Pragya asks him to leave her Pallu. Abhi says it is confirmed that you need me. He asks her to tell if she was searching him. Pragya says there was no reason to search him. Abhi says your attitude separates you from other girls. He says you can’t go from my life or from here. Pragya says you can’t joke with me, as you are married. Abhi says marriage is that where we swears to stay together and says you are with me due to our connection. Pragya says you said this easily and asks if he is challenging her. Abhi asks if she is not tired of fighting with him. Pragya says you are fighting with me.

Abhi says where is a love, fight happens and says sorry taking the full blame on himself. Pragya is surprised. Abhi says I have changed and asks where is she going to get mehendi applied of my name? Pragya says I stopped applying mehendi and says you are not my husband. Abhi thinks why she is lying to him. Tanu calls Nikhil on video call and asks why is he not picking the call.
Nikhil says I don’t want to talk to you. Tanu says there is nobody except you. Nikhil says you calls me to get your work done and after your work is over then you don’t talk. Tanu says you are very special to me, even though I love Abhi. She emotionally blackmails him and tells that she needs his help. Nikhil says ok and asks her to tell. Tanu thanks him and asks him to go to hospital, meet Anjali and take the report. She says if Dr. Anjali says that report is not ready then make sure that it doesn’t reach Mehra house. She says Purab and Disha are waiting for this report.

Nikhil says if they get successful then you have to promise me that you will leave Abhi and come to me. Tanu says if this happens then ofcourse I will come to you. She says if you give me any news about Pragya and Abhi’s union then I will come to you. Nikhil says I will go to Pataal to get that report. She ends the call and thinks my juti will come to you. She says once she knows about the report, she will fail their planning. She thinks she is just of Abhi and will not let him become of Pragya.

Aaliya thinks where to go and is about to collide with King. She says she is going to room. King asks her to shake friendship hand with him and says then your mood will not be spoiled. Aaliya says I don’t like you and says it is better to repent rather than befriending you. She says you are so annoying. King asks her to make him enemy if not friends and smiles. Aaliya goes.

King thinks where is Abhishek and Pragya? He reminds himself of Chachi’s words. Abhi asks Pragya that she can’t refuse that Kiara is his daughter and his love is unconditional. Pragya tries to say. Abhi says there is no need to say as there is nobody here. He asks why is she hiding truth from him. Pragya says I am not hiding any truth. Abhi says I will not force you and says I will pray to God that you get strength to tell me truth or hear my truth.

Pragya says how can you say that, you are married. Abhi says I am not married? Pragya says when you were married to me, you had an affair with Tanu. Abhi thinks once the report comes then everything will be fine. Nikhil comes to meet Dr. Anjali in the hospital. Receptionist sends him to her cabin and calls her. Tanu informs Aaliya about Purab and Disha’s plan and tells that she has executed her plan and excuses herself.

Disha shows mehendi to Dasi and asks how is it? She looks at Purab. Purab looks at her. King asks Purab about Abhi. Purab says I don’t know. Pragya comes there. King asks him not to come infront of him and says his wife is looking pretty. Purab says jhoota and says you are a big rapper and your wife is too simple. King says he is lucky to have her. pragya comes to king and says everyone was missing him. King asks if she was missing him.

Purab thinks King is flirting with Pragya. Abhi comes and asks King why did he come? He then asks why he came late? King says it seems you aren’t happy. Tanu comes there and asks Pragya to get mehendi applied of King’s name. Pragya says last time she was allergic to it. Tanu says she will apply mehendi of Abhi’s name. Abhi asks Tanu not to apply mehendi of his name as he loves someone else. King hears them.