Mehek Tuesday Update 1 September 2019


Mehek Tuesday Update 1 September 2019

Kanta and others watch news that Shaurya and Mahek stopped attack. Karona says we didnt know they were fighting this much. Dolly says they fought alone.

Inspector is investigating with Shaurya, he asks Shaurya to be specific. Shaurya says sorry that I was kidnapped by them. Mahek says they

are just investigating. Home minister and his daughter comes there and hugs Mahek. Home minister says to inspector that we are thankful to them, you have terrorist arrested so investigate from him, inspector nods and leaves. Family comes there and hugs them. Shaurya says I am sorry Dolly, I had to shout at you, she says no issues. Shaurya says to Vicky that I saw how matured you have become, you did nice, thank you. Mahek thanks Nehal for helping. Home minister says tomorrow will my daughter’s wedding, I want to invite Mahek and Shaurya.
Shaurya and Mahek comes to Jeevan’s house. Balwant is crying and says these people took PD away. Mahek asks him to calm down, PD wanted us together, you have to take care of yourself, she gives him medicine, he takes it. Mansi hugs Mahek and cries, she says you are so strong and brave. Mahek says you all were my strength, God was with me. Mansi smiles. Mahek asks about Neev.

Mahek and Shaurya comes to Neev’s room, doctor checks Neev and says he is shocked, give him nice environment, he needs speech thrapy too, doctor leaves. Shaurya says to Neev that you are hero, you will be fine, Mahek cries and says I was worried. Shaurya and Mahek comes out of room, Shaurya says we should send Neev to nice place. Mahek says Neev’s grandma called and wanted him there for somedays, maybe this is right. Shaurya says yes and also we will get some alone time. Mahek says selfish.. take Shaurya to Hrishikesh tomorrow and comeback.

Karona does aarti in her house, she gives parsad to Mahek and Shaurya and everyone. Karona says dont do this kind of work Shaurya. Shaurya says I had your blessings. Mahek says you didnt worry about me? Karona says you are our strength, she prays that no ill comes to this house. Mahek says we are not leaving anywhere, dont worry, all smile.

At night, Mahek is packing Neev’s clothes, Shaurya makes face. Mahek sees Shaurya missing from room and looks around. She calls him but phone is in room too. Mahek goes to look out. She comes back in room aftersome and sees it decorated with roses and candles, she smiles. Shaurya comes there and pulls her closer, he caresses her face, tera chera jab nazar aye plays. Mahek hugs him tightly and kisses his neck, the slowly dance with each other. Shaurya leans in to kiss her, Mahek says you started again? what if someone comes? Shaurya says no one will come,its only you and me, he leans and kiss her.

In morning, Mahek tells family that Shaurya left with Neev, he will comeback in evening. Dolly says we should go on shopping for ceremony today.

Later Shaurya comes back, they all get ready for function. Karona says I have headache, I cant come. Mahek says they want to praise us and you cant come? we are not going too. Karona says you both are dramaqueens, she drinks kada to go there.

In function, home minister says that two common people saved whole city yesterday, we will be blessed to have people like Shaurya and Mahek. He calls them on stage and gives them shawls and certificates. Shaurya says they say woman is behind man’s success, my whole success goes to my wife, Mahek is always with me, she does everything to protect me and her family, we have had to bear a lot but my family always stayed with us, he calls his family on stage too. They all clap for them.

Government gives honor to Shaurya and Mahek. They give their honor to Kanta and Karuna and say whatever we are is because of our moms. They come home. Everyone celebrates.
Shauyra kisses Mahek. She says someone would come. He says I want to spend time with you. Dolly comes. Karuna and Jeevan come with them as well. Doly says why are you buttons open. Shaurya says I felt warm. Harsh says lets celebrate. They all dance together. Mahek and Shaurya dance on romantic songs. A girl calls. Awara picks the phone. But the girl doesn’t speak.

Shaurua comes to kitchen and looks at Mahek. Shauyr hugs her form behind. She says let me prepare dinner. He says I want to be around you all the time. He hugs her from behind and says I will help you. Dolly comes in and coughs. Karuna comes and they both tease them.

Dolly says to Mahek and Shaurya give us a kid now. Shaurya hugs her and says I am your kid no. Everyone laughs.
Mahek says I hope everyone stays happy like this and neev gets well soon.

At night, Shaurya and Mahek see their old photos. SHe says we will always miss PD. He says she would be happy to see us happy. Mahek says is she a star now? Shaurya hugs her and says yes. She is always looking down at us shining in the sky. Someone calls Mahek bit doesn’t speak. Mahek wonders who it is. The calls comes again. Shaurya says who is it. Don’t call again or I will call police.

Everyone enjoys lunch. Dolly picks the phone. The girl doesn’t speak. Mahek says leave it must be a prank call. Shaurya says Mahek come with me. They both pack stuff. MAhek says you are going again for your business. Shaurya says its about work i have to go. Dolly says Mahek you go with him. Mahek says I am white chilies partner. Mahek packs her stuff as well and says I will go with you.

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