Mehek 27th Saturday Update April 2019

Its morning, Mahek has peaceful smile even in her sleep. She hears some wedding music and wakes up. She comes to lounge. Jeevan says who is playing this music? Ajay and Pammi enters their house with wedding band. Kanta says what is this new drama? Nehal is smiling. Ajay comes to her and dances around her but sits on his knees infront of Mahek, all are stunned. He shows her poster which says will you marry me? Ajay asks Mahek Sharma will you marry me? All are shocked.

Mahek panics, Pammi is dancing. Kanta is tensed. Ajay sings mujhse shaadi karogi song. He asks again, Mahek will you marry me? Kanta shouts what is this drama? she says don’t play this band again. Ajay says this is not drama but love, passionate love, I am ready to marry Mahek, he asks band to play again, band starts playing music again. Balwant says this drama is going on since Diwali. Ajay asks Mahek will you marry me? please say yes. Jeevan screams to stop all this, band stops playing. Jeevan says you flirt Ajay, first you didn’t like Mahek but now that she came on TV so you want o marry her? get lost from here. Pammi says we have come with marriage proposal but you people are behaving like low lives, you people were dying for this proposal, don’t you remember how many times you came to my house? I didn’t realize Mahek is this nice, I was sad when Mahek was humiliated on Tv, remember I brought that posters to your house, I showed them to you as I care for you.

Pammi sits in PD’s feet and says Kanta and I bicker but I like Mahek a lot. Competition has ended but Mahek has to get married at end, I want to forget everything and start new chapter, bless me. PD says move away or else I will kick you. Pammi says I wont move from your feet till you don’t agree with this marriage proposal. Balwant says Pammi gets go inside lounge then we will talk nicely.

Kanta says nobody will talk, she asks Pammi to leave. Pammi says don’t be so hard, Ajay likes Mahek a lot. Kanta says you used to find many faults in Mahek, what suddenly happened that Ajay likes Mahek? I wont give Mahek to people who don’t value her. Pammi says we value her a lot, people don’t know what talent Mahek has but we have got to know it and we are going crazy for her now. Mansi says Mahek has become craze for you after she came on TV? Pammi says don’t be arrogant, don’t forget she was humiliated and her character was questioned too, don’t forget that proposals can stop coming too, lets leave Ajay. Pammi says to Mahek that I am sorry to hurt you earlier, I didn’t recognize how good you are earlier, she says to Kanta that we will wait for you people to answer, we have understood Mahek’s value, its all upto you people now.

Shaurya gets ready and looks at himself in mirror, he recalls Mahek’s slap and is about to touch his wound on forehead. Shurti comes there and says my answer is yes, Shaurya says excuse me? Shurti says I am ready to work in that new restaurant with you. Shaurya says why you are so agitated? are you bored with your parties? I got betrayed once when I brought you in my life but I wont do it again, you don’t deserve to do business with me. Shurti says why? I understand that you hate me but you cant deny that we are superb team, don’t think like my ex-boyfriend but as business partner, it will be good, Shaurya says not anymore, chill and enjoy your kitty parties sister in law, Shurti glares him, he leaves.

PD says to family that Pammi and her family is greedy. Jeevan says since Mahek have come TV along with Donald Trump, Pammi is going crazy. Jeevan says i am worried about Mahek’s marraige too but i never liked Pammi’s family, its no from my side for this marriage proposal, Mansi says even i dont agree with this proposal, she asks Kanta what she thinks? tell us, your decision will be final. Everyone looks at Kanta expectantly while Kanta contemplates about it, Kanta says what to say? I have taken many wrong decision in last few days that I have doubt now, seems like I am getting old, she asks Mahek what she wants? its about your marriage so you tell me. Balwant says if you are all done then I want to say something. Balwant says you remember black monkey? Jeevan says yes he was killer, Balwant says he was in news but then he was forgotten.

Mahek is in news right now but soon there will another Mahek on TV and then you people will running here and there for proposals, whats wrong with Ajay? Pammi’s family is well off and good, two months Kanta was begging Pammi to go for this proposal, this Kanta was in favor of dowry, if Pammi is saying about dowry then its wrong? PD says she is greedy, Balwant says what greed? people don’t have weddings without dowry now, they are known by us for a longtime and they are well off, Kanta said all these about them, they come to us this time so they will be under our palms for life, jeevan says relations are not made like that, relations are made by holding palms together. Balwant says this not age of making relations based on love, you have to see things for good life, I am telling you all, Ajay is very good for Mahek, we wont get such good proposal again.

Balwant says to Jeevan that Ajay is good relation for Mahek. PD says are you God? Balwant says i am elder of this house, i am not furniture, i cant bear this modern standards of this family. Mahek will marry Ajay only, i will leave house if Mahek doesnt marry him. PD says when you will roam on streets then you will know. Balwant huffs and leaves from there. Nehal glares him.

Ajay is sadly sitting. He says to Pammi that i was trying to get Mahek but your ego is big. Pammi says dont stoop to low, they will come on their on to us.
Nehal comes to Ajay’s house and slaps him. She says you kept calling me baby and love and when you saw fatso Mahek’s money, you went behind her like dog. Ajay says the girl who goes on long drink before marriage, they are just for use and we
marry girls like Mahek. Nehal says i will show your messages to everyone. Ajay says see this first. He shows her photos him intimate with Nehal, he says if you show my messages then your photos will go on internet, now behave like i am your brother in law, in year or two, i will divorce Mahek and will marry you. delete these messages and asks Mahek to say yes to proposal, get lost now. Nehal is in tears seeing her pictures of kissing Ajay. Nehal goes out of his room and breakdowns.

Balwant packs his stuff to leave house. Mahek is in her room and sees Shaury’a gift, she recalls Balwant’s words that Ajay is best for Mahek. He looks at gift of cooker and oil which Shaurya gifted. She recalls how Ajay insulted her for being homely girl, then how Pammi insulted her that she cant even marry their driver, then how Ajay proposed her again. How Balwant wants this marriage to happen.
Balwant is leaving house. Jeevan says dont be childish. Balwant says when kids stop to listen to elders then they are not needed in house. PD says i am tired of this oldie, i want to see if he has guts. Kanta says dont fight, you both are eldres. Balwant says i want Mahek to Ajay but no one is listening, it shows there is no value of my words here, let me go, let me die. Mahek comes there and says we wont let you die grandpa, i used to call you daadu before my parents die but because of my mistake, i lost that right but today, i wont repeat mistake to loose my daadu again, you wont die but happily live with all of us, you have to bless me in my wedding and send me from this house, then you will see my face in functions only, i am ready to marry Ajay, all are stunned. Mahek says if you are happy with that, if you think this is right then i am ready to do it. PD says dont take such beig decision because of his blackmail. Mahek says you made me learn to live for others so you have to be with me when i am doing it. SHe says to Balwant that i will marry when and how you want me to marry with smile, i dont want anyone to cry anymore, all should be smiling, Mahek leaves. Balwant asks Kanta to call Pammi and tell her we are ready, Kanta is tensed.

Mahek says to Kanta and PD that i am not in pressure, you made me fast for guy so i am getting guy. Kanta says you are doing this for Balwant, think about your happiness. Mahek says if this marraige can bring happiness here then i will be happy in Ajay’s house and no prince charming will come for me, PD says maybe there is really prince charming for you, who will come to you. Door knocks. Mahek says i will see who it is. PD says dont know if she has peace in her fate or not.
Mahek opens door and sees Shaurya there, she is stunned and staring him with big eyes, he softly smiles at her. She says you here? he says i am sorry, i shouldnt have come without telling, Mahek says no, no actually you came suddenly thats why.

Balwant says to Kanta that Mahek has taken right decision today, she agreed with me, it shows she still has my blood, PD says she agreed with it so you dont live on footpath, she is scared of you and this is not right, she leaves. Kanta starts leaving too but Balwant asks her to call Pammi.
Mahek asks Shaurya to come inside, he says i will leave, i just came to give this to you, he shows her paper bag, she asks what is it? Jeevan sees him there and goes inside. He comes to Kanta but sees her finalizing Roka with Pammi tomorrow, she says we will meet tomorrow, she ends call. Jeevan says i saw ghost, Shaurya Khanna has come. Kanta says again? Balwant says i will see. All come outside and see Shaurya there, Balwant asks whats in this paper bag? Balwant takes it from her and sees apron in bag, Balwant taunts that seems like your business is not going well so you are opening laundry business? Shaurya gets angry being taunted but tries to keep calm, Mahek helplessly looks at him, shaurya says this is Mahek’s apron, she left it on show so i came to give it.

Balwant says are you that free that you will go to all contestants houses to give apron? Kanta says sit Shaurya, we will bring tea. Balwant says we dont have time for all this, there is Roka in 24hours, we have to do preparations, Shaurya asks whose Roka is it? Balwant says i cant have roka at this age, its Mahek’s roka. Shaurya is shocked and says Mahek’s roka? she got committed suddenly? Mahek looks away, Balwant says we dont print posters for wedding, if you are done then can we start our work? Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek and says i should be get going, he greets them and leaves, Mahek is sad too. Shaurya is going to his car, Mahek runs behind and says Shaurya Sir.. Shaurya says Miss Sharma what happened? did i insult you or your family for bringing apron? Mahek says thank you for bringing apron, that apron was with me in supercook’s journey, Shaurya says and you left it there.

Mahek says i am sorry for Balwant’s behavior, you came here all the way and he taunted you, shaurya says thats okay, earlier you came to my house and today i came here, life is about give and take, i was thinking that after giving you apron, i would ask if we can go for coffee but.. i didnt know that tomorrow is your Roka. Mahek says i even didnt know it. Shaurya says really? you sad your family loves you a lot, what happened then? they fixed your roka without telling you? Mahek says a lot has happened in recent past and thats why i am doing this marriage, i cant share everything with you but you cant taunt my family like that. Shaurya says sorry, its my old habit, i couldnt avoid it, Mahek says change this habit, its more hurtful than slap, Shaurya says i am sorry, Mahek nods and looks down, Shaurya stares her and says i should leave.. one more thing, whoever you are marrying, think before deciding, if you take wrong decisions then sometime wounds dont heal in whole lifetime, take care, he pulls her in hug and gently hugs her. Sheetal is going from there and sees them hugging, she is stunned and says there is something going between them for sure. Shaurya breaks hugs, he sits in his car, Mahek waves at him, Shaurya leaves.