Mehek 16th May Thursday Update 2019

Vicky brings Shaurya to couch and asks if he is fine? need water? Shaurya says no, Vicky leaves. Shaurya sits on couch and drinks water but has headache.
Sanjay calls Jaggi and says Shaurya is at right place, you have half an hour, if you dont do my work then i will send you where Sharya should go, Jaggi says we will do your work for sure, Sanjay says do it.
Mahek says to Nehal that i am worried for Shaurya, he didnt seem well. Nehal says you just got married to him and started showing rights from now only? you will meet him in half an hour but call him if you want to talk.
Shaurya goes in washroom and washes his face. Mahek calls him but his phone is silent. He sees Mahek calling but is not able to pick it due to headache. Jaggi and his goons are coming to him.

Mahek says to Nehal that Shaurya is not picking call, go and search him, Nehal says he must be tired and might be taking nap, Mahek says just go and see him for me, Mansi comes there and asks Nehal to come with her, Nehal says to Mahek that i will go and see him, dont worry, they leave. Mahek says why do i feel something is wrong? God keep everything fine.

Mahek is brought to mandap for wedding. Guests praise her. Mahek sits in mandap and holds PD’s hand for support, she looks around for Shaurya to come. Mahek asks Nehal did you meet Shaurya? he is fine? Nehal says sorry i couldnt go to him, mom gave me work. Vaitlana says to Sanjay that i hope your men are not sleeping. Sanjay says just say what you are told to.
Sanjay comes to couch area and says where did Shaurya go at pheras time? he calls shaurya but Shaurya is not picking call.

Pundit asks to call groom. Karona says i have sent Sameer to call him, Khanna says they both are useless. Mahek asks Nehal and Mohit if they didnt go to check up on Shaurya? Mohit says Nehal didnt ask me to. Mahek asks Karona where is Shaurya? Karona says he would be coming with Sameer now. Sanjay and Vaitlana smirks. Sameer comes there and says Shaurya is nowhere to be found, all are shocked.

Ravi says what do you mean? he is tall man that he will be lost. He calls Shaurya. Mahek says find him, i feel something fishy. Ravi is calling him but he is not picking, Mahek says where is Shaurya? Karona calls him too. Sanjay says he might be hiding due to fear, Karona says Sanjay! Mahek says something is wrong, i saw dream two days back, Shaurya didnt listen to me.

Karona says what did you see? Mahek says i saw someone drowning Shaurya in pool, i am worried for him, something might be happening to him, please find him, Kanta says calm down. Karona asks Vicky to call Shaurya, Vicky says he is not picking up. Khanna asks Sameer to go outside resort and see if he is there, Sameer goes. Mahek falls on floor and says find Shaurya. Sanjay says we will find him dont worry. Sanjay and Vaitlana comes in corner, he calls Jaggi but his phone is switched off, Vaitlana says is there any mistake he did? Sanjay says then Shaurya would be here taking pheras, he did his work, so dont worry.

Mahek breaks away from her family’s grasp and runs to find Shaurya. Kanta and Mansi stops her, Mahek cries stopping at gate of venue, she recalls her dream in which Shaurya was drowned by someone in pool.
On some isolated road, Shaurya’s turban is thrown out of some car, car rides over it crushing it in process.
Kanta and Mansi drags Mahek to room. Mahek says let me go, i will find Shaurya, how can he leave like this? this is no joke, i will find him, he will come to me once i call him out.

Mansi says all are finding him, dont worry, just sit down, Mahek is going hysteric, Mansi asks her to drink water, Mahek says i told shaurya many times that something wrong is going to happen but he didnt listen to me. She cries, Sonal says are you mad? why are you crying, Shaurya will be found, Mahek breakdowns and cries. Sonal wipes her tears and says dont cry, you are my good friend. Mahek cries harder. Kanta says to Nehal that handle Mahek, we are going out, Nehal asks Kanta if Shaurya will be found? Kanta says yes we will find him, dont worry, he wouldnt go far away, take care of Mahek, dont let Mahek leave this room, Mansi and Kanta leaves. Mahek is crying hugging Sonal.

Khanna calls Shaurya but he is not picking call. Jeevan asks Ravi to keep calling him, he says my daughter is in pain and Shaurya is nowhere to be found and i cant get up from this chair like handicapped, Ravi says dont worry, we will find Shaurya soon. All are calling Shaurya, Karona says Shaurya take my call atleast. Sanjay asks her to calm down, he asks Vaitlana to bring water for her, she does and says dont worry Karona, you know work is important for Shaurya, i am sure he must have went for some work, Karona says my Shaurya can never leave marriage like this, there is something wrong. Khanna says dont worry, i have called police. Vaitlana says you get hyper on small things, Shaurya will comeback, why did you call police? Sanjay says this is wedding and Shaurya is nowhere so we should
call police, what if someone has cut him? Karona says dont say rubbish Sanjay, Sanjay says i am sorry, i am worried for my nephew too, i will go and check for him.

Nehal asks Mahek to calm down. Mahek says i have to go, i will bring him, Sonal says what is this madness Mahek? Mahek says i will go, she pushes them away and leaves.
Sanjay calls Jaggi but he is not picking call. Vaitlana says if your man is trustworthy or will he start blackmailing us? Sanjay says i will slap you if you sa rubbish things. Inspector comes there and says you seem worried Sanjay? Sanjay says my nephew is missing and its his wedding, we must be worried. All family members come there. Ravi says let me tell you what happened, he tells him everything what happened.

Mansi asks PD to drink water, Pd is weeping, Kanta says calm down, Shaurya will be found, Mansi says police will find him. Pd says dont know why there are so many hurdles in Mahek’s wedding, she has already given so many tests. Balwant says what if anything happened to Shaurya? Rajiv says should we check hospitals too? Pd says nothing will happen to Shaurya. Vicky comes there and says Shaurya is not in resort, i have checked all rooms of resort but he is not there, i went to swimming pool area too, Shurti says why would Shaurya go to swimming pool? Vicky says he might have got drunk and went for swimming, Sameer says this is not joke, dont speak if you dont have brain. Mahek runs from there, Nehal asks Kanta to stop her, all go behind Mahek.
Inspector says to Ravi and Jeevan that first Shaurya made you both get arrested and i did that and now Shaurya is marrying your niece and now he is missing just before wedding, lets see what will be results, Jeevan says what are you saying? Mahek comes there and says inspector please find Shaurya. Inspector says let us investigate, you both used to fight then how did weather change between your relation? Jeevan says what rubbish is this? inspector says i am saying truth, he is big industrialist, if he is not found till tomorrow then this news will flash in all newspapers and till Shaurya is not found, we have doubt on everyone including this bride too, Sanjay smirks. Mahek wipes her tears and says doubt anyone you want, ask anything from anyone, i want my Shaurya back, inspector goes to search for Shaurya. Mahek looks on.
Car is shown on road, someone throws Shaurya’s watch on road from car.
inspector comes in Shaurya’s room in resort. All family members come there too. Inspector asks if this marriage was happening as per his will? was he in pressure? Vicky says cant you see expenditure of this wedding? would it happen without his will? Vaitlana says not only as per his will but everyone was happy with this wedding. constable brings Shaurya’s turban and says we found it on road, Mahek says this is Shaurya’s turban, ll get worried, inspector takes it from her, he sees car tyre marks on it, he says some car drove over it, it means someone kidnapped him and forced him in car. Ravi says how can this happen? we were all here, he is a tall man, inspector says what if he was made unconscious, then anyone can take him, maybe Shaurya was dizzy and tried to fight and this turban fell out of car. inspector says to constable that i want details of all cars that came here, Mahek breakdowns and sits on table.
Mysterious car is driving, Shaurya’s sherwani is thrown out of car too.

Mahek comes in mandap and sits. She recalls hugging Shaurya and saying i love you, their garland exchange ceremony, their wedding dinner together, how shaurya left after taking her permission, how she said, she will be waiting for him in mandap, Mahek keeps looking at door. All come in mandap, Kanta says what are you doing here? Mahek says i told Shaurya that we will meet here, he will come, dont worry, he will come, all are crying seeing he state, Kanta says call pundit, Shaurya must be coming, i am sitting alone, he cant leave me, Karona says Shaurya wont come if you punish yourself, he wont come, Mahek says i promised him that i would be waiting for him in mandap so i am not leaving anywhere, Mansi says try to understand Mahek, all are crying seeing her hysteric state. Vaitlana sees this and says seems like she will live her whole life in this mandap because Shaurya is going where only his ashes will remain.
Mysterious car throws Shaurya’s phone on road too.
Sanjay calls Jaggi and says i told you to inform me when work was done, why didnt you pick my call? Jaggi says one problem happened, we couldnt do your work, Sanjay says you are playing with me? where is Shaurya? Jaggi says really we couldnt do work, when we went to Shaurya’s room, he was not there. Flashback shows Jaggi and his men coming to Shaurya’s room and not finding him there, fb ends, Jaggi says we wanted to call you but phone’s battery was dead then police came so we left, Sanjay ends call. Sanjay says if Jaggi didnt kidnap Shaurya then where did Shaurya go? i dont understand what game is going on, Vaitlana says there are many enemies of Shaurya.

Sanjay calls Rajiv and says Jaggi didnt kidnap Shaurya, are you playing some game with me? Rajiv says why would i do it? i am scared that if Shaurya finds out that i am involved with you then my career will be destroyed, Sanjay says go and find out, he leaves. Sanjay says to Vaitlana that i am thinking to leave country for some time, what if Jaggi gets caught by police and he tells them something? it will be problem, Vaitlana says are you scared? Sanjay says this is cleverness not fear, you dont have mind fool. Sanjay comes to Karona and says forgive me, this happened because of me, i disrespected God, i should go to mandir and apologize to Mata rani, she will forgive us, Karoan cries for Shaurya.