Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 3 March 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 3 March 2020

Mr. Bajaj saying its Kuki’s birthday tomorrow, you can invite Basus if you want, after all we are living under same roof. He goes. She thinks he still has special place in his heart for his mum. In London, Anurag is seen at some hotel.

He eats food and thinks of Prerna. He calls her. He says I was thinking of you and got a scissor in hand, it can cut Mr. Bajaj and your relation, your mangalsutra. She disconnects. He says you maybe thinking I talk stupid things, you have to break that meaningless relation. Prerna says I don’t want to talk and encourage you, you have to move on. He says I can’t forget you, I will move on only with you.

Veena does work in the party. Mohini asks what are you doing here. Veena says I m working in an event company.

Mohini says Bajaj has given the work to the decorator where you work, smart. Veena says this party is happening in your house. Veena sees Prerna and gets shocked. Mohini goes. Veena asks what are you doing here. Prerna says Anurag took over Bajaj’s house, Bajaj is upset. Veena says then he took over Anurag’s house, you all have feelings or not. Veena says I m here to do my work, Vyas’ company got this contract, it means that kid would be of Bajaj’s family. She asks the man to get the ladder, to fix the floral board. Prerna thinks Mr. Bajaj is doing this to teach me a lesson. She says give the box to me, I will help.
Veena says no need, you are now Mrs. Bajaj, I don’t like that man. Tanvi looks on and thinks does Rishabh know he has hired his mum in law, it means he wants to insult her. Veena says let me do my work, I m here to do work. Prerna says you are working in this age. Tanvi records them. Veena says I can work, my family needs money, you don’t stop me, I will surely do the work. Tanvi thinks mom should see this, Prerna and her mum are fighting, what a twist for us. Mr. Bajaj comes. She thinks to see how Rishabh behaves with Veena. Mr. Bajaj asks Mr. Vyas how is it going. Vyas says as you said. Mr. Bajaj asks did you call Veena. Vyas says yes, as you kept this condition. Mr. Bajaj thanks him. Prerna and Tanvi hear him. Mr. Bajaj sees Veena and greets her. Veena doesn’t respond. He gets Vyas’ call. Vyas asks for some cash. Mr. Bajaj says yes, I will send it. He asks Veena to take the cash to Vyas. Prerna and Tanvi look on.

Veena recalls Mohini’s words. She doesn’t take the cash. He says thanks, I will do it. He goes. Prerna thinks he is insulting my mum. She says I need to talk, you know where my mum works then… He attends a call. She says I m talking to you. He says I feel you are blaming me. She says you called my mum here, what do you think of yourself, are you Lord, I have seen you giving money to Veena. Tanvi goes to call Maasi. Prerna says my mum will never sacrifice her self esteem, she will never accept you as her son in law. He says its clear, I m not here to make relations with such people. Maasi and Tanvi hear them. He says I have imp work, I will get late. Prerna says I didn’t ask you when will you return.

Maasi says Veena doesn’t like Rishabh, he is very rich, what if he has a daughter, Veena still likes Anurag. Tanvi says Prerna thinks Rishabh called her mum to insult her, Prerna didn’t give him a chance to talk. Maasi says its good, we will change our plan, Veena will break this relation now. Tanvi smiles. Veena smiles seeing the decorations. Nivedita says Veena, you are also here, you said you won’t accept Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s marriage, look at you, you accepted Prerna’s stepdaughter also. She scolds Veena.

Veena asks Bajaj’s daughter. Nivedita says don’t tell me, you didn’t know this, you dreamt of a big house, congrats, you got big house, elderly son in law and his big daughter. Prerna shows the dress to Kuki. She says you will look like an angel in this, come on, we will get ready. They go. Tanvi comes and sees their pic. She thinks why Prerna loves Kuki so much. Tanvi asks them to get ready fast. She goes. Tanvi thinks Prerna is taking place of Kuki’s mum, even nanny can do this, my mom will fire her soon.

Mr. Bajaj says Kuki will just come. Maasi says I had to look beautiful today. He hugs her and says you look very beautiful. Prerna and Kuki come downstairs. Maasi says wow, she is looking pretty. He says she is looking very pretty. She says you complimented someone for the first time. He says I m praising her since she was born, she turned 5 years old. He goes. Tanvi says thank God he was talking about Kuki. Maasi says he isn’t attracted to Prerna, don’t worry, you will become Rishabh’s wife. Veena looks at Kuki. Mr. Bajaj hugs Kuki.

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