Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 14 July 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 14 July 2020

14 July 2020 Tuesday Update on Made fo each other update: Anurag getting shocking seeing Mr. Bajaj. Perna runs to the room. Kuki wakes up and doesn’t see Prerna. She goes out. Mr. Bajaj attacks Anurag. Prerna comes there and moves the door. Mr. Bajaj turns to see. He says I want to tell you the truth before killing you, I married Prerna just for Kuki’s sake, I wanted a loving mum for her, Kuki loved her, I have seen Prerna’s love for her also, she asked me to get you out of the jail, this was just a deal for me, I realized that I love Prerna, whenever she spoke about you, I got angry, I thought you will end your deeds, but you gathered proof to make me fall in her eyes, its time you leave the house, bye bye Basu. Prerna opens the door and gets in.

Made For Each Other Monday Update 13 July 2020

She sees Mr. Bajaj attacking Anurag and shouts no.She gets in between and says you can’t do this. Anurag asks her to just go. Mohini wakes up and looks for Moloy. Anupam shouts to everyone. Mohini, Tapur, Kuki and Maasi get shocked seeing Moloy. Anupam calls for ambulance. Mohini shouts Anurag. Mr. Bajaj pushes Prerna. She says you know why I married you, to keep Anurag safe, I won’t survive if you harm him. Kuki comes and looks on. Prerna says you have to attack me first. She says I just love Anurag. Anurag and Prerna see each other. Tere bina….plays…. They think of their moments.

Kuki tries to shout. Mr. Bajaj moves Prerna again. Kuki shouts Maa…. Mr. Bajaj stops. They see Kuki. Prerna asks her not to come ahead. Kuki runs to them and falls down. Kuki gets hurt. They get shocked. Prerna asks her to get up. They rush Kuki and Moloy to the hospital. Jaane nahi denge….plays… Everyone is worried. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj ask about Kuki. Nurse says she is young, I m going to arrange blood for her. Maasi asks Mr. Bajaj not to worry. Mr. Bajaj says I had locked her room, how did she come out. He sees Prerna and asks why did you come out.

Mohini angrily goes to Mr. Bajaj. She says if anything happens to Moloy, I m not going to leave you, pray that he comes back fine, else I swear… Anurag says we should be with dad right now, we will talk to him later, come. Doctor says Kuki had blood loss, we don’t have AB negative blood in blood bank, we have to arrange blood for her soon. He asks Mr. Bajaj is his blood group AB negative. Mr. Bajaj says B positive. Prerna says I m O negative, I m universal donor, so I can donate blood. Mohini says no, you won’t help Bajaj’s family. Prerna says Kuki is serious, why can’t I help her. Mohini says you will not help her.

Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to give blood to Kuki. He says I thought you love Kuki, you are listening to her, its okay, I will arrange it. Doctor asks him to arrange it fast. He calls to arrange blood unit. Mehra calls him and says sorry, I couldn’t arrange blood, I will find out, it will take time. Mr. Bajaj says we have no time. He says what did I do, no one will help me, Prerna won’t help, as I tried to kill Anurag. Prerna goes to donate blood. Mohini stops her. Prerna says Kuki is Mr. Bajaj’s daughter, but the first word she said was Maa, I m her mum. Anurag says if Prerna couldn’t save her, I will feel I have let my child die, Maa please…. He signs Prerna to go. Prerna goes.

Mohini says I thought I hate Prerna as she is an employee’s daughter, I realized why I hate her, because she came between us. Anurag says no. Mohini says she is making us away, Moloy is your dad, and my husband, if anything happens to my husband, I won’t forgive my son. She goes. She says Anurag is doing wrong, he still loves Prerna, she left him, still Anurag….. She cries. Anupam and Anurag come. Anupam says Prerna has not ruined his life, she gave him a new life, we are not on road, we have our business, we have Anurag, he would have been jailed if Prerna didn’t help, she lost her everything and gave us our everything, we asked Prerna to meet Mr. Bajaj, you asked her to pay any price and save Anurag, she paid the price, she sacrificed her life, love and family. Anurag says its true, watch this video for my sake once. Mohini sees the video. Anurag says I will go and check senior doctor. Mohini gets shocked.

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