Made For Each Other Thursday Update 23 July 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 23 July 2020

h Komolika thinking they will believe this, they all are idiots, they can’t understand that Anurag is sitting beside me, but he is unconscious, I took the help of technology, they won’t notice that Anurag isn’t smiling. She says we got married this way, he did this to save me, truth is, I m happy with him, I feel two people’s fate get joined in the heavens, we were destined to meet, we are alive so that we stay together, I got saved so that I could save him, we both got saved. Prerna gets shocked. Mohini says Sonalika, you saved my son’s life, thanks. She hugs Komolika.

Komolika thinks Mohini’s drama never ends. Nurse asks won’t Anurag get conscious in next two hours. Doctor says he has to take rest, it may take more time. Prerna comes. Darmiyaan….plays..

Prerna recalls him. She holds his hand and cries. She says I m upset, you didn’t listen to me and went, I told you I don’t want the chunri, you remember everything, tell me you are fine, talk to me. Doctor says I have checked the file again, Anurag’s state isn’t stable, don’t do anything that hurts his mind, I have done some tests, reports will come by evening. He goes. Mohini asks where is Prerna.
Prerna says we have passed many tests in these two years, get up and talk to me. Doctor comes. Prerna asks about Anurag. He says reports will be coming. Tapur says Prerna, mum has called you. Prerna comes. Tapur goes. Mohini says you need to leave this house. Prerna says I will not go. Moloy stops Mohini. She says no, I can’t take any risk now, Prerna has to leave. Prerna says what risk, I m his wife. Mohini says you don’t exist now. Prerna says I exist for him, I won’t go anywhere. Mohini says I can’t risk his life, you have to go. Prerna says I won’t go anywhere leaving Anurag. Moloy says Prerna…. She says I won’t go, Anurag will see me and remember everything, let him get up and meet me. He says I wish… please try to understand, I m sorry. She says I won’t go.

Mohini says don’t forget its my house, I won’t let you stay here. Prerna says you don’t forget that Anurag and I love each other, I won’t leave him even if Lord comes and says this, he married Sonalika, as he doesn’t remember anything, this doesn’t matter. Mohini says it matters, his state isn’t fine, he doesn’t remember anything, doctor and Sonalika said we can’t remind him anything. Prerna says we won’t remind him, he will see me and remember everything. Mohini says such a stubborn girl, we can’t remind him. Doctor comes and says the reports which Sonalika showed me, its similar, in fact situation is worse, he is suffering from retrograde amnesia, the patient forgets a part of his memory, as if, those incidents didn’t happen in his life, he has completely forgotten two years of his life, if he is forced to remember, then he may have a brain stroke, you know the consequences, if he sees something that he doesn’t remember, his brain will be compelled to recall, its very risk, he may get a stroke and slip in coma, his life might be at risk. Mohini gets dizzy. Moloy holds her.

Prerna cries. Komolika asks nurse to explain everyone not to remind Anurag about his memory, else he may lose his life. Nurse says I will tell them. Komolika says you are a Goddess, thank you so much, you may go now. Nurse goes. Komolika says I know what to explain everyone, but none could understand me, I m good, but not so good, who can know it better than you, memory loss, sorry, I m also feeling bad, the good thing is we are together, Prerna is sad, alone and weak. Prerna comes there.

Komolika asks do you want to stay here for some time, its okay. She thinks melodrama queen has come, Prerna’s sob story will begin now. She hugs Prerna and says don’t be sad, he will be fine, Anurag is alive, you are crying so much, I m sure you like him a lot, take your time. She thinks you can see him, this is your last chance, you won’t get this chance again, if you don’t leave this house, then I have to oust you, Anurag and this house are mine, I m the real bahu of this house.

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