Made For Each Other Thursday Update 13 August 2020 Moloy slaps Mohini


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 13 August 2020 Moloy slaps Mohini

Nivedita saying I don’t know I m angry or not on Prerna’s comebmack. Mohini says she knows Anurag’s state and even then… Kumud says she wants to trap Anurag, when Moloy got to know Prerna has become his secretary, he was happy, he went to meet Prerna, he took Anupam also. She asks Nivedita to control Anupam. Nivedita asks her not to say anything. Mohini says Nivedita is good in business, but in house and husband’s matter… forget it. Anurag and Prerna come. He says I will drop Prerna home and come.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 12 August 2020

Mohini says Prerna I got something for your mum, will you come with me. He says I will wait. Veena says I was thinking to find a job for Prerna, I wish she gets some good job to do peacefully, time passes by. Shivani says you don’t want Prerna to work there. Veena says no, she can get happiness if Anurag isn’t there. Shivani thinks can Prerna stay without Anurag. Komolika says Prerna, Prerna always…. what’s Moloy’s problem, I used to hate them, even then I smiled, they snatched my smile, no I have to smile.

Mohini takes Prerna to room. She scolds Prerna. She says don’t say its fate. Prerna says if it was my plan, I would have done anything, this is fate that takes me to Anurag or gets him to me. Mohini says I know you very well. Anurag comes. He says sorry, I m in a hurry, I have work. Mohini says I got a saree for Veena. She goes to get it.

Komolika gets angry. She forces herself to smile and slaps. She cries and says how shall I smile, the girl I hate the most, she came in my house, I couldn’t do anything, I have to do something. Anurag says look at our fate, I took over a company, Prerna joined a day before, it looks like our fate is connected. Mohini says I don’t think Prerna should work. He says don’t say this, she had resigned, I convinced her to stay for more days, I like her work, she should work until I find her replacement, I will take care of her, they go.

Mohini says Prerna can break Sonalika’s house, I have to warn Sonalika. Komolika throws things. She says I have to throw Prerna out, how will I do this, I have to look fine. She goes out. Mohini asks what happened. Komolika says just some headache. Mohini says you are like my daughter, listen to me, Anurag is a nice guy, but Prerna isn’t good, she isn’t a servant’s daughter, she dreams of a big house. Komolika says she is so ugly, I don’t think this would happen, you can talk to Moloy, if he tells Anurag to change his secretary, Anurag will do it, I trust you, you will just wish good for me, I think I should take medicines. She goes. Mohini asks Moloy did you meet Prerna. He says yes, she has forgiven me, we asked her to leave. Mohini says she left the house herself.

Moloy asks why are you insensitive about her. She asks can you see anyone except her, you aren’t her dad. He says I regard her my daughter and will care for her. She says keep her away from my son. He says Anurag got her here, he is comfortable, let Prerna stay here, maybe Anurag remembers everything, they may unite. She asks what about Sonalika. He says she did a favor on us, I will support Prerna, she has Anurag’s baby in her womb. She says it can be Bajaj’s baby, she had married Bajaj, its Bajaj’s child. He slaps her. She gets shocked. Komolika says if Anurag knows Prerna is pregnant with his child, no…. I can’t lose him, what shall I do.

She says challenge, Prerna will lose everything and even her child. Moloy scolds Mohini. He says if Prerna said its Anurag’s child, its its Anurag’s child only, if you say anything now, I will take Anurag and Prerna with me and leave this house, you explain your Sonalika. He goes. She says Moloy slapped me, for the first time in life, someone slapped me, Prerna you tried to snatch Anurag first and now Moloy, I hate you Prerna Sharma. She cries.

Komolika says Anurag doesn’t see me, we can have romance, but this wall is between us. She throws the pillows. She says I m your wife. She asks servant to go to Mohini. She says tell mom that I fell down, ask her to come. She keeps cushions on the bed. Mohini comes. She sees the pillows on the bed. Komolika says I will just come. She comes and asks for the painkiller. Mohini says yes, I will give it. Komolika says how did I forget. She keeps cushions away.

Mohini asks do you and Anurag sleep separately. Komolika says we got married in odd situation, I was thinking to go out with him, so that we become husband and wife. Mohini says of course. Komolika says I don’t like any cold place for honeymoon. Mohini says honeymoon, of course. She smiles.