Made For Each Other Sunday Update 24 November 2019


Made For Each Other Sunday Update 24 November 2019

Anurag taking Prerna with him. Komolika asks Mishka did she see Prerna. Mishka says yes, I had seen her, Anurag was running after her. They argue. Komolika says I didn’t snatch Anurag from you, but Prerna. Mishka asks why do I feel you are still struggling to get him, Prerna has shaken you up.

Komolika says I won’t leave you, you will also suffer, you are useless, I will deal with you later. Prerna asks Anurag don’t you want to celebrate holi with me. He says I swear, I just want to celebrate with you. She says you are not bad, you pretend to be bad, you talk such things to hurt me, your eyes show your truth. He says take rest. She says I have no one here, I want you to be with me, I didn’t color anyone happily, can I smear color on you, please. He says of course,

I want only you to play with me. Nivedita goes after Anupam. He shuts the door. The lady says your wife is furious outside. Nivedita says I will end our marriage if you don’t open the door. Mohini comes and says there are guests at home.
Nivedita says Anupam is with a lady. Mohini says calm down. Nivedita shouts Anupam. She asks Mohini to call someone and open the door. The lady asks what did you think, what will you do now. He thanks her for making Nivedita jealous.

The lady says she is angry, sorry, I don’t think she loves you. He says you know Soumya, for Nivedita, she thinks husband is someone which makes her feel powerful, maybe she really falls for me, it happens many things, when a person is easily available, we don’t value him. Soumya says don’t feel sad, everything will be fine. He says door latch will break. Prerna and Anurag apply red color to each other. Dhadak hai na….plays…. They play holi. She throws color at him. She laughs. He catches her and applies color to her. He gets dizzy and thinks even I had drank the same thandai, so I m feeling strange. Prerna says I know that you know everything, can I celebrate holi. He says everyone can play holi. She says I m special case. He says tell me what is special in you. She says I m pregnant with your child. Nivedita, Mohini break the door. They see Anupam hugging Soumya.

Nivedita drags Soumya out. Mohini stares at Anupam and goes. Anupam dances. Nivedita asks Soumya to get out. Soumya says you didn’t change, you are still the same. They argue. Soumya says you don’t deserve Anupam, you don’t love him and can’t keep him happy, give him to me, I will love him and keep him happy. Nivedita says get out. Anupam signs Soumya. They smile. Soumya waves to him and goes. Anurag asks what did you say, you are pregnant, am I going to become Papa. Prerna says yes. He says Prerna, where are you, I can see three Prerna. She says I m Prerna Sharma Basu, but I m just one. He makes her rest and says I will care for you, our baby. She says baby is very little still. He asks did you have any nausea, tell me if you want to eat anything specific. She says no, I will tell you. He says I m with you and our baby.

Komolika looks for Anurag and asks servant. Servant says Anurag took Prerna and went to their room. She worries. Mishka smiles. Komolika says why is Anurag doing this, what if they…. Mishka says they can lose senses and cross their boundaries, you maybe feeling bad, sorry, I care for you, so I m telling the truth, you are feeling the same pain of deceit. Komolika says you always say nonsense, you are useless. She goes and says I won’t leave anyone, Anurag is playing a game with me. Prerna cries. Anurag asks what happened to you, is everything fine. He says stop crying, else baby will think his mum cries a lot. She says fine, I won’t cry.

Nivedita comes to Anupam. She drinks some water. He says I know I made a mistake. She says its good that you accepted your mistake. He says I m sorry that I brought her to bedroom, I should have taken her somewhere else. She asks what’s wrong with you, we are married, you can’t cheat me like this. He says no need for this melodrama, we don’t have a marital relation. She asks why am I wearing this sindoor and engagement ring, I will remove all the ornaments, wipe off this sindoor. She asks why Anupam? Why did you do this, I have done so much for you. She hugs him. He thinks the truth is, our married life begins today. Anurag says our baby will call me dad. Prerna says but no one accepts our marriage. He says I accept, you do. She says no one accepts. He says we are married, did you forget it. She says I want a proper wedding. He says we will get married. She says now. He says now, fine, calm down, don’t cry, we will marry now.

Anurag saying you want to marry now, fine, fire will begin now. He burns some papers in the pot. Prerna cries and says there is no chunri. Anurag covers her up with Mata rani chunri. She smiles. They recall their marriage and smile. He says come on, we are getting late. Komolika asks him to open the door. She says I know you are inside the house. Mishka comes. Komolika asks what are you doing inside with Prerna, come out. Mishka says calm down. Komolika goes to the window and asks what’s happening. Anurag says we are marrying. Komolika says you can’t marry. Mishka says he is intoxicated. Anurag says we are going to marry. Komolika shouts. Prerna says I want a pandit, who will chant mantras. Anurag calms her down and plays mantras on his phone.

Komolika shouts…. no Anurag…. Anurag and Prerna take the rounds. Mohini talks to Soumya’s mum. The lady says I have come to apologize to Nivedita. Mohini says Nivedita doesn’t forgive anyone easily. The lady says I just want to say sorry to her and then I will go. Mohini goes to get Nivedita. She sees Anupam and Nivedita together. Komolika comes and says Anurag and Prerna are getting married upstairs, they have locked the room. Everyone comes and knocks the window, shouting to Anurag. Anurag says we have to be alive, we are going to become parents, come on. Nivedita says he has gone mad. Anurag says its almost done, wait. Anupam smiles. Anurag says marriage is done, but sindoor… Prerna says I have it, I always have it with me. She gives the sindoor. He fills her maang and says we are married now. They smile. Anupam thinks its good that they are getting married in front of the family. Anurag hugs Prerna. He says you told me that you want elders’ blessings, elders are here, Maa I need your blessings, I m going to open the door now.

He comes to Mohini and says I married Prerna again, bless us. Mohini slaps him. Prerna says don’t hit him. Mohini scolds her. Nivedita says Komolika is much hurt. Komolika says you denied everything, I was screaming and banging the door, but you didn’t open the door. Anurag and Prerna laugh. Anurag says let me sit down and talk. Mohini thinks Anurag is intoxicated. Anurag goes to room and sleeps. Anupam asks Komolika not to scold Anurag. Mohini asks Komolika about the spiked drink. Komolika says I had spiked Prerna’s drink. Mohini shouts on her. She says I had slapped my son because of your spiked drink, Anurag and Prerna married with all rituals because of you.

Komolika says you know why I spiked Prerna’s drink, where did Prerna go. Nivedita says go and find her soon. Mohini says you have hit your own foot. Komolika says no, I will be back. Anupam asks what is Komolika planning. Nivedita asks her to stay away from these matters. Mohini calls Nivedita and shuts the door. Anupam says they are doing something, its not good for Prerna. Komolika goes to Prerna and asks her to get up. Prerna says Anurag married me again. Komolika thinks its time to end everything, even if you married twice, I will have to end this once, everything will be ruined today. She gets the papers and asks Prerna to sign the papers. She says your marriage needs to register, else people will call it fake, you want the marriage to get accepted right, sign here. Prerna laughs and says yes, marriage has to be accepted. She signs the papers. Komolika says good girl, come on.

Prerna says do the procedures soon. Komolika asks her to sleep now. Prerna sleeps. Komolika goes to Mohini and says all the papers re signed. Mohini says finally, we can get rid of her, Komolika I m sorry for getting angry on you, I can’t tolerate anything wrong happening with Anurag. Komolika says its okay, I understand, bear Prerna one more night, let her come to senses tomorrow and then we will oust her together. Mohini says fine, I m happy. She goes. Komolika thinks your chapter is over Prerna, well fought, but I have won.

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