Lost in Love Wednesday Update 25th May 2022


Lost in Love Wednesday Update 25th May 2022

Karishma informs Bhavani that Sayi got ready for college and will leave soon. Saloni asks if she has any plan to stop Sayi from going to college. Bhavani smirks and asks to just wait and watch. Sayi walks to Usha getting ready. Usha says she knew she would come to meet her before going to college and feeding her sweet curd says Kamal dada would have been happy seeing her going to college, reminiscing Kamal telling that Sayi dreams of becoming a doctorand he will make her one. She tells Sayi that she will drop her till college. Sayi says no need for that as she byhearted the route well. Usha says she will drop her till door at least. Sayi says she will take Aayi/Ashwini’s blessings first and seeing Ashwini touches her feet and seeks her blessing. Ashwini says okay. Sayi sensing her anger asks if she is till angry on her apologizes her. Ashwini says its okay. Sayi does situps and apologizes.

Usha requests to forgive kid. Ashwini forgives Sayi and says whole family is keenly waiting for her mistake and she should return home before 7 p.m. at any cost. Sayi agrees. Karishma enters and informs Sayi that Bhavani is calling her outside. Ashwini asks her to go and takes Sayi along. Sayi seein arrangements and Pakhi cooking asks Ashwini what is all this. Bhavani informs Sayi about Prabodhini ekadashi where they feed 11 brahmins and only family’s bahus can prepare it, and since Virat and Ashwini are demanding to consider Sayi as family bahu, she should help other bahus. She gives different cooking chores to Pakhi and Aswhini and asks Sayi to cut the vegetables. Sayi says nobody informed her that she should cut vegetables before going to college, today is her first day in college and should reach soon.

Bhavani insists, but Sayi requests to let her go today and she will do all chores before going to college from tomorrow. Ninad yells that his prediction is right that queen bahu will go out and maid saas/MIL will work, etc. Sayi says she will return from work and listen to him later. He continues yelling. Karishma suggests to let Sayi grind ginger and chillies. Saloni says Karishma is right. Sayi says she has never done all these chores and Usha will do them on her behalf. Usha agrees. Omkar yells that only bahus can do that. Bhavani yells that Sayi wants them to consider Usha as bahu. Saloni comments next. Usha asks her why doesn’t she enter kitchen at all. Ninad says Usha is from a rich family and can hire many servants, but she respects family elders and obeys their orders. Ashwini praises Pakhi next saying she is well educated from a pure marathi family, but she does all the chores. Pakhi says her parents taught her to obey elders, even then she will apologize if she does any mistake.

Bhavani continues praising Pakhi and Omkar backs her. Sayi says she agrees that Pakhi is a good bahu and she is bad one, but she will listen to him once he returns home. Pakhi murmurs how can Sayi be so selfish. Bhavani yells that her family adopted an orphan girl and gave her place to stay and respect, but she is selfish and just knows to take; its not her mistake as her father didn’t teach her good morales. Pakhi comments again that Sayi is very selfish and doesn’t respect what Virat did for her. Sayi warns her no to speak when she doesn’t know anything, she respects Virat’s favor and promised him to return his money once she becomes a doctor.

Pakhi continues that she may return money, but what about his continuing favors. Sayi angrily asks what she should do. Bhavani asks Ashwini to give ginger, tomato, and chillies to her bahu to grind them. Sayi asks Ashwini to bring mixer grinder. Bhavani yells that she doesn’t enter kitchen, so she doesn’t know that they grind masalas on stone. Ashwini says she will teach Sayi. Bhavani orders her to finish her chores first and smirks with Saloni. Sayi tries to grind ginger and hits stone on her fingers. Saloni gives her more ginger to grind. Sayi trying to clean it cuts her finger and starts bleeding. Ashwini and Usha rush to her concerned. Pakhi comments that Sayi is always in a hurry and does mistakes. Ayi’s blood falls into grounded ginger. Saloni yells that ginger spoilt with Sayi’s blood.

Virat waits for Sayi’s call after reaching college and asks why didn’t she call him yet. DEvi walks in and seeing Sayi’s injury tears her dupatta and ties it around Sayi’s injury asking her to be courageous. Sayi grinds chillies and picking them with bare hands writhes in pain. Karisma taunts her that she should have learnt from Usha that she shouldn’t touch chillies with bare hands. Pakhi says they shouldn’t bother what Sayi learnt or what not, she just wants Sayi to stop crying and not create any drama.

Pakhi tells Karishma that they shouldn’t mind what Sayi will learn, she should inform her that they are preparing for mahabhoj/feast and are busy working, so Sayi shouldn’t act as crying and trouble them all. Ashwini confronts her and asks why she is so jealous that other’s pain is looking like a drama to her. Sayi tells Pakhi that though she may not be reason for someone’s happiness, she should try to help someone in pain, her wounds may heal because of that. Ashwini asks Sayi to wash her hands and let her grind masalas. Sayi says she promised to grind masalas herself and will not back off. She grinds and cries in pain. Ashwini blows air on her hand in concern. Saloni tells Bhavani that Saloni is very intelligent and cut her hand today to escape from working tomorrow. Bhavani mimics Sayi. Usha pleads Sayi to stop. Virat tries to call Sayi. Devi walks in and insists him to come out and see what Sayi is doing. He walks along to backyard and asks what is happening.

Bhavani says today is Prabodhini ekadashi and they are preparing for mahabhoj. Virat asks Sayi what is she doing here instead of attending college. Pakhi comments that Sayi’s protector, her husband, came and now Sayi will complain. Virat asks why is she telling this and tells Sayi that she should stop grinding masalas and attend college. Sayi cries. Bhavani and her puppets smirk seeing that. Ashwini asks Sayi to get up and leave. Bhavani warns Sayi dare not to leave until she finishes her work. Virat asks her if she is making Sayi prepare whole food. Pakhi comments that now Sayi will complaint Sayi that Pakhi troubled her. Sayi asks her not to stoop so low that she cannot get up in her own eyes. Virat asks Ninad what is happening. Ninad says Bhavani gave a small work to Sayi which she couldn’t complete and is creating drama. Omkar yells that there are many cometent doctors in Nagpur and nothing will happen if his wife doesn’t become a doctor. Virat says today is Sayi’s first day in college and she should there soon.

Bhavani yells if he is supporting his wife. Sayi says she will finish her task at any cost and finishing grnding hands over chilli bowl to Pakhi and asks her to be careful or else she may have to grind chillies next. Virat sees sayi’s injured hand. Bhavani yells that now Sayi will complain that they troubled her. Virat asks her to stop and asks Usha to bring water to wash Sayi’s hands. He holds Sayi’s hands and angrily looking at Pakhi asks Karishma to bring ice cubes to apply on Sayi’s hands. Pakhi comments that Dr. Sayi’s hands are so soft that they cannot tolerate grinding masalas on stone. Virat asks her to stop now. Pakhi yells that he has become his wife’s advocate after marriage instead of a police officer. Sayi confronts her and says if she has one advocate, then Pakhi has a team of advocates who support her always. Bhavani yells next. Ashwini asks Sayi to leave soon and signals Virat. Sayi picks her bag, but writhes in pain. Virat holds her bag and takes Sayi along.

Virat stops his car midway and buys ice pack from medical store. Sayi asks why did he stop. He says he went to bring ice pack and asks to show her hands. she shouts no need for that and tries to get out of car. He locks door and says she will not go until she applies ice pack on her hands. She extends her hands. He asks her to keep ice pack between her hands to ward off burning sensation and pain. She does and thanks him. At home, Bhavani with Pakhi, Ashwini, Karishma, and Saloni serves mahabhoj to 11 brahmins and asks panditji about food taste. He says very tasty as he senses pleasant smell from masalas. Ashwini says why not as younger bahu grinded masalas on stone.

Back in car, Virat tells Sayi that he knows she is angry and its valid. She says she is not only angry, but also sad as his whole family hates her and tries different ways to trouble her. He says its not easy to get adjusted so soon and she needs some time for family to accept her. She says she saw his family’s ruthlessness. He says she should behave differently with his family as he won’t be present with her always. She says she is not a kid and her Aaba taught her to follow her responsibilities. He says everyone needs to follow responsibilities and one needs to manage between responsibilities and work. She says she doesn’t want to as she will not stay in his house permanently. He stops car near college. Sayi says she taught she will move out of his house once she finishes her studies, but now she will move to hospital once she gets Aaba’s money and scholarship.

She gets out of car. He says he didn’t know she would accept defeat so soon, she should accept his challenge instead to change his family’s behavior. She says they are not her dear ones to waste her time on challenge. He says his family is good, but has bad perception towards her, so she should put an effort to change their perception. She says nobody is dear one there to put an effort. Virat asks what about him, Aayi, and Devi tai. She says they are her well wishers. He asks if she is sure that her hostel mates won’t trouble her and someone may eat her food, wear her clothes, and fight with her. She asks what he wants to prove with his words. He says she should do the work which she can and deny which she can’t. She says they will dump all work on her. He says they are giving her work as she is one of Chavan family bahu.