Lost In Love Wednesday Update 15 November 2023


Lost In Love Wednesday Update 15 November 2023

Vijendra/Viju kaka tells Sai that life is a long journey where a person meets many people, but there is someone whom he/she secretly wishes to walking along. Sai asks if he found someone like that. Viju says there was someone whom he still thinks about. Sai asks who was she. Viju says he couldn’t take a right decision at the right time and lost his true love. Sai recalls Virat. Viju says loneliness is his companion now. Sai asks what was her name. Viju laughs and says he doesn’t call her my mother just like that, she is habituated to dig the past and says he will leave now as he has a lot of work pending and asks her to mails his reports to him. He leaves.

Virat returns home from CA’s office and says this problem was going on since long. Bhavani asks how

could none knows about it, looking at Mohit. Virat says Mohit really doesn’t know anything, CA told he many times warned Pakhi that such financial loans are not good for her business and factory. Ninad asks if CA gave any solution. Virat says loan and interest has gone so high that they can’t repay it even after selling the factory. Bhavani asks him to sell all her jewelry but not sell their factory as it was set up by her husband and she bought up her family by managing this family. Omkar says he worked really hard for this factory and will not let it sold. Virat says there is no other option left. Bhavani curses Sai and Pakhi for getting them into this situation. Savi and Satya guide Gwori and Maddy to fix a screen to watch a movie on a projector. Maddy fumes when they both laugh. Gowri says Virat is planning to watch a movie with Sai in lieu of watching it with Savi. Satya smiles. Savi says she forgot to inform aayi. Sai is busy in Virat’s thoughts when Savi calls her and asks her to return home soon as she wants to watch a movie with her. Sai agrees and disconnects call. Dr Survase walks in and shows her Viju’s report. Sai is shocked to learn that Viju is having last-stage brain tumor and says he needs immediate surgery or else he will start losing his memory. Dr Survase asks her to reveal this news to commissioner sir. Sai breaks down and asks how can she reveal this news to her kaka. Dr Survase says commissioner sir has chosen her as his doctor, so it’s her duty to meet him and hand him over the reports.

Sai reaches Viju’s office when he is busy in a meeting with Virat. He welcomes her and asks if his reports came so soon, its good she came as he can spend some time with his chuiya and have some tea with her. Sai says she got some work and will have tea some other time. Virat notices her face and realizes she is lying. Sai leaves Viju’s cabin. Virat stops her in the corridor and asks why did she lie for the first time. Sai breaks down and hugs him. Virat comforts he and asks what happened. Sai reveals that Viju kaka has last-stage brain tumor and needs immediate surgery, she can’t reveal it to her kaka. Virat suggests her to call Viju to a restaurant and reveal the news. Viju visits restaurant and asks Sai what she wants to talk and jokes that she can share anything with him as he is still young at heart and not old like Virat. Virat says he is really young and lives moments to the fullest. Viju says he doesn’t have time. Sai emotionally says she will not let him anything happen. Viju orders Virat to reveal what is the issue.