Lost in Love Tuesday Update 14th June 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 14th June 2022

Sai returns home. Karishma with Saloni notices her and informs Bhavani that Sai came. Bhavani yells at Sai to stop and says she went out roaring like a tigress and return silently like a sparrow. Ashwini asks how was her lunch. Sai says she didn’t have lunch. Bhavani yells again. Ashwini asks Sai if she is fine. Ninad shouts at her to stop supporting her bahu. Ashwini says Sai is their bahu. Ninad shouts if she will not understand without being slapped. Sai asks how can he misbehave with his wife in front of everyone. Ninad (ex-army officer and disgrace to army) in the most rude way shouts yeh, he is speaking to speak his wife and its their personal matter. Sai says when Virat was shouting at her in the morning, he didn’t react and now saying its his personal matter. Omkar (ex-police constable and disgrace to police department) yells she cannot misbehave with Ninad dada.

Saloni yells next that even an animal understands if explained, if she has lost her mind to misbehave with her FIL as if she is speaking to her friend. Bhavani yells its waste to hit their head on a wall and Sai doesn’t know her limits. Ashwini asks Sai again why didn’t she have food. Bhavani yells that she is spoiling her DIL. Saloni yells at Ashwini that she takes revenge from elders by supporting her bahu and shouldn’t cross her limits. Ashwini replies that when she doesn’t interfere between her and her bahu, why is she interfering. Saloni says she is just giving her advice. Ashwini says just because she is from a rich family and gets gifts from her family often doesn’t mean she can advice anyone. Saloni complains Bhavani that Ashwini spills venom on her always, etc. Omkar and Ninad yell at Ashwini again. Sai tries to speak, but Ashwini says let it go. Bhavani yells that Virat is right that she should be thankful to Chavan family that they are funding her studies, else she cannot even think of becoming a doctor. Sai says her memory is weak and forgot that she tried to stop her from joining college, so she cannot credit of her studies; nobody in Chavan family supported her in Chavan family, she will get her scholarship soon and will repay them, she has taken loan from Virat for her food and accommodation and will repay him with interest.

Pakhi walks in next and yells what is happening in this house, the fight is continuing since morning because of Pakhi, Bhavani should permit her to go and stay at her parent’s house as she cannot tolerate Sai’s nonsense here and live peacefully here, she is unable to sleep and woke up hearing Pakhi shouting, etc. Sai asks if she didn’t hear others shouting. Usha asks Sai to go to her room. Pakhi yells that Sai doesn’t have common sense and she is the reason for other’s shouting, their Sunday spoilt because of her. Sai says they enjoyed Sunday the most and looked very happy seeing Virat shouting at her and felt proud that their son showed his power on his wife holding her hand. Pakhi says she asked Virat to leave Sai’s hand as he was wrong. Ashwini says she asked Virat to leave Sai’s hand and not her and warns to stop now, asks Sai to freshen up while she warms food for her. Sai says she didn’t have food since morning. Pakhi says her professor called only her for lunch, if she had really gone for lunch. Sai gets angry, but Ashwini stops her.

Karishma yells that Sai went out to escape from work and when got hungry returned home to have food, her plan was really good. Ninad yells that she boasts that she doesn’t lie, then why did she lie and where did she go. Sai says she is telling truth and had gone to her professor’s house. Omkar asks why had she gone when she didn’t have lunch. Bhavani asks why she had gone and where, why did she deny when Ashwini asked Virat to drop her to the place. Karishma backs Bhavani. Bhavani asks who is that professor. Ashwini asks them all to stop yelling at Sai as she is hungry. Bhavani says nobody had food properly because of Sai. Pakhi Sai Virat didn’t even touch food. Ninad yells that Virat realized his mistake and will never support his wife now, she ignored his order and went out of house. Ashwini says Virat would have stopped her but not force her, he learnt misbehaving with his wife from his father. Ninad yells that his son did right for the first time, but Ashwini is taunting him. Ashwini says he should listen once as she always hears his and his brother Omkar’s taunts. Saloni yells not to talk about her husband. Pakhi shouts to stop and yells that Mahabharath started again in this house because of Sai.

Sai tells Ashwini that she is having headache and will go to her room. Pakhi yells she is headache for them all. Usha thinks Sai gets migraine if she doesn’t have food. Ashwini says she will get food. Virat (ACP, but behaves like illiterate) enters and says Sai will not get food today, this is house and not a hotel that Sai will get food whenever she likes. Ashwini asks how can he stop Sai from having food, they don’t send guests without having food, but Sai is this house’s bahu. Virat says Sai disrespected family and deserves punishment. Pakhi asks him to let Sai have food as he himself will take food for Sai later. Virat asks what does she mean. She says when his anger calms down, he will feed Sai from his hands. Ashwini walks towards kitchen. Virat stops her and says Sai will not get food today. Ashwini says he is doing wrong. Usha says she never said anything to him, today he is doing wrong.

Virat asks her not to interfere. Sai says she didn’t know that she is staying in a hotel and jail where she has to report for everything; if he has problem with her having food here, she will not have food in this house and will arrange her own food. She gives money to Usha and asks to bring food for everyone as her Aaba taught her to share things. Bhavani yells they are not beggars to have her ordered food. Sai says she doesn’t have food alone and asks Usha again to bring food. Virat stops Usha and says Sai forgot that he gave her money, so he will not her bring food from outside. Ashwini asks how can he say that. Bhavani yells that its Virat’s hard earned money and he has right to decide. Sai returns his money and says she had taken loan from him and has right to spend it wherever she wants, and if she had known she has restrictions, she would never haven taken loan from him. She tells Usha that she will get her scholarship money in 2 days and will not have food in this house till then.

Sayi tells Usha mausi that she will get scholarship money in 2 days and they will not have food in this house till then. Usha says she right, where she is insulted, she doesn’t have food there. Ninad yells at Ashwini that she doesn’t have to get so sad as they punish horse with a whip if it gets aggressive, similarly they need to punish humans to correct their mistake; Virat did absolutely right and now Sai will be in her limits. Mohit stands for Sai and says whatever is happening with Sai is wrong. Sai asks him not to worry about her as she doesn’t feel bad about strangers’ words, Virat calls her his wife due to the deal between them. Mohit asks how can she be hungry. She says she thought she will fast for a few days. He says she is like his younger sister, she fought with family when family snatched his food plate, so he cannot watch same happening to her; he will bring her food from his hard earned money via plays.

Karishma shouts he will not go anywhere. He warns her to not interfere. Bhavani signals Saloni who tries to stop him, he says nobody can stop him from bringing food for Sai. He tells Virat that he was his role model and he wanted to become like him, but seeing his misbehavior with Sai, he doesn’t want to become like him ever; what is the use of studying well and becoming an IPS officer when he cannot become a good human. Virat warns him that he will not bring food for Sai today. Mohit says he will for sure and nobody can stop him and he walks away. Ashwini consoles Sai and hugs her, leaving Bhavani and her puppets fuming in ager. Sai says she is crying seeing someone in this house is worried for her and walks to her room.

Bhavani sits for dinner with her team and says she will have food peacefully after a long time as Virat spoke against jungli girl/Sai. Ninad says patience breaks down one day, same thing happened with Virat, its difficult to even talk to Sai. Omkar yells Sai knows only to argue. Pakhi says Virat may reconcile with Sai tomorrow and start talking to her again. Saloni says the fire which broken down today will not calm down easily. Pakhi asks them to have dinner as she will have it later. Karishma says how can she have dinner when Virat didn’t have anything since morning. Bhavani praises that she thinks of whole family and prays god to clear the sorrows from her life.

Devyani offers chocolate to Sai asks her to have choc as she didn’t have anything since morning. Sai emotionally thanks her and tries to leave. Sai stops her ad asks why she is going. Devi says she knows her husband’s name and pleads not to harm Pulkit. Sai says she wants to bring back Devi’s happiness, but doesn’t thinks she can do that. Devi asks if the shop which sells happiness closed. Sai says her hope ended and asks who told her that Pulkit is married. Devi says her mother who kicked him out of house and Ninad hit him. Ninad walks to her and scolds her not to speak to Sai and orders to return to her room. Devi runs afraid. He stares at Sai angrily and walks away. Sai thinks Devi is right that Pulkit is married; he has a wife, a daughter, and a happy family.

Virat gets angry reminiscing Sai returning his money and thinks he wanted to take Sai out for lunch, but hey may not forgive her ever for whatever she did today. Pakhi brings him his favorite snack. He asks why she brought him food even after he denied, he will have food when he gets hungry. She says she just wanted to cheer him up. He says she should leave him alone. Pakhi walks away. Ashwini noticing her says she should stop eyeing on other’s husband and pray god for her own husband to return home, that would be better for her and everyone. She walks away without replying. Ashwini then walks to Virat and says he did wrong with Sai today, she didn’t like it, he knows Sai is a kid and even then he rudely behaved with her, how will he justify his wrongdoing. He says even now she thinks he is wrong. She says she doesn’t say that Sai is wrong, he did really wrong and behaved like his father; he not only stopped Sai from going out, but also stopped her from having food and when she tried to order food from outside, he stopped her saying he gave her money.

Virat says Sai adamantly went to her professor even after his warning, so he had to punish her. She says he hid his mistake under his anger, what about Sai, can’t she get angry when he can; Sai had asked her why only men have right to get angry; even she didn’t want Sai to go to her professor, but Sai is right that even women can get angry. He says it was not only his anger, but fear and worry for Sai; she went to professor whom he doesn’t even know and what his intention is; Sai didn’t agree when Ashwini asked Sai to let Virat drop her. She says Sai must have trusted professor, only then she agreed to visit his house; Sai is clear hearted, that is why she didn’t question his and Pakhi’s trip and insisted that he and Pakhi should go together; when Pakhi canceled trip, Sai apologized Pakhi instead and pleaded again to go to Ladakh with Virat without questioning their intention. Virat thinks Ashwini is right, he spoke a lot and feels guilty for his mistake.

Sai packs her clothes and apologizes her Aaba’s photo that she told Virat that she didn’t hear Aaba’s last words and don’t know if Aaba gave her responsibility to Virat sir, he really must have and she misbehaved with Virat sir, she feels sorry for that. Usha brings her food saying Mohit sent it. Sai says when she told Mohit that he should reply his family when they misbehave with him, he told he can’t as he is a coward, but today he stood against his family for her and sent her food even after family’s opposition. Usha says he had to as he called her his younger sister, so she should respect him by having food. She takes a bite and says she cannot have more and asks her to get her books and pack her bags soon as they will leave the house in 30 minutes. Virat enters and hearing her asks where is she going.