Lost in Love Saturday Update 7th May 2022


Lost in Love Saturday Update 7th May 2022

Usha gets worried for Sayi. Milind’s wife Sulochana says she shouldn’t worry as Sayi is with Virat. Usha says that is why she is worried as Sayi hates Virat. Sayi walks in followed by Virat. Usha greets him in. Sulochana asks her to call him damadji. Usha thanks Virat for holding Sayi’s hand and says Kamal would be happy in heaven seeing this. Sulochana says they are all happy hearing him accepting to marry Sayi. Constable Kale says virat kept this promise. Milind and otehrs also praise him. Sayi says if their drama is over. Usha asks not to say that today. Sayi says how can she forget today when her life is changing.

Sulochana asks not to say that. Usha says tomorrow is Sayi’s wedding and how will she make arrangements so soon. Each one present there take up responsibilities. Usha gets emotional saying Kamal would have been happy seeing people whom he considered as family are helping him. Sulochana asks her to keep her tears for bidayi.. Sayi says she doesn’t want any rituals. Usha says rituals are performed with some reason. Virat says Sayi is right. Usha says it would be inauspicious if they don’t perform rituals. Sayi thinks what more bad will happen to him than this. Sulochana says rituals are needed for their happy married life. Virat agrees. Usha asks him to inform his family about his wedding.

Virat calls Sunny and informs him about his wedding. Sayi asks him not to worry as he will handle situation. Virat asks him to come to Gadchiroli tomorrow morning with Pakhi. Sunny asks if he has gone mad, what will he say badimaa. Virat says he can expect this at least from his best friend. Sunny says Pakhi is also his best friend. Pakhi while working in kitchen cuts her finger. Ashwini worried for her washes her finger and applies dough to stop bleeding. Pakhi thanks her for supporting her when Bhavani questioned him Ashwini asks her not to bother about Badima and asks her to get elaichi from rack. Pakhi tries to pick bottle from higher rack and lifts her leg. Ashwini says statue. Pakhi freezes and asks why is she playing statue now. Ashwini asks her to life her another leg. Pakhi asks she will fall if she does so. Ashwini says that is what she wants to explain her, she should forget Virat and concentrate Samrat; says she knows she called Virat and informed him about Samrat as Sunny is Virat’s best friend and knows he is in tension, so he wouldn’t inform Virat about Samrat’s missing in action; she should stop troubling Virat more.

Sayi’s friends get her ready. One of them says she is lucky to marry Virat and go into one of Nagpur’s wealthy family. Another friend says Virat is elder to her and will control her. One says so what, if their hearts meet, nothing will matter. They take Sayi to haldi mantap where Usha emotionally does her nazar. Sayi continues to throw tantrums and Usha warns her that she is her aunt and like her mother, so wants only better for her. Milind says they should go to Virat’s house for his haldi ceremony as nobody came from his family. Usha hands them haldi bowl thinking she knows Sayis angry on her, but she doesn’t have any other option. They all reach Virat’s house. Virat greets them and asks reason for coming. Sulochana reminds its his haldi and he promised to follow all the rituals. Virat agrees and thinks this haldi is a black mark in his life and thinks what will Pakhi do after knowing about his wedding, reminiscing his promise made to her.

Ninad informs Badimaa that Virat also spoke to brigadier Sood about Samrat. Omkar says Virat is also worried about Samrat. Badimaa prays god to protect Virat and Samrat. Sunny enters and says he got a good news for them, Virat is returning home soon. Badimaa gets happy. Sunny seeing Ninad fuming asks if he is not happy. Ninad shouts why did he inform Virat about Samrat’s mission in action. Ashwini looks at Pakhi. Sunny says he spoke in a flow and asks Badimaa if he can speak to Pakhi. Ashwini says whenever he comes, he wants to speak to only Pakhi and not them. Sunny requests Badimaa again. Badimaa asks him to speak in front of them. Sunny after much hesitation informs that Virat asked him to come to Gadchiroli with Pakhi, so Pakhi can accompany him only if she is okay with it. Badimaa asks why Pakhi. Sunny says he doesn’t know. Virat getting haldi applied hopes Sunny brings Pakhi her and he informs her everything.

Ashwini asks Sunny why did Virat call Pakhi to Gadchiroli, what will Pakhi do there. Sunny says he doesn’t know. Ninad asks if Virat is in trouble, why didn’t he inform him. Sunny says he really doesn’t know anything. Bhavani says Patralekha will feel good after a lot of tension recently and permits her to go. Patralekha thinks Virat wants to talk to her freely, so he called her there. Ashwini says Sunny is also Virat’s friend, so he doesn’t have to take Patralekha along. Sunny nervous says Patralekha loves nature and as Badimaa said she will feel good. Karishma thinks she needs to find out why Virat called Patralekha and insists Mohit that they will also accompany Sunny and Patralekha. Ashwini says this is right.

Sayi gets ready as bride for prewedding ritual. Usha praises her beauty and gets emotional. Sayi holding Aaba’s photo cries reminiscing his love for her. O Ri Chiraiya…song…plays in the background. She sits for Govrihar pooja. Sulochana describes reason behind pooja. Pandit guides her in pooja and says its complete. Sayi touches his feet, and he blesses her. Karishma thinks she knows everything and its waste acting in front of her.

Sunny with Pakhi, Karishma and Mohit drives car towards Gadchiroli. Patralekha asks Sunny why did Virat call her there. Sunny says he doesn’t know. Karishma says even she is confused why Virat called Patralekha instead of family. Sunny says maybe he doesn’t want to disturb family and Patralekha is his bestfriend. Karishma says she understands everything. Patralekha warns her that she told her many times that Virat and she are good friends.

Virat as groom walks into temple venue for wedding. Usha asks him to remove his footwear and washes his feet. She then performs his tilak. Virat enters mantap reminiscing Pakhi and Samrat’s wedding. Sayi as bride walks in. Panditji asks bride and groom to pick garlands. They obey. Pandit chants mantras and asks them to exchange garlands and they do same. Virat reminisces Pakhi blaming him for Kamal’s death, Sayi reminisces Kamal asking her to touch Virat’s feet and seek his blessing after putting garland and she telling she takes only her Aaba’s order. Virat further reminisces promise made to Kamal.

Sunny and team stop at a dhaba for lunch. Karishma seeing Patralekha restless tells Mohit let us go and check. Patralekha asks why did Virat call her, if he is in trouble. Karishma joins and comments. Patralekha asks to stop her nonsense. Karishma sees a car stopping with just married decoration and asks if Virat is being forcefully married by villagers. Patralekha warns her again. Karishma says villagers forcefully kidnap doctors, engineers and rick boys and get them married to their daughters. Patralekha says Virat is Gadchiroli’s ACP and who will dare to kidnap him, she should stop her nonsense thinking. Mohit also warns her.

Virat and Sayi’s wedding continues. They both reminisce promises made to Kamal/Aaba and perform rituals. Virat promises to take care of Sayi whole life. Vithal walks in clapping and congratulates Virat. Virat gets angry seeing him.