Lost In Love Saturday Update 7 October 2023


Lost In Love Saturday Update 7 October 2023

Virat thinks if Sai is having an affair with Satya as Bhavani said. He recalls Bhavani’s warning and Sai and Satya’s friendship. He leaves from Savi’s room. Pakhi watches him. At the hospital, Sheetal and her colleague nurse discuss about the problems Sai facing because of Virat. colleague says its not wrong if Sai remarries her ex-husband. A wardboy hears them and says Sai agreed to marry her ex-hsuband and also is having an affair with Dr Satya. Sheetal warns him to mind his own business. Virat walks in asking for Sai. Warbdoy says she is in basement cabin and gossips with his colleague that he is DCP Virat who is madly in love with Sai and Sai is having an affair with Dr. Satya. Virat angrily holds his collar and shouts how dare he is to badmouth about Sai. Wardboy says he is not lying, Virat can himself visit basement cabin and see it himself.


Satya and Sai return to cabin after attending patient and discuss about their problems. Sai says she needs to marry someone to handle Virat and fulfill a promise made to her son. Satya says her situation is more worse than his situation. Their discussion continues when Satya shakes his ink pen and ink falls on Sai’s apron. Sai complains. He brings a chemical to clean her apron. She tries to stop him and chemical falls into his eyes. He writhes in burning pain. Sai asks if its paining and cleans his eyes. He holds her hand tightly. Virat walks in and pushes Satya angrily. He accuses Sai of having an affair with Satya and playing a victim card by trying to show Virat’s heinous acts. He says if he had found about her affair, he wouldn’t have run behind her. He gets violent and whisks Sai. Sai says she wants to marry Satya and says she is tired of his and his family’s atrocities, reminds them all, describes how she feels for him and his family, says she will marry only Satya now, asks him to get out of the cabin and shuts the door on his face.
Virat stands in a shock. Tadap Tadapke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi.. song plays in the background. Sai breaks down. Virat feels heartbroken and leaves in his car. He reaches home and angrily breaks Sai’s photo and stuff around. Satya tries to comfort Sai and offers her a energy drink. Sai asks if he will marry her.