Lost In Love Saturday Update 14 October 2023


Lost In Love Saturday Update 14 October 2023

Sai and Satya take wedding pheras. Goons brutally trash Virat. Virat controls himself and starts beating goons. Satya stops during pheras and says gathbandhan is lose. He asks Maddy to tie it tightly this time. Maddy ties the knot. Sai stands lost in thoughts. Satya alerts her and asks if they can complete pheras. She nods yes and continues. Virat’s team reaches and arrests goons. Virat gets into his car. Inspector says he is severely injured and needs medical attention. Virat says if he doesn’t reach somewhere, he will get injuries which will never heal in life. He drives towards temple. After pheras, Satya fixes mangalsutra in Sai’s neck and applies sindhoor on her hairline. Sai recalls her marriage with Virat. Virat reaches temple. Pakhi notices him and shouts his name. Virat enters wedding venue and hears panditji announcing that the wedding is complete and they are husband and wife from hereon. Satya’s family congratulate each other.


Sai and Satya notice Virat standing nearby. Virat angrily throws havan kund away. Fire falls on gathbandhan and burns it. Satya tries to set it off. Virat asks Sai why did she destroy his hope of marrying her, he can never marry her now. Satya warns him to leave Sai. Virat pushes Satya and tries to hit him. Sai interferes and warns him to stop behaving like an animal and understand that there can never be any relationship between them from hereon and they are just Vinu and Savi’s parents, she married Satya as promised, so Virat should stop bothering her family and get out of here. Virat says he will go forever as she ended SaiRat, he doesn’t know who is standing in front of her as the Sai whom he loved insanely is dead. He leaves from there.

Pakhi returns home and informs family that Sai married Satya. Bhavani is shocked to hear that. Pakhi says she saw this auspicious event from her eyes; Bhavani tried her best to snatch her husband and give it to Sai, but Sai disrespected Bhavani. Ashwini says she shouldn’t disrespect elders. Pakhi says elders should maintain their decorum, Bhavani was trying to break her house and fell flat on her face, Sai showed her right place. Sonali asks why she is getting so happy, does she think Virat will get back to her after Sai married Satya, she can just comfort herself with this thought. Ashwini ask what is she saying. Sonali says truth, which even Ashwini knows. Bhavani thinks how can Sai do this.

Amba fixes a board that Chavan family is prohibited from entering this house. Girija and Maddy ask why did she do this. Amba says it was important when their DIL’s ex relatives started visiting before their DIL’s entry in this house, earlier ex-husband’s aunt and today ex-husabnd came and threw away havan kund; she doesn’t know how to stop the inauspiciousness Sai will bring in this house. Aaji asks if she didn’t see Sai supporting Satya, they should stop negativity and welcome their DIL. Maddy asks if she didn’t see Sai’s ex-husand’s drama there. Aaji warns them to stop discussing about it and welcome their new DIL with smile. On the way home, Sai recalls Virat’s words. Satya says this decision wasn’t easy for them, but they can’t back off now; Sai is a strong girl and his respect for her increased seeing the decision she took; they should be each other’s strength now to lead a peaceful life; their real test will start now, etc. Sai says it pains when a part of their body is cut. Satya says its important if a part of their body is rotten.