Lockdown Love Story Tuesday Update 29th March 2022


Lockdown Love Story Tuesday Update 29th March 2022

Sonam asking Dhruv to take the tiffin. Dhruv says I have to go to jail, the hospital and then the lawyer’s office, you stay at home. Sonam says I will come with you. He says we have to stay along all life, stay home and take rest, please. He goes. Milky says there are less days left with Dhruv, your plan failed, you miss Dhruv now. Sonam walks on the road. She recalls everything. She sees a puppet show going on. She imagines herself as the puppet. She sees Raghav and Milky making her dance as the puppet. She shouts stop it. She scolds the puppet show artists and also the people as well. Raghav comes and looks on. The man says this is our business, the people left, how will we bear the loss. Sonam says sorry. The man asks what sorry. Raghav comes and says she has told you sorry, why are you arguing, if you say a lot, then I will make you silent forever. He pays the man and says you can’t earn this much, you go and enjoy.

Raghav says puppet has a fate to always dance to the artists, puppet can’t beat the one who makes her dance. She gets angered. She gets a gun. She shoots down Raghav. Her imagination ends. Raghav leaves. Sonam says I will kill you in the marriage mandap, this will happen. She goes to the toy shop. She sees the toy guns. She asks him to show a good quality gun that looks real. The man shows her the gun. She checks it.

Milky comes to Subhadra and touches her feet. She asks Subhadra to bless her, since she has slapped her before. She gets seated. Batasa asks what to cook in the food, Ankita is asking. Subhadra says she can make anything. He asks Milky what will you have. She says poison. He asks why are you saying this, you are the one who will poison others. She angrily goes. Ankita asks what happened to her. Sneha says better give her poison. Sonam comes home. Subhadra asks where did you go. Sonam lies. Milky thinks what will Sonam do now.

Sonam goes to Dhruv’s room and checks for the gun. She takes the real gun and swaps it with the fake gun. She says enough of your torture now, Raghav, I will not tolerate it now, I will kill you. Dhruv comes home. Sonam says I was missing you and came here. He hugs her. She gets tensed of being caught. She gets away. She asks did you meet Nutan and Shashi, how are they. He says they are fine, Shashi asked you not to worry for her. He goes to freshen up. Milky comes. Sonam gets tensed. Milky asks what are you doing, I won’t let anyone hug Dhruv, he is my husband, tell me, what are you doing here. Sonam hides the gun. Milky looks at her.

Dhruv calling Sonam for passing the towel. Sonam goes to hand over the towel. Sonam gets scared. Milky stands there scolding her. Dhruv takes the towel and asks why are your hands shaking. Sonam says nothing, I have to go. She goes. Milky says Sonam is sensible. She smiles. Batasa says Milky has refused to have food. Suman says I will take it for her. Ankita says its okay, she is after your life, you want to feed her the food. Subhadra asks why is Milky upset when everything is happening according to her. Dhruv says nothing, she would be planning something. Batasa says she is asking for poison. Milky cries and does a drama. Dhruv doesn’t care. Milky argues with him and goes away. Its morning, Sonam asks Dhruv to give the papers to her, she will hand it over to the lawyer. Dhruv gets inspector’s call. Inspector says we have sent the papers to the jail, you can go and get your parents home. Dhruv asks what do you mean, did Milky take the case back, are you sure. Inspector says yes. Milky comes.

Dhruv asks how did you do this suddenly. Milky says not suddenly, I realizes that you are useless and selfish person, you are mad for Sonam, you don’t care for the family, you just want your Sonam, why are your parents paying for your mistake, they didn’t harm me, I have forgiven you, you go and get your parents, you don’t deserve to give me love, I have accepted defeat and took back the case. She cries and says get your parents back, live your life well. Ankita says I can’t believe Milky can do this. Milky goes. Dhruv says I felt Milky is doing a drama. Sonam says her drama is over now. Dhruv asks Sonam to come with him. Sonam says I will plan to welcome them home. He hugs her. He leaves.

Sonam asks Milky not to do any drama. Milky says I m crying for your bidaai, see I got a storm to get my love, you will become Raghav’s wife, so I m sad for you, I will miss you a lot. Sonam and Milky argue. Milky says marry Raghav and get out of here. Sonam says you just wait for some time. Milky smiles. Raghav comes to the hospital to meet Dheeraj. Nurse asks who are you. Raghav says I m his brother, Dheeraj, and he is my dad Shobhakant. Nurse says you can’t meet him. Raghav asks her not to stop him. She says we will call the security. Raghav pushes the ward boy. She asks him to stop. Constable stops them.

He says Dheeraj is here for the blame of shooting you. Raghav shows the permission to meet Dheeraj. They get in and see Dheeraj. Dhruv brings Shashi and Nutan home. Everyone gets happy. Nutan says I knew it, Milky will get us freed. She hugs Nutan. Shashi says she is doing as she wishes. Milky cries and says I was blind in Dhruv’s love, I wanted to get him, but I have failed. She apologizes. Everyone gets shocked.