Lady Luck Tuesday update 21 January 2020


Lady Luck Tuesday update 21 January 2020

Bhoomi/Divya gets a call again from nurse that someone’s condition is very critical and she should come right now. She takes badi maa/Vasundhara’s permission and leaves home. Ansh thinks where she must be going at this time and follows her. Divya gets into auto and leaves. Ansh follows her. Some people cross road with god’s idol and Ansh stops his car. Divya’s auto leaves. Ansh then finds autodriver and asks where is the girl. He says she left. Ansh starts searching her.

Divya reaches a house and meets a girl wearing oxygen mask. Girl removes oxygen mask and reveals that she is real Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks Divya how is she. Divya says she is fine and even everyone is fine at home, but Yuvraj has come back. Bhoomi says her fear is yuvraj’s strength and should not get afraid of him. She hugs divya and gets pain attack. Nurse gives her pain medicine and tells Divya she did not take pain medicine in the morning. Bhoomi says she wanted to speak to her and ask not to get afraid of Yuvraj, else their plan will fail. Divya says she will not. Bhoomi asks her to go now.

Yuvraj wearing baba’s attire follows Ansh and is about to hit him from behind angrily when people come and ask to bless him. He stops and tells Ansh if he can help him search someone as their destiny must be same. Ansh says their destiny cannot be same. Yuvraj fumes.

Divya comes back to road and waits for auto. Ansh stops his car and asks where had she been. She says to devi maa’s temple. He says it is on opposite side, if she had gone to meet someone, why did not she take car and went in auto. She says if he does not trust her, she will not give any explanation. She continues that everyone has accepted as Bhoomi except him. He says she cannot be his Bhoomi. She says he will soon and gets into car.

Yuvraj at his hotel room fumes that he cannot see anyone with Divya except himself. He reminisces at a restaurant Divya’s college friend meeting her after a long time and praising her beauty and long hair. He cuts Divya’s hair, slaps friend and says Divya is only his. He comes out of flashback and thinks hye cannot tolerate her staying with a stranger and if he knows that she loves stranger, she will not spare them both.

Latha waits for Bhoomi to perform pooja and asks Vasundhara when will she be back. Divya comes home just then and Latha smiles and says she was waiting for her since a long time to prepare for dandiya celebrations. Suman asks which sari to wear. Badi maa says she has to prepare prasad also. Bhoomi says she will prepare it soon. Ansh fumes seeing this. Pavitra taunts him that he should accept this imposter as Bhoomi.

Ansh goes to his room, looks at Bhoomi’s pics, comes back down and holds Bhoomi’s hand roughly. Badi maa asks what is he doing. Ansh says everyone knows that she does not look like Bhoomi, but by heart she is Bhoomi, so she wants to accept her compeltely and remarry her with saath pheras. Divya gets tensed.

Ansh tells family that though new Bhoomi’s face is different thand old one, her heart is same, so he wants to remarry her. Badi maa gets happy and tells Bhoomi it is a very good news and now everyone are forced to accept her as Bhoomi. She will perform their marriage during navratri and today is first navratir’s dandiya function.

Pavitra calls Yuvraj and informs that her family is getting Divya and Ansh married during navratri function. He fumes in anger and beats his employee.

Navratri function starts. Guests congratulate badi maa for getting back to normal health. Badi maa says it is her son and daughter-in-llaws’ efforts that she is standing on her feet again. Bhoomi comes down from stairs. Ansh imagines her as old Bhoomi and promises her that he will be with her whole life. He then realizes that she is new bhoomi/Divya.

Pavitra announces first performance by artist. Actress Sanjeeda Sheikh dances stunningly on Music bajega loud to radha naachegi….song…

Pavitra asks Bhoomi if she will not dance as she is getting married. Bhoomi stands silently. Surbhi looks at Varun sadly. Pavitra sees them and goes and stands next to Varun. Ansh taunts Bhoomi if she is tensed thinking of marrying a stranger.

Bhoomi sadly dances on Prem ratan dhan payo…song…Yuvraj enters wearing Rajasthani attire with beard and dhol. After dance, Bhoomi sees him and shockingly stands dumbstuck. Yuvraj continues playing dhol/drum. She falls down and nervously continues to look at Yuvraj.

Badi maa and Latha help Bhoomi get up and take her with them. Guest tell Latha that her bahu is sarv gunn sampann. Suman takes Bhoomi aside and asks if their plan will work. Bhoomi asks her not to worry. Pavitra takes Varun… Bhoomi thinks Yurvaj reached home, don’t know what will happen next.

Yuvraaj fumes seeing Divya with Yurvaj and moves towards Ansh. Pavitra stops him and asks to wait for right opportunity. He relaxes. She thinks this man is a beast and she does not know how to control him. Divya/Bhoomi nervously pops in her anxiety pill seeing Yuvraj. She turns back afraidly thinking it is Yuvraj, but relaxes seeing Ansh.

Real Bhoomi’s condition gets more critical. She requests nurse to call Divya right now. Nurse tries, but Divya is busy in celebrations and does not pick call.

Divya invites Surbhi’s friend to make Varun jealous. Friend comes and meets Surbhi. Surbhi is surprised to see her friend. Badi maa announces people that her family is back on track because of her bahu Bhoomi and Ansh. She asks Ansh and Bhoomi to dance. They both hesitate at first but then agree and start playing dandiya. Suman gives Surbhi and her friend dandiya and asks them also to dance. They also join other couples and dance. Bhoomi gets nervous seeing Yuvraj beating drum and injures her finger with dandiya. Ansh sucks her finger. Yuvraj fumes in anger and rushes towards Ansh, but Pavitra holds him again and says she brought him here, so he should listen to him.

Divya/Bhoomi tells Ansh she has some work and nervously goes to kitchen. Yuvraj follows her and holds her hand. She asks to stay away from her and asks how did he come here. He says she is his begum and he will come whereever she goes. She says she is Ansh’s wife and Prajapati family bahu, not his begum, so he should get out from here. He tries to hold her again. She throws things. Servants enter in and ask what happened. She says this dholwala came here by mistake, so they should show him door. They all catch Yuvraj and throw him out of house. Pavitra taunts Yuvraj that she told him that his plan will not work and asks him to do as she says now.

Waiter informs Divya/Bhoomi that badi maa is calling her outside to meet someone. Divya walks outside. Pavitra gives money to waiter and sends. Divya searches badi maa outside house. Yuvraj comes and asks how is she. She calls watchman. He forcefully smells her chloroform and she falls unconscious. He puts her in truck. Pavitra says now he got his begum and should go from here and never come back or send back his begum.

Varun gets jealous seeing Surbhi dancing with her friend and walks out of house jealously. He sees Bhoomi in a truck and runs behind it.

Varun sees Bhoomi unconscious into moving truck and follows it. After a while, he stops truck and slaps driver. He does not find Bhoomi in and thinks where she must have gone

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