Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 27 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 27 February 2020

Sikander leaves for work, Kulfi says Amyra I will manage cooking you look after cleaning, Amyra says can’t we do it later, Kulfi says let’s finish off and then play. Amyra agrees. Sikander meets sandy and Raju and says now your work starts Sandy all the best and leaves.

Kulfi slips and flour falls her hand, Kulfi says I told you not to use too wet cloth, I have lot of cooking to be done, clean it, Amyra says okay and thinks I thought I will play all day but I’m just working. Amyra finishes her work, kufli gets her food, Amyra says you know I don’t like this dal, I cleaned this whole house but you didn’t bother about me and leaves in anger, Sandy watching them.

Kulfi says she left in anger but didn’t bother to ask is my leg hurting after slipping. Sandy asks Amyra

why is she sad, Amyra says I hate it when Kulfi behaves this way she made me clean whole house and leaves. Kulfi asks Sandy did he see Amyra, he says yes and she was very angry and said hates you too, and why didn’t you answer her she is so rude, Kulfi says don’t call her that, it’s just that I want her to be more considerate and leaves.
Sandy sees Amyra, and says I saw Kulfi and she spoke ill about you, that you are very rude, Amyra leaves. Sandy follows her, Amyra walks to kulfi, and gets in, sandy says look you wanted to talk to her sweetly but look at her attitude. Kulfi gets in and gives her food and says please have food, Amyra thinking of Sandy’s words, Amyra gets food delivery and hands him 300, Kulfi in shock, Amyra says I ordered my fav Chinese, Kulfi says it’s so expensive, Amyra says so what you eat your dal. Kulfi goes and has her dal.

Sandy sees them and says these two started having differences the very first day. Kulfi and Amyra searing apart, sandy asks kalti to include her, Kalti says I did, but she said she doesn’t want to play, Sandy says she wants too but Amyra you know, she never allows, Kulfi to do anything, but you are her friend go play with her, Kalti forces Kulfi to play. Sandy goes to Amyra and says look Kulfi always sweetly behaving with everyone, she is playing and you alone, and now will come ask you to play and all her drama, Kulfi rushes to Amyra and says come let’s play, amyra throws the bat.

Sikander and Raju visit doctor, Raju says we will arrange money get an appointment, doc says waiting list is also very long and surgery chances are 5% and there is risk of handicap, Raju says you are a doc do something, Doc says Sikander your latest report show, your health is deteriorating very fats, you have less time, medicines aren’t working much in you, be prepared, Sikander asks why, Doc says you have daughters talk to them, and family members to look after them.

Kulfi asks Amyra what’s wrong, Amyra says I’m bad right why play with me it’s only you good here, and Kalti I will get you a new bat when dad comes and leaves , Sandy says Kulfi let her stay, don’t talk to her, let her come to senses, Kulfi leaves. Sandy calls Sikander and tells him it’s happening as you said, Sikander says I knew it I will call you back.

Sikander says Raju I want to set my girls future, Sikander visits policy agent and pays premium for girls insurance. Kulfi arranges bed, Kulfi doesn’t talk to Amyra thinking about Sandy’s advice, Amyra thinks I got balm for kulfi I care so much for her but she called me selfish, I’m not talking to her, Kulfi thinks only Baba can solve this. Amyra thinks I’m telling dad I can’t stay with her alone. Kulfi thinks same.

Sikander meets principal and decided Kulfi and Amyras future with them, she says I’m in shock let me know how more can I help but I assure I will take care of their education, please give me your report let me share it with my medical friends for last try. Amyra and kulfi unable to sleep, Amyra wakes up, hungry thinking to wake Kulfi but thinking of kulfis comment doesn’t.

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