King of Hearts Thursday update 2 December 2020


King of Hearts Thursday update 2 December 2020

She comes to Satya and accuses him for stealing her necklace. Satya says what are you saying? He says I was here only, making your sister drink water. Mahi says you can’t be saved today, and checks him. Satya asks if you are checking or enjoying. He tells Koel that his sister is enjoying with him. Koel gets angry. Satya says don’t you have any shame and says I will not stay in the party anymore. He says I will meet Koel tomorrow, and says I will not meet Mahi again. He leaves. Koel gets angry on Mahi.

Satya comes out and takes necklace from someone. Deepu and his friends see them. Mahi comes and says I know you have stolen it. Satya asks her to close her mouth and challenges her that Koel will come to his chawl on Ganesh Chaturthi. Mahi looks on.

Mahi telling Satya that she knows about his truth. Satya tells her that Koel will come to his basti on Ganesh Chaturthi. Deepu thinks to teach a lesson to him. He comes to Basti. He announces to everyone that a rich girl is coming to chawl for Ganapati festival as a chief guest. Satya thinks how did he know?

Deepu says do you know who is she? He says Gangu. Satya asks him to take his mum’s name with respect. Deepu says Satya is bringing rich girl as chief guest. The people get happy and think about chawl betterment. Satya promises to call a rich girl to basti. Gangu Tai gets happy. Satya says once I do commitment, I don’t listen to anyone.

Kajal comes to Satya and asks him about suit and bracelet. Satya tells her that he needs money to get a dress from a store.
Gangu Tai and Sunil talk to each other. Sunil asks Kajal to keep charity money safely. Gangu Tai tells Sunil that she is thinking to keep the function before Ganapati function, and says we will get the gift distributed to everyone. Kajal comes to Satya and gives him money. She asks him to get back the dress after Koel wears it for a day, and says we will return the dress and get the money back. Someone send message to Mahi asking her to come to store if she wants to know Satya’s reality.

Mahi asks Koel to come for shopping. Payal welcomes the guest. Mahi and Koel hides. They come to the store. Satya and Kajal are in the store. Satya tells Kajal that once he wins the challenge from Deepu that everything will be fine. He tells that Koel is liking him now, oblivious to the fact that he is not rich SATS, but Chawl’s rangeela Satya. Mahi claps hearing him and says she came to know what she doesn’t know. Koel hears him and gets shattered. She gets angry on Satya and goes. Mahi calls thief to Satya. Kajal tells her that Satya is not thief and tells that necklace is of their mum. She tells that Satya thought to tell truth to Koel today. She asks Mahi to get back that dress as they have brought it with charity money.

Satya asks Koel to listen to him. She doesn’t listen to him and goes to his basti. Satya follows her and asks her not to insult him infront of his people. Mahi comes and asks Koel to come, says it is over. Koel says it is not over until I called it quit. She goes to stage and tells about Satya. She tells that Satya drives stolen car, and his value is nothing. She insults him very much. Gangu Tai feels dizzy. She tells that it is his mum’s values which he has. She says his mum must have asked him to trap a rich girl to set his life. Satya asks her not to insult his mum. Mahi tells Koel not to do drama and says it is all over. Koel laughs and says I am chief guest here, will do aarti and go.

He shows the dress worth Rs. 25000 which he bought for her. Everyone is surprised and shocked. She says he thought to make me wear this for a day and then will get the refund of the dress after returning it. She asks from where did he get the money? Ofcourse from stealing. He must have stolen the money. Everyone is shocked. Kajal asks Satya to stop her and says this money is of chawl people. Satya asks her not to burn the dress. Koel says now see how the aarti happens with this dress. She burns the dress with the lamp.

Satya asking Koel not to burn the costly dress. Koel burns the dress shocking him and walks off. Satya sits down holding his head in shock. Deepu tells everyone that secretary and her son have cheated us and looted our money. He says Satya has brought dress for Koel with our money and she burnt it and walks away. Neighbor asks Gangu Tai, who gave you right to play with your money.

Gangu Tai apologizes to him. Deepu says your son have burnt our 25 lakhs, and says we want our money back right now. Mahi looks on shocked. Gangu Tai removes her necklace and asks them to take it, may be it can compensate for the loss. Satya asks her not to give necklace and says I will return their money. Gangu Tai slaps him and asks them to stay away from her. She gives her necklace and goes. Kajal follows her.

Mahi says sorry to Satya and is in tears. Satya comes home and knocks on the door asking Gangu Tai to open the door, and apologizes. Kajal says I gave money to him, without informing that it is chawl money. Sunil scolds them. Satya gets tensed and thinks to rectify his mistake. Mahi asks Koel why did you burn the dress. Koel says he deserves this and says she don’t give a damm to his sufferings.

She sits in car and goes. Mahi comes back to Satya and says I will talk to aunty. Satya asks what you are doing here, says this is not your father’s home, this is my chawl. He asks her to get out. Mahi asks him to listen to her, and says it was not my intention to hurt your Aayi, and asks him to take money from her and get his mum’s necklace back.

Satya says God gave you money, but no mind. He says you can’t see how does it feels when one gets insulted. He says I couldn’t say truth…He says I am proud that I stay in chawl, and refuses to take money from her. Mahi says you have lied to us. Satya says yes, I lied to you and asks did I ever insult our sister or you. He says but you both have insulted me infront of my people, and says your sister liked me when I pretend to be rich, but now.

He says you people have many necklaces, but my Aayi have just 1 necklace, which I lost. He says I was a king in my mum’s eyes, but you both have made me fall in her eyes. He says I will not talk to her. He says you…I felt you are good and have a heart and soul, you are not like others, but I was wrong. He asks how did you feel when I got insulted. He says when I did mistakes, I should be punished, but why did she insult me in public. She would have get me arrested and beaten. He says I can’t forget this as my Aayi is insulted. He says you are a liar as you said that you loves your mum. He says whoever loves their mum can’t see others mum get insulted, like I do. He says fake people and goes.

Announcement is made for the Ganapati idol (100 kgs) lifting and says this competition is going to end soon. Satya comes and says I will lift this Ganpati alone. Mahi looks on. He says I will lift my Bappa alone today. Someone informs Deepu that Satya is taking up the challenge. The Organizer asks if you are ready and shows Ganapati idol. Devashri Ganesha plays…………..Satya goes near the idol, ties red cloth on his forehead, removes his shirt and takes his blessings. He then lifts the heavy Ganapati idol surprisingly everyone.

Satya walking holding the Ganesha idol. Deepu and his friends pretend to cheer for him and breaks glass into pieces infront of him. He stumbles but holds it tightly. Mahi gets impressed with him. Deepu is shocked to see him walking through the glass pieces and reaching the destination. Organizers get happy and increases the prize money to be 25000. Mahi recalls giving money to them. Satya gets the prize money.

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