King of Hearts Monday update 20 January 2020


King of Hearts Monday update 20 January 2020

Payal, Koel and Mitul are in the car going back home. Payal asks Koel and Mitul to get down the car. They oblige. Payal then asks them to take a taxi and come home. She asks driver to take a U turn. Koel and Mitul ask how can we get taxi in jungle. Koel and Mitul comes back home and tell that Payal had dropped them in the jungle and asked to take a taxi. Satya thinks what is going on in her mind. Door bell rings. Mahi opens the door and finds Lawyer. She asks where is Mamma? Payal comes to Aleena and says her hi. Aleena says you came here again. She says I have suffered because of you people, now I have to go back to London and marry a stupid guy as my Papa says. Payal says you don’t have to go back and marry a stupid guy. She asks will you work with me? Aleena asks are you
joking? Payal says it is my daughter’s role, will you play? Aleena says the question is why do you need rented daughter when you have your own daughter. Payal says she is just namesake daughter and I have more interest in property than her.

Mahi calls Payal, but she disconnects the call. Satya asks Mahi to sign on the papers, and says Payal knows about your decision. Mahi says I will call her again. Satya asks her to sign. Payal shows Mahi’s photo to Aleena and says she was exactly like you before the accident. She says she will take advantage and get the property transferred. Aleena says she is your daughter and will sign on the papers. Payal laughs and says she is tired up of acting since all these years, and says she has bear her all along. She says stupid Mahi wants to transfer all Sen Gupta property on Satya’s name. She says she wants property on her name. Aleena says you are not honest to your daughter then how can I trust you. Payal offers her 1 crore Rs, and says 15 lakh is advance. Aleena agrees.

Mahi opens the papers and is about to read it. Lawyer asks her to think again. Satya asks Lawyer to give pen and asks Mahi to sign on the papers. Mahi is about to sign, just then Payal comes there and asks her to stop (strange how can she come so soon from the resort). Mahi stops. Payal walks inside with Police and asks Inspector to arrest Mahi. Mahi asks what is this Mamma? Payal asks her to shut up and says you are a fraud and not my daughter. She says you came here to betray us. She says it was good that I came to know everything at right time and says she wants my property on her name. Mahi says who am I? Payal says this is real Mahi. Aleena walks inside in Mahi’s old avatar. Mahi, Satya, Naina and others are shocked. Mahi asks how can you trust this girl. She is not Mahi. I am your daughter Mahi, she just resembles my old face. She asks her to look in her eyes. She asks Naina to make Payal understand and says I am Mahi. She says I am Mahi. Naina nods yes. She then asks Satya to trust her and says I am Mahi. Satya asks her to calm down and says I am with you. Payal asks Aleena to tell everything to Police.

Aleena says I am real Mahi and met with an accident because of my husband. She says I had memory loss, but my mum found me thankfully. I won’t shift my property on my husband’s name and asks Inspector to arrest Mahi. Mahi gets angry on Aleena and calls her liar. Inspector says I will talk to Lawyer. He talks to lawyer and comes to conclusion asking both girls to prove who is Mahi in 15 days. Koel looks at both Mahi’s pic and says who is real Mahi. Mitul tells that may be Mahi’s soul got in someone else’s body. Koel says everyone is mad. Payal asks Aleena to prove Mahi fake and prove herself as original. She asks her not to worry and says I have all the way to prove that you are real Mahi, and says Mahi and Satya will be out now.

Mahi telling Payal that she is her Mahi, and asks her to believe her. She says Aleena’s face just resembles me. Payal pushes her and says I know this girl is fake and you are real Mahi. Mahi is shocked and asks why did you do this? Payal asks her to stop it and says I know you are real Mahi. My sister Ria and Neil’s daughter. you are the leech whom I have bear since 21 years, you are the leech who have sucked my blood. I let you do this so that you can name property on my name once grown up…Mahi cries and says Mamma. Payal says enough and asks her not to call her Mamma. She says I am tired of hearing this word. I don’t want to hear this and is tired. Satya asks her not to go in jungle else snake will die after biting her. He says you have ruined her life
just for property. you have played well. Payal says you have started again, and asks him to thank her for not kicking her out of house.

She says I have poisoned Neil’s mind against her so that they don’t get together. She says I didn’t kick her out when Neil died, just for property. She says what did you think that I will make you splashed water on my planning, and says see I have changed truth face, and can’t escape from my clutches. She says I will smashed you and will throw everyone out one by one, and then all this property will be mine. She laughs and says I can’t believe this. Mahi cries and says no. She gets a call and says she will come in sometime. Mahi cries and says Mamma can’t do this. Naina consoles Mahi and says I tried to make you understand, but you didn’t understand and came to know about her truth now. She says Satya is with you naa, don’t try.

Satya comes to Aleena’s room and says it is enough of the drama. Aleena hugs him and it is revealed that she is real Mahi. Mahi says Satya…how can my Mamma be so evil. Satya says I know how much pained you are. I don’t have any other way to bring your mamma’s face. Payal says why did she do this? She made my father hate me and says I lost everything in this greed jungle. She says you asked me to join you in your plan that day. A fb is shown, Satya tells Mahi that Payal is doing all this. Guards beat him and make him leave.

Satya comes to her room late at night and asks her to give 1 week so that he can expose her. He meets Aleena (present Mahi), and asks her to help him. Aleena sits in Mahi’s car with fake burnt mask. She asks Mahi not to worry and call Payal. Mahi calls Payal and tells about her car break failed. Then the car falls down. Mahi hides, while Satya acts to save her and takes Aleena with him to the hospital. fb ends. Mahi tells Satya that Payal never loved her and just loved her money. Satya asks her not to cry and says this is the bad time and will go soon. He says bad time is over now, your mum will be punished now for her sins. We will punish her.

Later Mahi looks at Payal’s pic and recalls what Payal had said to her. Satya comes to her, and tells that when he was small, he got very high fever and then his mum sat beside him and prayed to God. He says this is called Maa, who can sacrifice her life for her child. He says this is not Maa and have snatched everything from you. She has snatched all rights from you. She never thought about you, but you are thinking about her even now. Satya lights his lighter and tells Mahi that there is a strength in fire and it burns all bad things. He asks her to burn Payal’s pic and all the memories which is connecting her to Payal. Mahi burns the pic and throws it down. Satya says you have cried a lot, today you have made a new start which will be peaceful and happy. Mahi asks what to do Satya? I have relation with her since 21 years and I don’t believe that she has done this with me. She hugs him crying.

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