Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 19 May 2021


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 19 May 2021

Ruks comes to Jalal and asks why cant he say No to going to Amer. Jalal says that he loves Jodha, he is fallen head over heels in love with Jodha, Ruks is stunned/shocked but then Jalal laughs it off. He once again tells her that its only because of siyasiti maamla that he is going to Amer to attend wedding. He tells her that he doesnt have heart and will never have one. Ruks heaved a sigh of relief and hugs him from behind and tells him to be back soon. She says that she wont ever go to Amer and the reason is known to him.

Jalal looks on out of the window.

Amer is getting geared up for the wedding preparations, Dadisa asks Bharmal if she has sent invitation to Pratap’s family, Bharmal doesnt want to do so but Menavati also tells him to send an invitation. Pratap’s family accepts it. Pratap is wondering what to do as Bharmal is now his enemy as he has relations with Jalal. The chief guru discusses this matter with Pratap and tells him to go to Amer as he will come to know about Jalal and assess his strength too.

Jalal comes to know that Pratap will also attend the wedding, he is also eager to meet his enemy and Pratap also decides to go to Amer.

(For the uninitiated, Pratap and Jalal were sworn enemies, Pratap was 2 years older than Jalal and both had a marvellous history of how they became kings and challenged each other)

Hameeda with Jiji Anga, Gulbadan are looking after the gifts which had to be sent to Sukanya, Jodha comes there and is overwhelmed with this gesture.Her eyes welled up with this love and respect.

Jalal with his family started off for Amer, BDas and Bharmal are looking after security arrangements for Jalal’s safety. On the other hand, the enemies (Rajvanshis) along with Pratap discuss how to kill Jalal and make the most of the situation. Pratap disagree with their plans of killing him in stealth while on Amer soil but at the war front when Jalal will come face to face with Pratap.

Javeda is unable to sleep at the night camp, sees Maham and asks her to be with him and both have a cute nok-jhok saas-bahu moments. Jalal asks a maid about her khema, chief minister tells him that he knows that Jalal wants to go for nauka vihaar Hameeda comes and says that Jodha will accompany him ;)They come by the lake, he extends his hand for Jodha, she puts her hand in his after initial hesitation, she trips a little and catches hold of his arm, BG plays

both settle in the boat, have their tu-tu main main , she notices a wound on his hand and tends to it, he asks her to carry lep with her everywhere, she rises in anger but again falls on Jalal, he holds her and gives the dupatta which had fallen off, Jalal notices some people and they start hitting them with arrows, Jodha and Jalal are trying to dodge the arrows, Jalal says that he will not let anything happen to Jodha.

Jalal’s soldiers defeating the enemies, Jalal rows the boat to safety to the banks assuring her that nothing untoward will happen to her.

Agta Khan is reprimanding the soldiers when Jalal comes and orders that nobody should come to know of the attack. Also he tells Agta Khan that this act is of someone who is very close to Jalal and to find the traitor.

Sharifuddin tells AK to be careful of his actions but he refuses and is ready to make another attempt on Jalal.

Jodha comes to Jalal’s khema and says that Ammijaan has sent her to spend night in Jalal’s room. Jalal offers her the bed , she refuses, he says there will be snakes and goes to sleep on the bed, Jodha is scared and then hesitantly comes and sits on the bed. Jalal though his eyes are closed, gives a knowing smirk and puts off the light. Jodha is perturbed at his actions.

Amer was getting decked up for Jalal’s reception as it was the first time that a Mughal was the chief guest at the Rajvanshis. Sukanya tries various jewellery, Bharmal is informed that Jalal has reached Amer. Everyone goes and greets Jalal’s family, Menavati does a aarati of Jodha-Jalal,she gives some dahi/milk to Jodha and Jalal and he follows Jodha how she took it.

Jodha does not greet Menavati and goes on to hug her sisters and goes to her room, she asks her maid to go and meet her family too. She recalls an incident with her sister, Sukanya. Menavati comes and Jodha is angry and then Jodha tells her how she dint meet her before leaving from Agra and she did not let her come to Amer. She accuses her that she has changed, Menavati explains what forced her to do such a thing, Jodha hugs Menavati, the other two sisters also come and again the 3 sisters share some light, nice moments.

Jalal with his entourage is doing the rounds of the mahal, Maham cautions him but he says that he trusts Jodha’s brothers. Bharmal greets Pratap, they exchange some hot-cold vibes, Jalal while admiring the architecture of the palace, recalls the way to the mandir and lake , both Bharmal and BDas think n pray that nothing bad should happen when Jalal and Pratap come face to face.

Jalal meets Pratap and both have a EYELOCK


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