Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 10 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 10 June 2020

In hall, jalal announces the victory of maan and mirza. Maan says mirza acted too brave and he is very clever. Mirza says maan singh is not less he even saved me once. Jalal says his father saved me once and now you saved my brother thank you, maan says its my duty and we rajvanshis fulfill it till death, jalal says i know and look at jodha. Jalal says ruks behaved strongly so i am giving her chanderi property her.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 9 June 2020

Ruks says i cant take it as chanderi was place of bairam khan and its rightful owner is rahim so it should be given to him, jalal says you did justice once again, he gives property to salima on behalf of rahim. Jalal says to jodha that i want to ask something from you, i am sorry, you told me many times but i didnt listen to you and you set example of being a dutiful rajvanshi and i cant give you any gift as it will be insult of what you did, you risked your life for me. Jalal says i am making a city which will be for you for your bravery, its name will be Fatehpur which means win over every evil.

Jodha says its a special gift thank you, Maham ask ruks to see them, ruks says jalal is just returning back favors that jodha did. Jalal says i wished that if jodha will recover then i will go priest salim chisti in sikri, earlier i wasnt able to go because someone attacked with arrows, he looks at jodha and smiles. He says but things better done at right time so i am going now, hamida says it will be good if your life partner your three special begums will go with you.

Ruks is in her room seemed very upset and remembers Maham ‘s words how Jodha is taking her place on Jalal’s life , Resham offers her for hukka She screams at her for her absurd idea ..
Jodha Akbar 10 June 2020

Hameeda is with Salima and tells her I want Jalal should take all his begum with her .. that way he won’t feel lonely why I feel inspite of everyone with him he is still lonely .. Salima agrees to that , javeda comes there ands informs that Ruks is not going may be because she didn’t want to go along with all the his begum , Salima thinks if ruks is not going then this is a good opportunity to send Jodha with Jalal alone ..right time to bring this two close to each other .. salima make excuses saying she is not feeling well so she can’t go along with jalal .. Hameeda catches her saying she konws its all excuses and she doesn’t want to go ..Salima accepts that she was making an excuse that is because she thinks Jalal should go only with Jodha …Hameeda says they don’t get along well how can these two go together .. Salima thinks she has no clue about the change in their relationship .
Jodha Akbar Update 10 June 2020

atgah says there is danger on you from everywhere so its not safe for you to go like this maan and mirza agree, maham too agrees, jalal says so should i sit in palace fearing of them. Maham says its just safety, jalal says okay your king will not go out but a common man can go outside who is not in danger, jalal says i will be close to people too, he ask atgah did you forget i came from amer’s jail too, atgah says ok but some soldiers will go with you in common dresses.
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Jodha says to moti that this moon gives peace, moti says its always like this but there is something new happened to you. Jodha ask her to shut up. Jalal comes there and says we will go after sometime and we will go in common dresses for safety purpose, jodha says i am excited as all begums are going, jalal says no begum is going because your health is not good so you will not go along with others, jodha says i want to go and i will, jalal says you cant go because your health is not good,jodha says its a king’s wish so i have to go, jalal very softly says to stay back, jodha says you are going to thank God for listening to prayers for me (mannat for jodha) so i should also be there,. jalal says nobody is going jodha says then i have to go so take care of you, jalal looks at her, hamida comes there and says i think i came at wrong time, jodha says no you came at right time, jalal is going alone and is not taking me with him, jalal says i am going as common man so she have to work as normal women hamida says to jodha that take it as challenge, jalal says you bot are in one team so i am leaving from here.


In morning, maham ask ruks to get up and see whats happening, ruks ask her why are you shouting in morning, maham says jalal is going close to jodha and you are going away from him. Ruks ask the meaning, she informs her that since you didnt go with jalal so jodha went with him to dargah, ruks shouts that only i will go with him, she ask hoshiyar to inform jalal but maham tells her that they have already gone, ruks fumes and says jodha i will not leave you.

Jalal’s caravan is moving towards destination, jodha disbalances but jalal holds her in time. They come to river bank, jalal sit in boat and ask jodha to give her hands, she gives her hands into his, she falls on jalal, they both feels awkward, they sit in boat and moves ahead ( in ankhoon main plays). Jalal ask boat to be stopped, jodha ask why. Jalal says i remember one thing, that day somebody attacked me with arrows but it was not to kill me but to save my life, i didnt get the chance to thank her, he ask why your arrows didnt attack benazir? you are a good at this then why you didnt attack her that day?

jodha says my mission was to save your life not to kill her and how would have proved that she was poisonous as you never believe without any proof, and you never trust me, jalal says once i trusted you came to your room but you pushed me away. he says i dont understand women as you drank poison, tell me if you do this kind of things then God would not also understand you, He ask to move the boat, jodha smiles. They reaches the other side of river. where some mughal soldiers of jalal are waiting, jalal says nobody should call me king you can call me Saithji(boss), they say yes shehenshah, jalal says i am not able to sees any shehenshah, they say yes boss, Jodha ask what should i call you in rajisthani tone, Jalal says in same tone that i am your husband and you wife, jalal says what you thought i cant speak in this tone, jodha says whatever.


SK comes to meet Sharifu in prison .. Both taunt each other
Sharifi is confident of his plans .. AK taunts that he would rot in this prison ..if not for AK ..
His begum bakshi banu too remembered him
AK tels him he felt like pacifying bakshi banu .. To appease her ..sharifu is infuriated at Sk’s taunting twists AK’s arm ..
AK taunts Shirifu if he wanted his help to get out of prison .. They taunt each other …
Sharifu tells AK that some one was going to help him break prison soon
AK wants to know who it is . But that is not disclosed that by Sharifu
After AK leaves Sharifu thinks of Jo … To come and release him

Javedha welcomes her ammi jaan maham angaa, All baandies are Standing in line, maham ask what is this, She asks Maham to taste a glass of water, Maham drinks that water, javeda says i tested all bandhis by giving this same glass to all bandhis and last one was tested by you, maham says what is this are you mad, ..

Javeda says no poison can damage you, maham says you made me drink this water of bandhis, maham says you are my biggest problem, javeda drinks water and says you are not poisonous too.

Jalal is walking with jodha sitting in moving palanquin, Jodha looks at him and smiles, she remembers ghangaur time, how she had seen him in water, jalal keep looking at her all smiling, jodha’s lehenga moves little upward and jalal sees jodha’s feet, jodha feels shy and places lehenga properly. Jodha says we should take rest for a while, they stop at dhabba. People are gossiping that some poisonous lady came to kill jalal but jodha saved her husband as she is rajvanshi, jalal and jodha smiles listening to them, jalal says absolutely right, other says that jalal is not less he did alot to save jodha’s life, asked people also to pary for her. they argue that jodha did more or jalal, jalal says it is about thought jalal was able to pray for jodha only because she saved his life so jodha did big thing. women says How jodha is great like satyavaan had been saved by Savitri …she had risked her life for shehenshah. They say that it is being said that jodha loves jalal alot, jalal looks at her. Jalal jokes if he could disclose how she had pushed him away . Jodha replies that she would disclose how cruel he was with her. Jalal thinks not to start argument again there are many things to be talked off between us i dont want silence between us again.


they start moving again, jodha is sleeping in palanquin, jalal looks at her and says she sleep like a angel but when she get up she becomes bitter spice.
Their caravan is stopped by mughal soldiers who ask for 200 gold coins to move forward, jalal says its their right to go ahead and they will not give any coin, mughal soldier says that its mughal rule, he orders to put them in jail. jalal says to leave my wife, jodha says no i will be with my husband, soldier says seems you both love each other alot, put them in one lockup.
Jodha and jalal are locked up into a prison ..
The men are locked up in another, Inside the prison jalal is surrounded by other prisoners,They ask him his fault, Jalal jokes he had stolen wealth. The others laugh that they are all of same category, jodha smiles.

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