Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 13 September 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 13 September 2020

Jodha cries badly. Ruks says that this was not God’s decision, you all did it, jodha and her dasies, jalal you asked me to give hussain to jodha for somedays, now he is no more, what will I do, tell me, she ask hamida to tell her what she will do, can anybody bring hussain back?

Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 12 September 2020

what you said jalal that hussain will be given back to you when I will get fine, I am fine now, give my hussain back to me, I am begging, I want to meet him, hug him, she says to jodha that what kind of mother are you, tell me mothers are like this? you couldn’t protect your child? you have killed him, tell me where were you in night? when hussain was taking last breaths, where were you? tell me, what you promised to jalal that you will keep hussain infront of your eyes, you wont let anything to him, he was your responsibility, jalal you wrote a statement that If I couldn’t take care of hussain then hussain will be snatched from me but tell me what was my fault that you snatched him, its jodha who killed him so tell me jalal will you punish jodha. doctor checks Hussain and says he was given poison, he didn’t die but killed and poison was given in middle of night, all are shocked, Jalal ask moti who were with Hussain in night, Moti says me, Zakira and Zeenat, jalal blabbers Zeenat and thinks, he ask where is zeenat, where is she, he ask hoshiyar to bring her here now, he goes.

Jalal comes out of room ans shouts on soldier that this is my palace and nobody can hide here, find qasim and Zeenat.

ruks says to jodha that its all your fault, you couldn’t protect hussain, jodha says he was my child, I shouldn’t have gone leaving him, ruks says this cant happen, my world is destroyed, I wont leave anyone, Rahim comes there and shows poisonous finger to Salima, he says I found it in garden, he goes from there, all are seeing it, Zakira says this is not simple thing, this is one wasy to give poison so that person who gives poison remains safe, I know this as Benazir used this trick,

Salima says now I know that its all done by Zeenat, as I saw zeenat in garden area finding something, doctor says I doubt zeenat from before, actually she listened about syrup which was given to ruks, I think she gave syrup to make her a away from hussain, she checks finger and says this is poisonous, hamida says Oh God.
jalal says I wont leave them, Qasim and zeenat are hiding, he ask zeenat to control her child, he should not make noise, he ask zeenat to hide in harem, he will hide somewhere else, zeenat goes and hide behind pillar in harem.

Qasim hiding, he says there is no way out, Maan ask soldiers to qasim at any cost, Qasim gets tensed.
Ruks comes in harem, she shouts on dasies that I want zeenat, hamida ask Salima to handle Ruks while she will see jodha, she goes from there to jodha, ruks says I want Zeenat at any cost, don’t know where characterless women is hiding.
Qasim is hiding, bharmal is also searching him, Qasim finding not any way comes out in open with his sword and starts killing soldiers, Bharmal comes there, Qasim says let me go else I will kill you, bharmal says you have no way to go.
ruks says I wont leave this women today, I will take her life, she listens child’s crying voice from behind wall, she stops listening it. ruks starts moving toward wall, she sends soldiers in, they catches Zeenat and takes her to ruks, ruks says I trusted you, I gave you my child to feed him and you took his life, zeenat says I am sorry, forgive me, ruks says you will get punishment you will see your child dying, she snatches zeenat’s child from her, Ruks is holding zeenat’s child and says killing in return of killing, you killed my child, now you will see your child dying infront of you, zeenat says no don’t do it with my child, don’t take his life, ruks says why, now when its about your child so you are screaming, you didn’t see innocence of my child killing him, salima comes there and takes child from ruks, she says to ruks that you cant do it, you cant become like her, you are Mughal queen, ruks says no I am lost mother whose child was killed by this women, I wont leave her, she has to die tasting that poison only, ruks brings that finger and makes Zeenat taste it, zeenat dies there only, ruks smiles as she feels peace seeing her die, Salima in shock sees all this.

Bharmal have sword fighting with Qasim, Qasim is attacking him, bharmal beats him and puts sword in his belly and says this is for killing those innocent children, Qasim dies there, jalal comes there and with anger looks at Qasim, he takes dagger and keep putting it qasim’s deadbody ruthlessly, hamida comes there and stops jalal.
its last ceremony Hussain, jodha says when my child was dying, I was enjoying romance, she recalls her time spent with jalal that night, she thinks how can I be so careless, priest says there will be last prayer for child, call jalal, jalal comes there all broken, he sees his child draped in white cloth, Hamida says to Jalal that its time to pray for your second child Hussain as his death ceremony is done and he will be buried, jalal looks at hamida and says what prayer, from whom I should ask, from god? I have no faith in god now, hamida says this is sin, don’t say it, jalal says I wont believe in god, where was he when those devils were killing my children, he doesn’t have power to save innocents, we all prayed for safety of our children but they are gone, if there is God then he has to ask forgiveness from me for taking my children, there is no god, Jalal looks at sky and instead of praying, he gets angry on God and says from now on, I will not trust that God who took life of my innocent twins, I will become the same old jalaluddin who was ruthless and cruel, I will have no love and goodness in my heart from now on, jodha is shocked.

Last ceremony of hussain is taking place, jalal takes hussain in his Hands, he hugs hussain and takes him to be buried.
in night, its raining heavily, jalal is drenched in rain, jodha comes there and sees him, she comes there and gets wet n rain too, she says shehenshah, why are you giving punishment to yourself, you will get ill, lets go inside, jalal says I am cold now like this rain, everything is finished, my dreams are shattered, eh holds jodha’s hand and looks at her, he says I told you that you should be with Hussain but you were stubborn to be with me, your silence is telling your carelessness, he angrily looks at her, jodha is stunned, he leaves her hand with jerk and leaves from there, jodha is shocked and starts walking behind him looking at him, jalal turns and looks at her then goes from there.
ruks is crying in her room, she is hugging Hussain’s cloth,

phuphi comes and ask her to control herself, ruks cries and says please bring my hussain back, where he is gone, phuphi makes her sit on bed, ruks says I wont be able without him, please bring him, they have taken my child away, she cries badly, hamida and Salima comes there, ruks says I don’t need your condolences from whom are responsible for hussain’s death, you both asked me to give hussain to jodha, I don’t wanna see your face, she says jodha can be a good wife, she can be a good lover but she cant be a good mother as her time is spend for loving her husband only, hamida says we are also sad but don’t be so bitter with jodha, she has lost her children, ruks says you are still worried for jodha? salima says we are worried for you too, you selected zeenat to be nanny of hussain, if you have given that responsibility to jodha then this wouldn’t have happened, ruks cries.

Soul Talk- jodha says jalal was right, I neglected my duty.
jalal’s soul says that love which we used to enjoy became poison for us from that night, the darkness of that night darkened all of our nights.
jodha says time started passing by and jalal’s ignorance got doubled with time, once we used to live seeing each other but now we got used to live without each other, jalal became ruthless king, his anger was shown his eyes when he used to kill people.

after somedays, jodha is sitting in garden area, she thinks that jalal has turned from Akbar to jalal again, his anger came on his face, jalal thinks that I know jodha started hating me for my anger but love and care is in heart and my heart was crushed, jalal puts sowrd on innocent man’s neck and angrily looks at me, jodha sees him and closes her eyes.
Hamida talks to jodha, she says jalal has changed, he is showing his anger to world, we cant do anything for he has changed totally, there is no softness in him.
Voice over says with time, jalal changed himself, there was no soft corner for anyone in his heart. In court, jalal shouts and says I am announcing war with Rajvanshies, I will teach them lesson, all are shocked.
moti tells this to jodha in her room, jodha says what? I have to stop jalal at any cost, moti says don’t go, he will not like it, jodha says he likes or not but I have to stop him.

Jalal is getting ready for war, he takes his sword in his hands, jodha comes to meet jalal but Maan stops her and says jalal is getting ready, jodha says I want to talk to him, maan says sorry but I cant let you in as its his order and its my duty to follow his orders, jodha says your duty is to follow his rightful order not.. jalal comes there and ask all soldiers to go from here, jodha says I want to talk to you, jalal says I am going for war, I don’t wanna talk, jodha says think about killing of innocents in war, jalal says innocent? my children were innocent too, jodha says by killing rajvanshies, your anger will not lessen,

jalal ask her to put tilak on his sword, jodha says I cant do this as you will kill rajvanshies, ruks says I will do this ritual, jalal shots no, the person whose work is this will do it only, hamida ask to bring aarti plate, hamida says to jodha that you may not agree with jalal but its about jalal’s safety and if you don’t do the ritual then jalal’s life can be in danger, jodha with heavy heart does jalal’s aarti, she puts tilak on his sword and cuts her thump with sharpness of his sword, jodha says to jalal that today your sword has my blood stain, today the first rajvanshies who lost her blood to your sword is me, jalal angrily stares at her.

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