Jodha Akbar Update Monday 14 December 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Monday 14 December 2020

Jodha says why all this is happening.Jodha prays to lord that i am in problem again, give me strength to do justice with my son and husband. Ruks comes in garden, she ask hoshiyar to pluck flowers as she want to put them in her hairs, Hoshiyar says but Jodha use these flowers in her pooja, Ruks gets angry and ask are you my servant or hers? Hoshiyar plucks, Ruks says i will take over Jodha’s things.

Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 13 December 2020

Ruks comes to Jodha, Jodha ask did you talk to Salim? Ruks says yes but he is not listening, Jodha says Jalal is not listening too, Ruks ask what you have decided, i mean one side is your son and otherside is your niece, Jodha says i have no answer for this, i cant hurt Jalal or Salim, nor can i hurt Mann, Ruks says but you have to take decision, Hoshiyar comes and says to Ruks that i have plucked flowers as per your order, Jodha looks on, Ruks thinks that he do wrong things at wrong time, she gives flowers to Jodha and says i have got these for your Pooja, maybe your Kahna solve this problem, she leaves.

Jodha comes to Jalal and says Salim is your son, he is stubborn like you, Jalal says i have decided and will not budge, Jodha says Salim is our son and if he doesnt love Mann then whats the need to this marriage? Jalal says he should have decided that before saying yes for marriage, i have given words and i am king, i cant go back on my words, i have some responsibilities as king, Jodha says you have responsibilities as father too, Aram comes there and shows her new doll to Jalal, she ask were you both fighting? Jalal sys no, why you think like that, Aram says i am not kid, i can sense seeing your faces that you both were fighting, you are grown ups dont fight, now shake hands, Jalal and Jodha smile and shake hands, Aram says i will bring groom for my doll who will be like Jalal and they will never fight.

Hamida says to Salima that i dont know whats happening, both are right at their positions and again Jodha is stuck in all this, Salima says i am afraid if Salim takes drastic step.

Jodha comes to Salim and says you didnt eat till now? i have brought your favorite kheer(sweetdish), eat that, Salim says i am not hungry, i will eat later, Jodha says you always do this, i will make you eat today, Salim says i am not in mood, please leave me alone, he leaves, Jodha is tensed.

Its morning, dasi informs Jodha that Bhagwan das have come with Rahim and Maan, Jodha thinks what will happen now? Jalal comes to her and says lets welcome them, Jodha says what will you say to them? Jalal says i will do this marriage in grand way, Jodha says what about Salim? Jalal says i have taken decision and this marriage will happen even if Salim doesnt agree, Bhagwan das shouldnt know anything and about Salim, pacify him to not be stubborn, lets go now.

Jodha Akbar Update Monday 14 December 2020

Jodha comes Hamida and says i dont know how to make Salim angry, i am afraid that what if Salim doesnt come in function? it will hurt Bhagwan, i dont wont things to get worse, what about Mann? she will be hurt, i am afraid what if Jalal takes action against Salim, Salima says only Hamida can pacify Salim, he will not deny to her, Hamida says i will talk to him and will see how he say no to me.

Salim comes to anarkali, he comes to Zil, Zil says you shouldnt have come here, Salim says i have come to talk to you both, if you agree so i want to make her my life partner, Anar says this cant happen, Salim ask dont you love me? anar says i do but jalal will not agree to it, Salim says i dont need it, i just want your yes, what will he do? he will take my throne, i am ready to give it up, anar says i cant snatch your future from you, agree to marry Mann, Salim says even if i have to do war against Jalal i will do it but never marry Mann, decision is in your hands, you want to be on my side or not? Anar thinks and says i am with you but i dont want you to separate from your parents, it was my fault to see big dreams, Salim says you are not snatching my life but giving me life, you are my life partner, anar says i request you to wait for sometime, Jodha also said that she is with you, i cant take the blame that i destroyed many lives just to make my home, Salim hugs her, she cries.

Hamida comes to Salim’s room and scolds Dasi for messed up room, Salim comes and says its not her fault, i asked to not clean it, he ask how are you? he makes her sit and sit in her feet, he makes him sit beside her and says what i am listening that you are not coming in function today? Salim says when i am sad then how can i put up smiling face? i have decided to marry Anar only then why should i pretend all this? and for whom? Jalal? who doesnt think about my happiness, Hamida says nothing like that, he is your father, Salim says i am his son too, Hamida says you have to come to party, Salim puts her hand on his head and says i swear you to not force me in this matter, please, Hamida is helpless.


Mann’s mother gives gifts to Jodha, Jodha says it was not needed, Mann says to Jodha that i have made a great dress, tell me how is it? she wears dupatta, Salima says you are like shadow of jodha, Jodha says you are looking very nice, Mann smiles, Hamida comes there and takes jodha from there. she tells Jodha that i tried but Salim didnt agree and said he will marry Anar only, Jodha says i have only one way now.

Zil Bahar says to anar eat something. she says i don’t want to. Her mom says look at yourself, you have to take care of yourself. You are shahi rakasa (dancer), you have to take care of your beauty. I know its harsh for you but thats the reality of your life now. We have to live with it. You have to go for the dance. Door knocks, anar opens the door, its Jodha, Anar says Queen you? Jodha says will you not call me in? anar welcomes her in, Jodha says to Zil that years back you came to my house with your daughter and today i have come to your house for my son, i want to talk to Anar alone, Zil says she is your servant, you dont need my permission to talk to her, she leaves, Jodha says to Anarkali that i want to ask you something, Anar says i will answer everything but dont ask any question whose answer i dont have, Jodha says only you can answer me, Jodha says you want to become queen of India? Anar is shocked, Jodha ask do you have dream like that? Anar says i am dancer and i know my status, i can never think of it, Jodha says why you wanna marry Salim then? Anar says because i love him, he wants to marry me, his happiness lies in marrying me and my happiness lies in his happiness, i dont need any throne or crown, Jodha says you will get throne and crown after marrying him but Mann deserve it, Mann is your friend, you want to betray her? you want to cheat her? Anar says its not like that, i never thought i will love Salim, i loved him as common soldier and when i got to know truth, i went away from me, i tried to hate him but heart didnt listen, Salim came infront of me and i couldnt stop myself, i dont want to become queen, i can be his servant whole life, i have no dreams of becoming queen, Jodha sys you know Salim and Jalal are fighting, Anar says i know and it saddens me that my love reason for father son fight, it hurts me, Jodha says enough, what i wanted to see i have seen, you have truth in your eyes, i have taken decision, i will talk to Jalal again, maybe it will hurt Mann and bhagwan but i will talk to Jalal before that i wanted to know if you really love Salim, i have seen it, now i will talk to Jalal, he blesses Anarkali and leaves.

Dasi ask Mann what should i apply on your hands? Mehndi? Mann says dont know, Aram comes and says Salim like mehndi, Mann thanks her and says you are savior, Aram says to Mann that i know secrets of Salim, you can ask anything, other princess ask if you have any message then tell us, Aram says i have seen you glancing him, Mann says no i didnt see him, Aram ask so he is bad looking? Mann says no he is very handsome, she gets shy, she says to Aram that my friend Anarkali lives here, can you call her here? Aram says your message will be sent.

Fazal informs Jalal that Salim went to meet Anar, Jalal says i dont understand why Salim doesnt listen to me, he has put my respect on stake, Fazal says there is one way, we can throw Anarkali out of Agra, till marriage doesnt happen, send Anar to some other state, Jalal says its good idea, i cant stop Salim but can stop that dancer, he orders to prepare for Anar’s deport to another state, Jodha comes there, Fazal leaves, Jodha says i want to talk something, Jalal says if you want to talk about Salim and that dancer then dont, Jodha says that dancer has name, she is human too, i went to meet her, she is very nice girl, she has no dreams of throne and crown, i feel Salim will be happy with her, atleast think about it once,

Jalal says i said it before that i dont want to talk about it, Jodha says i am stunned that you cant understand your son’s love, Jalal says i cant believe that you went to dancer’s house, Jodha says i went to person whom my son love, love has no boundaries, Jalal says i know how to set limits and till Salim gets married, i will keep dancer away from this city,

Jodha says do you even know what Salim will do knowing this, Jalal says i will handle everything, Jodha says you are not doing right, Jalal says what about Mann? Jodha says she will be hurt but what if she gets married and doesnt love mann, Jalal says even we used to not love each other before marriage, make Salim agree to this marriage, ask him to not be stubborn, i love you alot so i dont like to argue with you, this marriage will happen and i will not change my decision, he leaves, Jodha says i came to handle things but it has got more worse.

in court, priests are busy in selecting date for marriage, Hindu priest gives date of same month only, Muslim priest agrees, Jalal ask Bhagwan about it? he agrees, Jalal announces that we will do marriage of Salim and Mann this month only, Bhagwan ask where is Salim? is he miffed with us? Ruks says no nothing like that, its his first marriage so he is little shy, Jodha thinks that when Salim will know that Anar is being sent to other city, dont now how he will react,

Jalal congratulates everyone, he ask Jodha you seem unhappy? Jodha says nothing, i was just thinking, i am mother, i want my son’s happiness, jalal says one day Salim will understand that i did right thing, its better to send that dancer away, Ruks gets happy listening it, Jalal says tonight is celebration as your brother has come, its your duty to bring your son in function, i dont want to be embarrassed when people ask me about Salim, bring him, Jodha thinks how to bring Salim.

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