Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 26 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 26 October 2021

Hamida and Bakshi reach the village, they ask about Mehtab’s health, Ruks says to Jalal that i informed them, Hamida says i only got to know that Mehtab is ill and Jodha is missing but i ddint know Sharif is behind all this, Hamida says Sharif should see God’s fierce, what he did to our Mhtab, Baskhi cries and ask Mehtab to open her eyes, her mother is here, Jalal says why did he give pain to this innocent girl, Hamida ask him to be strong, he has to bring back Jodha, he has to give punishment to Sharif, Jalal says

i will not leave him this time, you know what, he has asked Bakshi in return of Jodha, how can he even think that i will accept this offer, Bakshi says give me to him, you dont know him, he is very cheap person, the one who can torture his wife so much, he can do anything with Jodha, he is an animal, take me to him, she cries, Jalal says no i wont take you to him, i will bring Jodha back, trust me, once get to know where Jodha is then i will bring her and then i will see Sharif.
Jalal says to Birbal that we will surround the place where we think sharif can be then we will attack him, Birbal leaves, Jalal cries and prays to God that show me some way, spare me, show mercy, he sit on knees and says where are you kid(spiritual soul), when i didnt need you, you came to me, helped me but now you are coming to help me when i need you, suddenly Anarkali comes there, she is breathing high, Jalal gives her water to drink, he ask what happened? Anar says i know where Sharif has abducted Jodha, Jalal ask where? Anar tells him everything, he says now nobody can save Sharif, i am coming as your death Sharif.

Scene 2
Maan’s soldier tells him that Jodha is being kidnapped by Sharif, Maan is shocked. Jalal is getting ready to attack Sharif, he says to Anar that once your mother did greatful thing for me and now i am indebted to you, its my promise that if you need anything in life then i will give it to you, Anar says it was my responsibility to inform you, Baskhi says i will go with you Jalal, Jalal says no you stay here with Mehtab, i will handle him.
Salim’s force are fighting with Mirza’s force in war field, Bhagwan das says that our soldiers are less in number, then Qutub and Murad comes there with more force, Salim smiles and shows it to Bhagwan, Mirza is shocked to see more Mughal soldiers, fight continues.

Bakshi says to Hamida that Jalal should have taken me with him, he could have saved Jodha, Hamida ask her to not take tension and take care of Mehtab.

Scene 3
Jalal with his men comes in jungle, they reach the place and finds Sahrif’s soldiers protecting a hut, Jalal says to Birbal that they should not get idea that we are here else they can hurt Jodha, first we have to save Jodha then we will attack them, now we will stealthily attack them.
Hamida, Ruks and Baskhi alongwith Mehtab are going back to Agra. Hamida stops caravan and ask Dasi to call Bakshi from her palanquin, they dont find Bakshi in palanquin, Hamida says where she can go. otherside Bakshi is running, she says i am sorry Ammi but i have to save Jodha’s life, i will give mself to Sharif and will save Jodha’s life.
Jalal stealthily attacks Sharif’s soldiers, he kills many soldiers, they go in hut to find Jodha and Sharif gone from there, Birbal says maybe they got to know about us so they ran away from here, Jalal ask one soldier of Sharif to tell abotu Sharif, he takes poison and kills himself, Jalal shouts that i will kill Sharif, Jalal finds something craved on stone, he finds Jodha’s jewelry there, Birbal says why Mandir’s image is being made on this stone, does Jodha want to give some clue? one soldier says this seems like Ambe Maa’s mandir, Jalal ask can you take us there? soldier says yes.

Scene 4
Jodha is in some isolated place, she looks at Manida and prays that help Jalal and he reaches here soon, Sharif comes there and ask his soldiers to open Jodha’s hand, they do so, Sharif gives ugly smile to Jodha. he says today nobody can save you from me, today i will fulfill wish of my heart, Jodha says dont ou dare touch me, Sharif says its my habit to do what you and Jalal deny and today i will do what my heart says, i gace you much time but i cant wait now, when you have to become mine then why wait? come in my arms, Jodha throws stones at him, he smirks and says i like this about you, nobody can save you today, today i will make you mine, Jalal comes in hut, he is fighting with Sharif’s soldiers, in other room sharif comes closer to Jodha, she moves back, Jalal comes there and cuts Sharif’s hand, Jalal says how dare you think that your hand will remain on your body with which you were about to touch her, Jodha hides behind Jalal, Sharif says its good you came, today i will take revenge from you, he calls his soldiers, he says you are surrounded by soldiers now, you did foolish act by coming here, now you are gone, he ask soldiers to attack, they attack Jalal, Jalal defend himself, he gives one sword to Jodha too, both start fighting, Sharif says they are not some common soldier but they are my trained soldiers, Maan comes there with his soldiers and attacks Sharif’s soldiers, all soldiers are dead, Sharif is shocked, Jalal says to Sharif that now i will not leave you, today you cant run away, you will try to scream in pain but you cant, he beats Sharif, he says you tried to touch my Jodha, i will break your hands, he breaks his hand, Jalal says you were not ashamed to attack your own daughter, he ties Sharif with rope, Jalal says you will die like this, you will see a painful death, Jalal ask jodha are you fine? Jodha says you came on right time, she hugs him, Jalal says i had to come, Maan comes to Jalal and says i am sorry for running away from you jail, Jalal says i should say sorry to you my son for not trusting you, he hugs Maan.

Jodha ask Jalal about Mehtab, Jalal says she is injured, Jodha says then we should leave for Agra soon. Jalal and Jodha are sitting on one horse, Jodha ask why your heart is beating so fast? Jalal says atleast it is beating now, else if anything had happen to you then it would ahve stopped beating, Jodha says i was waiting for you to come fast, Jalal says the clus which left was amazing to make me reach here, Jodha says i was worried if you will understand my clue, Jalal says i had to come to you, i wont leave you ever now, Jodha says even i wont leave you hand ever, she hugs him.
Bakshi comes to same isolated place, she finds Sharif injured lying there, she makes him sit, he ask for water, she says there is only wine here, she makes him drink wine, she brings out opium bottle from purse and says it will lessen your pain, she makes him eat it, she laughs and says God have made women strange, i gave you so much pain but still you wont let me die, you know asked you in return of Jodha from Jalal, its not becaus ei love you but i wanted to take revene ge from you and see ou have come yourself, Bakshi says you will take revene from me only when you will be alive, Sharif says you

cant kill me, Bakshi says i have already mixed poison in your wine and opium, Sharif chokes and ask her to save him, Bakshi says never, she says what you have done to mjy daughter and Jodha was disgusting, it was Jodha who raised our daughter and what you did with her, maybe God will forigve my for killking my husband but he cant forgive you for your sins, she beats him till death, digs a grave, puts Sharif in grave and buries him in it, she cries.

Scene 2
Jodha and jalal comesback to palace, Jodha hugs Hamida, she comes to unconsious Mehtab and says Mehtab had to go through all this to save me, Hamida tells Jalal about Bakshi missing, Jalal ask soldiers to go and find her.
Jodha is with Mehtab when Mehtba starst feeling jittery, Jodha calls doctor, doctor says poison of wound is spread in her whole body, she gives medicine to Methab and after sometime she says Mehtab is out fo danger, all are happy, Bakshi comes there and says to Mehtba that i have teken revenge from your sinner, he will not give you pain now, i have kille Sharif, Hamida says what you have done, Jalal says what you did wasd right, he desereved it, i left him there to die only, he hugs her, Jodha says what you did was not revenge but it was necesarry for mother to do it.
Salim gets injured in war, all are shocked, Salim says i am fine. Jodha is worried in her room, Moti ask her to eat something, Jodha says no i am not in mood, Moti says eat else Jalal will scold you, she leaves, Jodha feels uneasy and pukes, she is shocked to see blood coming out her mouth, she says Oh Lord, these are symptoms of illness which is spread in Mughal Saltanat.
Jodha is sleeping, she sees dream os jalal saying that why she is getting reward of my sins, he hits his head on wall, Jodha wakes up with a jerk, she says whats next that Jalal was banging his head on wall, she find flame of Diya in Mandir blown off, she goes and lits it again, its about to blow off again when Jalal helps her to lit it, jalal says nothing will happen now, Jodha says our weak days are still on, Jalal says we will work hard and will come out of these days, Jodha says i dont know why you were banging your head to wall in my dream, Jalal says this is your exam, like you redeemed my name in one village, you will help me to redeem myself in whole saltanat.

Scene 3
Salim is in tent, getting first aid, Bhagwan das tells Salim that our soldiers are being killed in large number, we can lose this war, Salim says this will not happen,i will go in war again, Murad says but you are injured, Salim says this is reward for me to get injured while fighting for my people, Bhagwan says i will lead war, you take rest Salim. soldier gives letter to Jalal, its Bhagwan’s letter, Maan reads it that Salim is injured, they need help, Jalal is shocked and says my son need my help, we have to leave right now, prepare for my leave. Jodha is having blood vommiting, Moti says oh God you have got same illness which is spread in village, i will call Jalal, Jodha says dont tell him, i will take care of myself, Jalal is in tension, he have responsibility of many people, also he worried for Salim and if he gets to know my illness then he will get more worried, promise me that you wont tell anything to Jalal, Moti says but you have to promise that you will get treatment, Jodha says promise but promise me you wont tell anything to Jalal, Ruks comes there and ask what you are hiding from Jalal? Jodha says i got to know that situation is worse in village, Jalal should not know about it as he is already in tension because of war, Ruks says you are right, you know i was jealous of you when i entered the village but now i am thankful to you that because fo you i got to earn some respect in God’s eyes, i will leave for Agra tomorrow and i will help people there too.

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