Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 13 April 2021


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 13 April 2021

Akbar doing sword practices with his warriors and hears about arrival of Jodha and her troop. How she gave less meaning to herself and protect the people surrounding her. One of the warrior reveal that everyone got busy staring at Princess Jodha and her beauty. He dismiss the warrior after taunting him and repeat Jodha name with smirk.

Jodha return home in brutal condition. People in the palace question her about her condition and the guard reply about the attack token place at the temple. When Jodha turn around, her mother saw her and recall the words of shaguni Bai. Fear of going into dushman place stab mother’s heart. Maharaj gave order to guard increase security of palace and end the function itself. Jodha taken back to her room with maids while her mother saw green flag tagging long with Jodha. Jodha sit with ved discussing about her maid cum friend Moti Bai health when her mother come. She witness condition of Jodha and drag her long with her to a room dismissing the maids. She show Jodha her reflection in the mirror and out of fear she pour water on Jodha trying to remove her destiny. In fear she spoken about the future, but Jodha extremely confuse and tries to confront her mother who strictly warn her not step out of the palace. Her mother divert the question by saying she saw nightmare in afternoon. Jodha felt touch by her mother, but her mother vowed silently to fight against the odds of Jodha’s destiny and defeat every path.

Voice over: history chose Jodha and Akbar to write this unforgettable love story.

Khan Baba and Sharifuddin kept on discussing about the event and the guard repeat again about Jodha beauty. Akbar send guard into prison and trying to learn more about Jodha. Jala reveal that he won his queens and maids, but never gave his heart to anyone.

At Amar, Maharaj speak his heart out regarding the incident. Sujamala speak that it’s slightly his fault for sending Jodha alone, but the Maharaj reveal that every person have right to freely enjoy without fear and reveal his plan of sending invitation to Rajput and find suitable groom for Jodha.

Jala wants many information from Khan Baba about Amar and its structure. Khan Baba send Sharifuddin Amar to gather more information. Khan Baba give Jala a seek of winning Rajput by capturing their weakness to destroy the pride.

In Amar, Queen interrupt meeting and dismiss the people inside. She reveal to her husband about Jodha future. Her husband doesn’t believe in that future of Jodha and share his plan with his wife.

Khan Baba and Jala come to market. In that market Jala try to take a girl with him, but her husband interfere. In that process Jala place knife under husband neck and ask him choose between life or love. Husband chose his life and left. Jala dismiss the girl after insulting her indirectly for her husband. Khan Baba impress by Jala and his heartless action. If he fallow his path everything going to win them and destroy Rajput. Jala agree that he learn every seek from him throughout his childhood and always willing to learn more. Jodha and her sisters sitting around the bed where Moti Bai is lying unconscious’Sukanya tried to shake Moti Bai awake but Jodha stopped her .
Sukanya blamed Jodha for the state of Moti bai . She also added that Jodha went to the temple to seek blessings for a desired groom for herself . A small tiff followed between Jodha n Sukanya . Meanwhile Moti Bai woke up n quoting the sister said She’s hungry and mentioned the foods that the sisters mentioned in their tiff . Both Jodha n Sukanya very happy , they broke into laughter n shared a cute moment.

Scene shifted ~~ Jodha n Sujamal playing chess , they were having a conversation but Sujamal was unmindful .
A maid came n informed Jodha that her sisters were asking her to join them in observing the princes that were coming .
Jodha defeated Sujamal . Jodha said if she could defeat Sujamal is chess , she could also defeat him in sword fighting .
Sujamal said his concentration was not in the game as he was worried about the declaration of Agmer’s future king in the evening .
Jodha told him not to worry n today the entire Agmer would celebrate the good news of Sujamal being declared as the future king . ;
Sujamal : If that came true he’d consider himself to have won the chess game of life .
He told Jodha to join her sisters in observing the princes in the terrace n to find a handsom bridegroom for her . Jodha told him that she’d find goodlooking bridegrooms for her sisters but she’ll marry that valorous guy who’d defeat and bring the head of Jalluddin Mohammad to her .

Scene shifted ~ Sukanya n others sisters were watching the princes entering the palace of Ajmer . Prince Suryabhan entered through the palace gate n all the princesses are very impressed seeing him n exchanged appreciative comments .
Their grandmother praised Suryabhan a lot . Sukanya’s necklace fell over Suryabhan’s sword’.all the girls immediately fled . Suryabhan looked up , saw nobody .
Girls came back on the terrace n teased Sukanya .
Scene shifted ~ Jodha is getting ready with the help of her maids . Her mother , the queen came n gave her some special dress n jewelries n asked her to get ready in them . She added there might be an announcement related to Jodha tonight .


Akbar chose a horse , but a eunuch informed him that Bairam Khan has already chosen it for himself . One of Akbar’s men retorted back saying that what the Shahenshah has chosen , belongs only to him . Akbar very angry , said that no one should say a word against his Khan Baba . He chose another horse , the men said what’s the use of having a kingdom if the king couldn’t even have what is his favorite.

Akbar angry n hold the sword at his neck but the men told him The shahenshah wouldn’t bring shame to his glory by killing a creep . Akbar impressed, told him that he likes him because of his sharp wit. The man said he’ll remain faithful to him always n also the glory of aa horse comes from his rider. Akbar left happily. The man said he hoped some day Jajal will realize that Bairam Khan is controlling him n his kingdom.

Scene shifted. Raja Varmaal took his entry n welcomed n thanked the guests sittling in the court. Pleasantries are exchanged. Jodha entered. ( <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ). Raja Varmaal was about to announce the name of the throne prince .Sujamal looked hopeful ,he exchanged fond looks with Jodha. But Vammal announced BhagwanDas’s name. Sujamal n Jodha shocked n upset. Sujamal furiously stood up n held the sword at Bhagwandas’s neck.

Every body jumped up n drew out their swords n pointed towards Sujamal. Jodha was panicked. Varmal asked Suja to calm down n Suja answered he has witnessed this injustice for long since , n the throne belongs to him as his father was the real king. He said he’d leave n later come back to proclaim the throne. He looked at Jodha n reminisced a scene from their childhood where they’re playing some king n queen game n Jodha playfully called him as king. He looked emotional n left the court after another look at Jodha. Jodha very sad.
Scene shifted. Sujamal in his room, taking the knife n sum other memento n seeking blessing from his father’s portrait . Jodha came running n pleaded him not to go. Suja said he’s a rebel now n if he didn’t flee now he’d be sent to jail. They shared a very emotional good bye n Suja promised to come back for Amer n Jodha, who was the only person he cared for in Amer. Guards came running to catch him. Suja fled ,while tackling them.

He fought with many guards alone n jumping over the walls etc, while Jodha ran all over the place ,calling out his name n looking worried sick. Suja left the palace n Amer.
Scene shifted .King n queen standing in the roof. They’re conversing of today’s mayhem when Jodha came, looking upset, hugged her mother, n told her father that she didn’t understand about the politics of a kingdom, but she had lost her brother today. Her father said in defense that he also had lost his son n a brave warrior today. Jodha’s mom took the opportunity to bring forth the topic of Jodha’s marriage n said they’re only waiting for Jodha’s choice n Jodha lowered her head with Akbar’s face being shown ( PariJat BGM in back ground , my face like this .. lost track for a time )

*Ahem ahem..* Scene shifted. Akbar sitting in his throne , his spies came back n Sharifuddin informed him that all kings from Rajputana had gathered in Amer for Ganghor . Akbar said it was good time for attack. Sharifuddin said the enemy should be attacked alone. Akbar angry, Shrifu pleaded for mercy. Akbar said he’d cut away the heads of all of them together , so that they’re downfallen.

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