Jodha Akbar Friday Update 8 May 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 8 May 2020

Jalal cant stop thinking about her trusting words and that i dont hate you now. He says what is this feeling inside, this feeling is when i get happy, i felt this feeling when i got the news that i am going to be father but why i am happy today why? (ishq hai woh ehsas plays). Adka sees jalal in thoughts and goes to him.

He ask jalal whether there is any problem? Jalal says life plays strange games, i used to ignore adham’s deeds but now complaint is from palace. Adka says what happened was good as we had a inkling about adham’s deeds so its good that matter is in court now. Take suggestion from everyone but do what your heart says is right. Jalal thanks him for advice.

Adham says to Maham in the room that how wise is his mother and Why did he not think of such plans ?? Adham is sure that he would win Tasneem,

Maham warns him not to be so excited and She is worried that jalal had started thinking And so the importance of chief minister has lessened.

Hameeda Gulbadan and jiji anga discus that Jalal Jodha relation should not be affected by jodha’s involvement in Tasneem Adham’s fiasco .. They were worried about their relation.

maham is in thoughts when resham says dont worry about adham, maham says i am thinking about jodha, her antics are becoming greater day by day because jalal is giving attention to her. Jalal comes to maham and says he is your son but i know you will give fair decision but i think this matter is related to my family as one side is my wife and other side is adham so i want to ask suggestions from my special wives. Maham says but there is only one special wife, ruks. Jalal says yes but i want to ask to ruks, salima and jodha. He leaves. Maham smiles that if there is more than one special wife then there can be huge storm.

all wives gather in harem. Maham comes and says not all wives all are called but only special wives. Ruks says there is only one special wife that is me. Maham says i know that but jalal’s thinking is not same. Ruks says what joke is this. Maham says i am just telling what jalal told, 3 wives are being called, one is ruks, other is salima, 3rd is jodha, all are stunned. Ruks says you both go i will come after talking to maham.

Jodha and salima comes outside. Salima is smiling, jodha ask the reason, salima says whenever there is problem coming i start smiling. Jodha ask which problem? She says jalal called along with his special wife ruks but i am happy that he called you also, she ask jodha whether she did like jalal trusting her? Jodha remains silent, salima says sometime silence means yes.
Ruks Maham face off .. Ruks says she is very important for Jalal in political matters. Maham replies that she should leave the politics on maham and ruks should keep herself to harem’s problem and she was the one who asked jalal not to give states to adham ruks says so you are taking revenge for that and puts Maham down by saying she is just one baandi, Maham retorts that she is no more the begum e khaas(special wife) and There are two more But bari ammi is only one And for life and ruks that she could expect more begums in jalal’s life , Ruks is stunned.

jalal is standing with salima and jodha when ruks and maham comes in. Maham says as per your order they are here. Jalal says the matter is about respect of a women and you 3 are wise so i want your suggestion. Jalal says to jodha that you wanted to tell something in court but hamida stopped as you were the one who came with complaint but now you are standing as my wife here so tell what you want. Jodha says i am thankful you considered as your family. I am not against maham or adham but i want to tell about the appalling way in which women are treated in the entire country by all religions ..

Women are treated like material things to be possessed ..used .. And discarded . I one is rich he just buy women like material and if parents are poor so they just sell her off to get money or to solve their problem but let me tell you women is not a material, she is the one your daughter, your mother who gives you birth, your sister then why this behavior with her? Jalal says i understand your points but its society rule that 1st women have to follow parents then her husband, he ask for salima’s suggestion. She says according to law i think maham is right and nikkah is done like this but for women, jodha has got a point. Jalal ask for ruks suggestion, maham says she know about politics alot so she will agree with me, ruks says no i am with jodha as its about women’s respect, it is totally injustice that we do nikkah of not adult girl with aged man, i think you should talk to tasnim, her decision should be final, maham is stunned. Jalal orders maham to bring tasnim in court tomorrow.

Scene 2
jodha is sitting in her room and thinks about salima’s words that i am happy that jalal has started taking you as special one. Jodha thinks i dont know what is in his mind. Sometime he becomes angry and sometimes he give me respect, today he included me in special… Moti comes running and ask jodha whether you are ok? Why you called at this hour? Jodha says i am fine and wanted to talk with you. Moti says i am not your servant but friend and sister also. Jodha says today jalal called me, ruks, salima to talk about adham-tasnim.moti ask so what? Jodha says he called his 3 special wives and i was one of them. Moti hugs her and says you deserve it. Jodha says but i dont get it. Moti ask whats your problem. You want to be special or not? Today you will not sleep as this happen when you become special from common. Today jalal didnt took this decision from mind but from heart. Jodha looks at her. Moti is about to leave, jodha says i want to talk about tasnim also. Moti says jalal thinks you as special so he will give justice to tasnim on your demand. She leaves. In night, jodha cant stop thinking about jalal.

Scene 3
in morning, tasnim comes in court where all are present. Ruks says dont be afraid, jalal wants to ask something, tasnim says parents talked na. Jalal says but i want to talk to you beta. Jalal ask what do you know about nikkah, tasnim says when priest ask you just say qubool hai and you get good clothes also, Jalal ask do you want to do this nikkah? Tasnim says yes, jodha says these are only rituals what you know about institution of marriage? She says you will get good food and will live in palace after marriage. Jalal says you only know this? She nods. He ask her to leave. Ruks says to jalal that i hope you got the answer, decision is yours now.

Scene 4
jalal is in thoughts. Other side jodha says tasnim said yes to nikkah under her parents pressure but only jalal can save that innocent now.


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