Jodha Akbar Friday Update 5 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Friday Update 5 June 2020

In night, at river bank, jalal sits in boat, benazir waits he doesnt give hand at first but then gives, she sits and says can i sail this boat? jalal says whats the need, benzir says i can easily sail, jalal ask sailor to get down. she starts sailing boat, its dark. benazir delibrtley slips but jalal holds her and ask her to careful, she thanks him and says whenever i am about to fall you always save me,

Jodha and salima sees them from far, benazir is about to kiss jalal, jodha points arrow weapon at her, salima says what are you waiting for, jodha says you are right and fires the arrow, benazir gets saved(jai kali plays), jalal is shocked and shouts benazir. benazir again tries to kiss but jodha agian fires arrows, jalal ducks her down, soldier comes, salima says now what? jodha says i know how to escape from here, dont worry, lets go.
Jodha Akbar 5 June 2020
Jodha Akbar Update 5 June 2020

Salima and jodha are in palace, salima praises her for her bravery, jodha says i took training in amer, salima says you saved jalal and that secret way? jodha says jalal once took me from that way,

Salima says God is with us, think you hit arrow at right time and we reaching palace at right is not just a coincidence but blessing, jodha prays it remains like this. jalal comes with benazir and ask atgah to find about the matter, jalal looks at jodha and goes.
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In court, jalal ask atgah about the culprit, atgah says they ran away but i find out the arrows and these are mughals. jodha is stunned. Jalal says so he is our own. atgah says maybe it is mali’s trick or maybe someone from palace is on his side. Jalal says no its not mali’s tricks because i was not attacked, benazir was attacked. I think he thinks that benazir is poisonous lady, jalal says anyways find about this matter, he ask all to go but stops jodha. He ask her what you think who did this?

jodha says your enemy, jalal says no he wasnt my enemy as he didnt attack me, he says remember when we were going amer one man attacked and i saved you, me and benazir were and was very close. jodha sees wound in his hand and ask how you got this wound, jalal says while saving benazir. He says someone who thinks her as poisonous have attacked but you also thinks in same way so did you do this? jodha is shocked, jalal says not you cant do this, you cant attack me, jodha leaves. jalal is thoughtful

Jodha Akbar Friday Update 5 June 2020

jodha thinks jalal get to know about my attack, salima comes and says thank God jalal left you free and he didnt know about it, jodha says no he got to know about it, his talks was mysterious but he didnt scould me only asked me to go. Salima says maybe he loves.. jodha cuts and says its not important now soldiers will around jalal, salima says so benazir will also be away from him, jodha says not for much time, she will attack again, we have to think how to stop her.

benazir says to zakira that we dont have much time, she ask about the man who was coming to help her in her mission, zakira says he cant come in palace, benazir says we have to think something and do our lass attack. Jodha comes and says last attack? i will not let that happen, benazir laughs and says you will stop me? have to say you have guts, you came in poisonous lady’s room all alone, jodha says i am rajvanshi dont get afraid of anything, if snake itself comes then i will crush him too, benazir tries to touch her but jodha says dont touch me you ugly women, benazir says jalal wants to marry this ugly women, i should thank you that because of your allegation i am marrying jalal’ he is dying to get killed and you will not be anle to do anything, jalal is accepting me. Jodha says you are trying to satisfy yourself because you failed everytime, its rule that truth always win and i will show your true face to world than you will be crushed, benazir says i will do my work and will leave form here, you will be just seeing, now go i want to get ready as i want to look like begum, jodha says try as much as you want but remember till jodha is alive no one can harm jalal. Benazir says wow what a love, jodha says my promise, when i married him, i promised that i will be always there for him. Benazir ask you dont get afraid of me? jodha says you dont know about meera bai, i am rajvanshi and i will not let you win in this, its a promise she leaves. benazir says if its my last then i will bite her too before i die, she says i have to meet that guy who came to help, i will go and meet him.

Hakim is asking jalal to apply medicine, jodha comes and says i have made remidy, i will apply it. Ruks comes and shouts that where were you when he attacked and what about culprit, one soldier says he was from palace only, ruks says from now one jalal’s security will be tight. Jalal ask jodha why dont you let hakim do his work, your this habit is amazing first give the wound then apply medicine, jodha looks at him stunned.

Jodha says you got it while saving benazir i didnt give it, jalal says you are behind it, jodha ask how? jalal says for a clever person only clue is ebough, ruks comes and ask why you didnt accept extra security, jalal says i know you are geniunely worried for me not faking it(taunting jodha) but stay calm and see i am safe,

ruks says i am worried for you and i cant stay qiute, jodha says 1st apply remedy, ruks says yeah you should, jodha is about to apply but ruks stop her and says i will apply it, ruks says i am special begum because jalal even doesnt cut in betwwen my talk and when we two are together i doesnt allow third person, jodha is hurt and looks at jalal for support but he doesnt say a word, she leaves. jalal feels bad for her.

Scene 2
Hameeda is offering namaz when salima comes there .they discuss that nothing about Benazir is confirmed, Samila informs hameeda about the boat incident. Hameeda wants to find the truth herself. salima informs her that jodha is in love with jalal and that is why she is investigating for Jalal and protecting him .. Hameeda is impressed with salima for not being jealous of Jodha. Salima says ruks and Jodha are like her sister.

moti ask did you applied remedy to jalal ? jodha says i had gone to him but ruks stopped me and jalal even didnt stop her, moti says you have hurt him why he will stop her? jodha says no. moti says he is angry with you then why go to him, jodha says because i am not angry on him, moti says he is doing nikkah with benazir and you are not angry? jodha says stop it why are you putting salt at my burnt wounds, what you want to listen yes i care for hi and why not he is trapped against poisonous women and i am doing whats my responsibility is, she leaves. moti thinks both are feeling same but will not accept it.

MAham comes and ask ruks is everything alright? you didnt eat anything, ruks i am not feeling to eat. Maham says how you will go on hunting? ruks says if she leave jalal then i will go on hunting, maham ask her to eat first, ruks says she is cheap and stubborn women(jodha) jalal doent even look at her but she keep revolving around him, she was applying remedy to him but i took it from her and applied myself. maham says what you applied her remdy? now she will become good in jalal’s eyes, ruks ask what shouls she do? Maham says to ruks send jodha away from jalal so that her magic goes away. Ruks says magic? what rubbish. Maham says jodha had put wrong allegation on benazir, shivani her young sister broke mirza even then jalal didnt do anything to her, he freed her family too, he didnt give her punishment what is this if not magic? she ask ruks to do something before its get late, ruks fumes in anger.

zakira comes with water melon and takes out map of jail of palace, she says that guy who came to help

(kamal khan) had send it, this is to free mali from jail, benazir says i will go and meet him in diguise, you stay here.

Salima ask jodha about her new step, jodha says we dont know whats benazir’s next step but because of jalal’s strict security, benazir will definitely do something foolish, we have to keep tab on her, moti sees through window and tells jodha that she is going somewhere out, jodha sees and says she is in bandhi’s dress, they shouts she is taking her next step, jodha says i will go behind her, salima says its not save for you so i will go with you, salima says we also need to go in different dress., jodha says ok and ask moti to bring dresses for them.

atgah tells jalal that mirza did very well in war and maan singh too fought greatly, jalal says i knew it, i think i should give minstery to maan, maham say he is very young, jalal says he is talented i was too small. Jalal ask what about shivani and tej? atgah says we are finding them. Maham ask who attacked jalal? jalal says i know he/she is someone own and i will find out dont worry, he ask adham about his work in malwa adham says its pretty much in control jalal says ok and ends cabinet session.

Benazir is going in market to meet kamal khan, her anklet falls and she bends to pick it up and sees salima and jidha too in disguise, she thinks its important to meet him and jodha why is she behind me? jodha says to salima that we have to be very careful as she is very clever. Benazir comes to bangle shop and start acting that she is buying, jodha says she is pretending, salima says it doesnt seem to as shop keeper is showing her bangles.

Jodha says she has danger in market even then she is buyng bangles when she will get much beautiful bangles from this marriage, salima says this means she knows about our presence and i fooling us. Benazir leaves from there, jodha and salima are about to go but one man start announcing that the pond has become poisonous and nobody should drink water from it, jodha says its same pond in which benazir had fallen, salima says its a big proof against her.

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