His Mistress Child Zee World Full Story


His Mistress Child Zee World Full Story


His Mistress Child Zee World is an Indian television show directed by Imtiaz Punjabi. Neha Joshi and Aayudh Bhanushali play the leading role in it. Yashoda’s life as she knew it ends when she learns that her husband has an illegitimate son, How can she reconcile her husband’s history while forging a bond with her stepson?

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His Mistress Child Full Story

In His Mistress Child Zee World, Yashoda battles societal prejudice and challenges as she tries to raise the kid of her husband and his mistress. When Yashoda learns that her husband had a mistress and a kid without her knowledge, her hopes for a perfect family life are dashed, as will be seen in the episode. After both her husband and the mistress die in an accident, Yashoda resolves to raise the kid who is not her own child.

Yashoda, a devoted housewife and social worker, is a loving, practical, and pragmatic woman. She has two daughters whom she is proud of. While she is never disrespectful, she doesn’t hesitate to stand up for herself and let others know that she won’t tolerate insults. Yashoda has a unique and witty way of making people realize their mistakes.

During her work, Yashoda meets Mala, a single mother on her deathbed. Mala makes Yashoda promise to provide a safe and secure future for her child, Krishna. After the death of her husband, Yashoda becomes a mother to Krishna, who immediately develops a deep emotional bond with her, considering her as his own mother.

Krishna loves Yashoda and sees her as his world. However, after losing his biological mother, Krishna feels anger towards his unknown father and the world at large, including Yashoda, whom he blames for making false promises to save his mother and take care of him. He believes that Yashoda sent him to an orphanage due to cultural pressures.

The Series explores Yashoda and Krishna’s emotional journey as they contend with societal criticism and work to raise a loving family. It looks at issues like responsibility, love, and the tenacity of the human spirit.

Brief Information and Details on His Mistress Child Zee World

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode:  August
  • Total number of episodes: 219
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name:Doosri Maa 
  • Tele Country: Indian

Main Cast on His Mistress Child

  • Neha Joshi as Yashoda Ashok Gupta: Ashok’s wife; Nupur and Aastha’s mother; Krishna’s stepmotherYashoda Ashok Gupta realname Neha Joshi Cast of His Mistress Child
  • Aayudh Bhanushali as Krishna Gupta: Ashok and Mala’s son; Yashoda’s stepson; Nupur and Aastha’s stepbrotherKrishna Gupta Realname Aayudh Bhanushali Cast of His Mistress Child
  • Mohit Daga as Ashok Gupta: Yashoda’s husband; Mala’s lover; Nupur, Aastha and Krishna’s father
  • Nidhi Uttam as Mala: Ashok’s lover; Krishna’s mother (Dead)
  • Sunil Dutt as Suresh Gupta: Ashok’s father; Yashoda’s father-in-law; Nupur, Aastha and Krishna’s grandfather
  • Anita Pradhan as Malati Suresh Gupta: Ashok’s mother; Yashoda’s mother-in-law; Nupur, Aastha and Krishna’s grandmother
  • Ananya Galav as Nupur Gupta: Ashok and Yashoda’s daughter; Krishna’s stepsister
  • Aadvika Sharma as Aastha Gupta: Ashok and Yashoda’s daughter; Krishna’s stepsister
  • Preity Sahay as Kamini
  • Mayank Mishra as Arvind
  • Manisha Arora as Mahua
  • Micky Dudani as Varun Sharma
  • Mohit Sharma as Mano