His Mistress Child Thursday Update 19 October 2023


His Mistress Child Thursday Update 19 October 2023

Aastha and Nupur coming back from school. Aastha says the family members are hiding something from us. The neighbor is telling other ladies that Krishna has stolen money in the house and both Malti and yashoda was covering up his theft as they got son and grand son. Aastha and Nupur get angry. Babu ji scolds Yashoda and Amma. Yashoda says Krishna has apologized. Amma says he has stolen money for Aastha and Nupur. Mahua scolds Arvind for taking Amma’s side. Arvind says he has no option left. Kamini calls him thief. Babu ji scolds them. Yashoda says I have saved him from Police, but you have full right to punish him. Babu ji goes to room and brings her jewellery box and money and gives it to Yashoda. He says he has decided punishment for Krishna and is waiting for that day. Kamini says if babu ji curses you both then you will not be left. Amma asks yashoda to do what she thinks right. Yashoda tells Krishna that they shall get him admitted him in the same school. Krishna says I don’t want to study there and asks her to handle the house expenses and Aastha and Nupur’s fees. Yashoda reminds Krishna of his mother’s dreams who wants to see him as a big lawyer. Amma also comes there. Krishna says I will study well in a govt school. Yashoda says you will also study in the same school. Aastha and Nupur come there and tells Krishna that he is boy and that’s the problem. Aastha tells that Yashoda and Amma got son and grand son now. She confronts them for hiding the truth that Krishna has stolen the money. Yashoda says Krishna didn’t steal anything and asks if you want to know why he has stolen it.


Aastha says they don’t want to hear and runs to their room with Nupur. Kamini goes and tries to instigate Aastha and Nupur against Krishna. Yashoda says you are getting angry for wrong thing. Krishna says Yashoda and Amma loves you both a lot. Aastha asks for 50 Rs from Kamini. She gives money to Krishna and asks him to buy 3 laddoos and asks Krishna, Yashoda and Amma to have it, says you shall eat it as you got your son and grand son back. Nupur asks Yashoda to take them. Yashoda takes the girls forcibly from there. Amma gets worried. Krishna says he will bring them. Kamini scolds him and takes the money from Krishna.

Yashoda takes Aastha and Nupur to the park and tells that your Papa has run away from there, as he couldn’t face our questions. Nupur says if he has run away due to our questions then we will not ask him anything. Yashoda asks them to agree till then, if they don’t want to accept Krishna then don’t accept him, but he will stay in the house as part of the house, and everyone shall agree. Aastha says they will not accept me. Yashoda asks her to sit and talk. She explains to them that Krishna is the part of the family. Krishna comes there. Yashoda says your Dada ji’s blood matches with Krishna. She tells that Krishna is their brother and says nobody is more than you both for me, and says I don’t love anyone like I love you both. Aastha says we can see clearly that you love him a lot. Yashoda says it is not true, and says she is attached to him now. Nupur says if you love him as he is a boy and we are girls. Yashoda says no, it is not like that, I am a girl myself, then why can’t I love you both. She says she feels more pain when she comes to know that Krishna is Ashok’s son. She says I love your Papa a lot. She asks Aastha to stay away from Krishna, but don’t insult or misbehave with him. She asks them not to get upset with her, as she feels very bad when they are upset with her. She says Krishna can’t be more than you both. Aastha and Nupur hug Yashoda. Krishna smiles and goes.

Arvind asking Mahua if she is not going to school since 2 days. Mahua asks if I shall go out and work for your brother’s illegitimate son. She says do you think that I will brought up your brother’s sin with my earnings. He asks if you give even a rupee to the house. Mahua asks do you want me to earn for your jiji and Krishna. Arvind says it is waste to talk to her. Mahua asks him to go and run his shop, and tells that once the baby is born, he will tell that to which useless father he is born to. Arvind says he earns well that he can take care of his baby. Kamini comes there and asks Mahua not to fight with Arvind. She asks her to drink milk, in which the medicine is mixed. Amma asks Babu ji not to hate any hatred for Krishna. Babu ji says you have opposed Mala and Ashok’s marriage. Kamini says Amma didn’t let me marry Bablu ji. She asks Amma when everyone supported you, then why you are not supporting us. She says when you had told Ashok that you will die if he marries Mala, then why she is accepting her (Mala’s) son now. Babu ji asks Amma to go and tells that he knows that people gossip behind them. Kamini asks him to weak Krishna slowly. Babu ji asks how? Yashoda asks kids to trust her always. Kamini thinks she will ignite the fire. Yashoda brings the girls home. Babu ji says we will go and have food with my grand daughters. Aastha says ok. Babu ji says if your Mummy insists to call Krishna, then we will not go. Nupur asks Babu ji to go and says we will not come. Amma smiles and says if they don’t go, then what happened, we will go. She says yashoda will make food for kids. She asks Arvind, Mahua and Kamini to get ready. She says I will come ready wearing saree of your choice.

Babu ji sees Krishna. Later Yashoda is making food. Krishna comes to the kitchen. Yashoda says I am making food for Aastha and Nupur. Krishna asks her to take the food in her room, as he has prepared for the surprised. Yashoda smiles and thinks what he has planned. She takes the food to room and sees the room decorated with balloons. He lights the candles and switches on the TV for their favorite cartoon. Aastha and Nupur come there and get happy to see the balloon, candles and TV. Krishna tells that this is done by Madam ji. Aastha and Nupur get happy and hugs her. Krishna tells that he is not hungry and will have food later on. She thinks he has done this, as they couldn’t go out and he wanted her to spend time with her daughters. Krishna says I love you so much Madam ji and will never come between you and your daughters. He makes the sketch and dances. Yashoda feeds the food to her daughters and spends good time with them. She then makes them sleep and comes out.