Happy Hearts Tuesday Update 22nd March 2022


Happy Hearts Tuesday Update 22nd March 2022

RV getting angry on seeing Rocky. Happy stops RV and reminds their marriage. RV says none can come between us, right. He gets close to her. Rocky looks on and shouts enough. The man asks Rocky did we make any mistake. Rocky says sorry, I m unwell, I will just come. He collides with a waiter and picks the broken glass. Happy worries for Rocky. RV gets angry. Happy thinks its good you are in tension. RV takes her for the dance. He hurts her. She says I know I m your wife, but you can’t treat me like this. Aaj jane ki…plays… She says you can’t insult me. He says I m not blind, I can see the way you see Rocky. She says I want to give a last chance to our marriage, don’t do this.

Rocky comes back. RV says prove to me that you love me, not Rocky. Happy pushes RV. He catches her and says you are mine, just I have right on your love. He gets close. Happy shouts please RV and pushes him away. She scolds RV. RV holds her to kiss. Rocky shouts enough. He scolds RV for forcing Happy. RV is drunk. He says you are a loser, go to hell, you can’t talk between us, did you forget your insult, go to some corner and cry, Happy married me. Happy asks Rocky to get away from her married life. Rocky says I don’t know why Happy married you, you can’t act cheap with her. Happy asks Rocky to leave. RV and Rocky fight. People makes videos. Happy stops RV. He takes her.

The people gossip about RV’s misbehavior. RV and Happy come home. He forces himself on her and hurts her. She gets injured. Rocky comes there and sees them. He gets police along. He asks are you fine. He complains about RV. Happy says no, Rocky is lying, my husband didn’t beat me, I fell down and got hurt. She lies to police. Rocky says come with me, you shouldn’t stay with RV. She asks Rocky to stay away from her life and marriage, why does he come between them, they are happy together. Inspector asks Rocky not to interfere between them. Rocky leaves. Happy goes to washroom and cries. She says RV I won’t leave you, I will not make any mistake and spoil my plan, you will get exposed. Rocky gets angry and cries thinking of Happy. RV apologizes to Happy. She says its happening because of Rocky, you know I love you. Rocky comes to Sandhya and hugs her. He cries and says Happy… She asks what happened to Happy now.

Happy calls Grover and says everything happened as we wanted, everyone has seen the incident and recorded, just three days more and then our revenge will be fulfilled. She says sorry Rocky, I m hurting you, forgive me, I will not leave RV. Rocky tells everything to Sandhya. She asks how dare RV hurt Happy, I will get her back, RV doesn’t know that a mother can do anything to protect her daughter, don’t worry. Happy says I won’t break down, I will ruin RV. She heals her injury and counts RV’s crimes. Sandhya scolds RV and asks where is Happy, I have come here to take her, I didn’t wish your marriage to happen. She cries and scolds him. RV says I love Happy a lot. Sandhya says don’t take the name of love, where is Happy. Happy comes. Sandhya gets worried seeing her and slaps RV. The people see Happy and taunt RV for torturing his wife. Happy cries. Sandhya says come with me, you won’t stay with this man. Happy says listen to me. RV says please don’t take her. Rocky catches his collar. Sandhya warns RV. Happy says I will handle it. Sandhya takes him. Rocky says stay away from Happy.

Sandhya and Rocky asking Happy to come with them. Happy refuses. They ask the reason for doing this. Sandhya asks why are you staining my upbringing this way, I taught you to teach a lesson to such cheap men. Happy thinks your upbringing is right, I m just doing this tolerance drama, I have to get a criminal like RV punished. RV says whoever comes in between Happy and I, I will kill them. Rocky asks Happy to leave RV for his sake. Happy thinks I m doing this to save you and family. RV says I will kill Rocky. Happy asks Rocky not to interfere in her life. She scolds Rocky.

She asks Rocky to stay away from her, she never told him that she can’t live without him. Sandhya asks her why is she scolding Rocky. Happy says let me take my own decisions and handle this marriage. Sandhya asks her to come with her to the doctor. Happy says I won’t go if Rocky comes. Rocky goes.

Happy lies to doctor that she fell down and got hurt. Doctor gets the prescription. Grover comes and asks what is all this. Sandhya says I have called him here. She asks Grover to explain Happy. He says the matter is getting worse, the risk is getting high. Happy says everything isn’t for profit and loss, some things need to be done, I can’t go home with mum, I have to make this marriage work.

Grover comes home and sees RV drunk. He scolds RV for beating Happy. He says I knew RV who was really good and fair, he never lost patience, he respected women, he never thought of hurting women, this RV is totally different. Grover recalls Anaya’s death. He wishes to suffocate RV and stops. He asks what did you do with Happy, how did you get so much anger and hatred in you RV. Rocky and Sandhya get Happy home. Grover says I made a big mistake by giving Happy’s hand to you. RV says no, I made a big mistake, I regret for Anaya’s death, Rocky comes in between all the time, I swear, this won’t happen again, give me one chance, get me my Happy. Grover thinks you killed Anaya and hurting Happy now, I won’t leave you, its happening as Happy wanted. Madhu and Biji worry seeing Happy’s wounds. Smiley asks Happy not to tolerate domestic violence.

Rocky says she isn’t listening to me. Smiley says you taught me not to tolerate anything wrong, how are you tolerating this. Happy says I will better leave if you all have to say the same thing. She thinks I m lying to them because of RV, this pain is necessary to get peace for you all. Rocky argues with Madhu and blames her for Happy’s sake. He says you are also responsible for her state as RV. Happy calls Grover and says everything is going as we planned. Grover says RV killed Anaya and hurt you, he is upset. Happy says RV has to get scared of me, I will ruin him. He wishes her all the best. RV comes home. Madhu scolds him. Everyone scolds him and asks him to leave. RV says I won’t go without meeting Happy, she is my wife. He apologizes to Sandhya.

He says I want to take her on honeymoon tomorrow, away from all the problems. Sandhya says you are mad, you think I will send her. RV asks her to ask Happy once. Happy says I m scared, RV is mad, he can do anything. Sandhya says just tell me once, I will drag him out. RV says I will wait for you in the car. Happy hugs Simmi and says I always considered you as my younger sister, take care of everyone and yourself. She hugs everyone.

Smiley and Sandhya ask him not to go. Rocky thinks I know you love me a lot. Happy thinks I love you a lot, but this is imp. She goes. Her bracelet falls. Simmi says Happy was scared and didn’t wish to go alone with RV. Rocky says I will go after them, I can’t risk Happy’s life, I will see RV. Happy and RV get ready. Happy thanks him for respecting her feelings. RV says I have hurt you, I promise I will make everything fine. She says I m sure about this trip, I won’t regret for it. She gets a call from Grover. He says its matter of some days. Happy says RV did a lot for me, I have to do this for RV. Grover says be careful of RV, you will win. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. She sees Rocky. Rocky holds her bracelet.