Geet Thursday Update 16 July 2020


Geet Thursday Update 16 July 2020

Lachchi is telling Yashpal on the phone that … the family has brought.. a namoona in ur place..n he talks like..n then suddenly notices MSK standing behind her..!! Lachchi tries to cut the call but MSK says..u talk..i will make breakfast…coz i m all in one..!! Lachchi.. says.. ok ..go ahead..n whatever u should be nice..coz if u mess it.. i will get u kicked out of drivery n MSK says..dun worry…!! Lachchi leaves saying… when ur done call me..n MSK handsover her cell to her..n he is cooking..!  He makes Panipuri..for Geet..! Maan looks at it n sees.. Wah.. Bawarchi Balwant Singh lets c how Geet doesnt eat ..!! Lachchi sees and says.. if Beeji sees this she will kill me.. MSK says..u take this quietly to Geet ..she will love it!! Lachchi warns that..if anything goes wrong..i will take ur name… n with me..u will be fired too..

Lucky is doing dumbells..n says.. all girls will go crazy on u now..!! MSK passes by n Lucky stops him n says.. u r flying rockets these days.. Jugnu Mama was telling…. so teach me how to drive..! MSK says..ok.. Lucky says..rite now… MSK says…this is not the time..!! Lucky insists…n MSK diverts saying… u do exercise right?? U need to do more … show ur biceps..n Lucky shows.. n MSK shows his n says.. if u exercise more..then only u will be having bigger biceps n fly instead of drive..Lucky is convinced n says..i wil do it in 10mins..!! MSK leaves!
Lachchi gets… the golgappas to Geet and Geet asks..who made it.. Lachchi is scared.. n says..not me… n then Geet starts to eat…!! MSK sees from sideways n says..i knew it.. that once u see Golgappas..u wont be able to resist…!! Geet asks.. she knows ..that Geet likes Golgappas…!!  Lachchi.. says..that  Balwant knows how to cook n i was cursing unnecessarily.! Geet overhears..n asks..who knows how to cook?? Lachchi says… that driver Balwant Singh.. he forced into the kitchen n said.. that he will cook for u..n cook something that u wont be able to resist..!! MSK self thot..why did she need to say… now Geet will doubt me more!! Geet says..driver cooked?? Lachchi.. says… i too was surprised… imagine.. a driver cooking…! Suddenly Beeji calls n Lachchi leaves.. n requests Geet not to tell this to Beeji! Geet sees MSK peeping…. n MSK sees as well n hides..!! Geet self i need to know whats up..!! MSK says..thank god.. i hid before Geet came out..!
Lachchi comes to give Dinner to MSK n MSK says..knock before u come..n Lachchi says..u aint Tejjy ..that i have to knock.. !! MSK says..i wont eat this.. Lachchi says.. u r not a king..that i have to make chilly chicken for u..!! MSK self thot..see Geet for u i have to do so much..!! Geet calls Lachchi… n asks..if she was giving food to driver… Lachchi says.yes.. n says…that he was acting pricey. .as if he eats in big hotels..!! Geet gets an idea..!! MSK starts to eat..n cribs…that for love u have to do so much..! Better eat..till Geet agrees! Geet is coming towards MSKs room n MSK eating.. after pacifying himself..that he has to eat this type of food everyday!  MSK is undressing.n is shirtless n takes off his turban n hanky tied on head…. n Geet sees…….. n says.. Maan… !! MSK hears n turns n is shocked n says.. Geet!!

Geet comes in n says..from the day u stepped in the house i knew..something was wrong..but i culdn clear my doubt..!! MSK ur doubt is clear.. so now i dun need to hide before u..!! Geet says… u r lying..n staying here..n u r still joking? MSK holds Geets hands n pulls her closer n says..i came here n m staying here to win ur heart n take u with me..!! Geet moves back n says.. if u think i will forgive u.. then forget it..i wont n wont go with u either..!! U leave from here or… n Geet stops..n MSK pins Geet to the wall n says..or else?.Geet says.. i will tell all ur truth… MSK says.. dun forget to tell them how much u love me.!Geet says… that love is swept away in tears…that u gave me! Lost is that Geet who used to love u..!! Geet tries to leave n MSK blocks her . n says.. dun lie.. i see love for me in ur eyes… n my Geet cant hate her Maan so much..!! I came to find my Geet.. n take her with me..! Geet says.. the dream ur seeing wont be real..! I wont forgive u..!! MSK says.. its real.. not dream..n its real that ur with me.. near me!
Geet point in these talks…! MSK says..thats what u feel not me..n pulls Geet closer n holds her strongly..!! MSK says.. to stay near u n get to see u is enouf.. need no more..!! MSK tells Geet…that i luv u a lot..n i have full belief that.. u luv me just as much..!! Geet is staring at MSK…!! Intense eyelock… n MAHIIIIIIII  Geet says.. u forget this love..n leave..!! MSK way.. i wont leave till u come with me… !! Beeji calls out for Geet..n Geet says.u wont get anything from this..!As Geet starts to leave.. MSK holds her arm n snuggles closer to her..n says..’Kuch kuch to ho raha hai….ask ur heart’  Geet freezes!

MSK is holding on to Geet and Beeji calls out…n Geet tells MSK.. u wont gain anything from this n starts to leave n MSK holds her.. from behind and pulls back n says.. kuch kuch to ho raha hai Geet… ask ur heart!! Geet removes MSKs hand n runs..!! Dev asks.. Adi to give address of Geet’s location as he wants to go..there..!! Adi dissuades but Dev says.have to go.. cant leave Maneet there all alone n decides to talk to Maan before going there..!! MSK self thot..wanted to hide this from u..but now that u know..its good.. coz i dun have to hide to see u… !Whatever u may say.. i can see the earlier love for me in ur eyes even today!! Geet self thot MSK shouldnt have come here.. if Tejjy or Beeji find out then..!  MSK says..even if anyone finds out.. i dun care.. i will take my Geet with me from here..!! Geet self thot. have to talk to MSK…n warn him about Tejjy..!! Lachchi comes running n calls Geet.. n says.. everyone waiting for u downstairs.. for dinner!!

Geet comes down at the table..n Beeji asks..where she was…n Geet says.. was in my room only.. n Beeji says…Pammi said..u werent there… !! Geet starts to explain n then fakes a couf when she sees MSK…!! MSK comes to return car keys..! Maneet steal a glance..!! Tejjy tells Lucky to keep fertilizers packet in MSKs room  MSK turns to leave n Geet too gets up… n Beeji says what happened?? Geet says..m sleepy n not hungry so..! Tejjy says..she doesnt eat anything.. how will she be alright?? Pammi tells Tejjy… that she will look after Geet n calls Lachchi to give milk to Geet.. !! Tejjy tells Pammi to come to the room to discuss something..!! Pammi comes n Tejjy tells …do u care for Geet?? Pammi says..yes i do.. i try to feed her..!! Tejjy says…no u dun.. if u  feed her… she wont be alone… n she wont have fainted all alone if u were there..!! Pammi says..had gone to bro’s place so.. Tejjy says…in this entire world..nothing is more important than this house..!! Pammi has tears in her eyes. .n says..shall keep in mind!

Lucky is chatting with someone special.. called Preeto..n is saying..u never call me…n Tejjy is over hearing.. n glares..! Lucky sees n changes convo as if he is talking to some worker..!! Tejjy says.. gave u one work.. u culdn do it? Lucky sees a packet … of fertilizers there..n says..sorry forgot.. actually i told Balwant but he is very careless… so he mite have gone to sleep!! Dev calls on Tejjy’s landline number n says.. wanted to talk to Balwant… i m his younger bro..!! Geet overhears..n thinks its Dadi!  MSK takes the call n is surprised its Dev n asks.. about Dadi..!! Dev says.. hope they dun have doubt on u.. MSK Dev says.. Dadi is fine..n waiting for u both to return..!!  Dev asks.. MSK if he has appeased Geet yet or not..!! MSK silent..n Lucky says.. r u gonna chat on phone all nite? n takes phone away..!! Dev self thot.. Bro is being insulted there.n i m here..!! Tejjy asks.. ur family was in amritsar… then who called from Delhi?? MSK says..cousin bro..!! MSK says.. going to sleep n Tejjy stops him n says..dun u think ur forgetting something?? MSK says..what?? Tejjy take this packet of fertilizer to ur room..n MSK starts to explain but Tejjy cuts off..n says..ur not doing any favor by doing this job! U have to do as we say.. if u can handle..stay or leave..!! MSK biceps are flexed.. n he is furious.. but keeps quiet.. Geet overhearing whole thing..and has tears in her eyes..!! As MSK leaves carrying the packet.. Geet says.. i cant see u being insulted like this..go away from here.. please!
MSK is seething with rage in his room n Lucky comes running and tries to cool him down n says.. u know.. Tejjy’s anger.. he just starts to fire.. so i stammered n told ur name n he fired u..!! MSK says..dun repeat this.. Lucky says..i can see ur short tempered.. too.. u better sleep.. gud nite!! Lachchi.. comes to give milk n meds to Geet..!! Geet says..keep it on the table.. i just ate will have it later..!! Lachchi.. keeps n leaves! Lachchi cribs..that Geet n Pammi are gonna drive her nuts..n MSK overhears n asks.. Geet hasnt taken meds yet?? Lachchi says.. why u bothered about Geet so much?? Do ur driving work!
Lucky is working out n Jugnu is reading a detective novel… n says..’It was midnight n there was no moon or star’ .. Lucky is it possible?? Jugnu.. says dun disturb.. n reads that.. Deep was alone in his room n wanted to see Jyotis face or he wont sleep..!! (MSK shown in background getting up from bed.. n self thot.. Geet mite not have had Meds… i know her well) Jugnu read that he left towards Jyotis room …. progressing slowly… n MSK shown walking as well! Jugnu reads that suddenly before him. .n Tejjy comes suddenly before MSK … n stops right in front of MSK.. but has his back to him..!