Game of love Monday update 23 September 2019


Game of love Monday update 23 September 2019

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Shivaye comes to Bhavya and says I m Majnu Singh Awara, born in Udaipur and brought up in Patiala, what do you want to ask, don’t ask Sarson di saag recipe, no chef tells his best dish recipe to anyone. Anika asks Bhavya to ask him what she wants. Bhavya says its okay and goes. Rudra asks what was this. Anika says trick. Shivaye goes to Mohit’s room and calls him out. He says maybe he isn’t at home. He gets Mohit’s belongings. He keeps the rose. He gets a parking ticket and says what’s this doing here, there was party on this date, why did Mohit go at 3.30 am, he was much drunk, he didn’t even say, if CCTV cameras were working, I would have got all clues, just Mohit can help me, I have to talk to him, I will wait for him.

Anika asks Shivaye did you talk to Mohit. He says Mohit isn’t at home, I m worried for him, don’t know what he does, whom he meets, he needs some support, I can’t talk to him, will you try. She says fine, don’t worry, I will talk to him. He says go and sleep. She asks what do you mean, where will you sleep. He says here. She asks here, on the ground, how? He lies down and says this way. She also lies beside and says so you mean, this way. He asks what are you doing. She says you think you will sleep on ground and I will sleep on bed. He says I m not Shivaye right now, I m Majnu, if anyone sees us. She says no one will see, everyone slept, I will be here. He asks what will you do, will you count stars. She says yes, look there, that star is cute, don’t you know counting, you know, come on lets count, that cute star is mine.
He asks are the stars cute too. She says yes, this one is cute and special. He asks why. She says because its ours now. They share an eyelock. Music plays…. he holds her face. She closes her eyes. He says Anika, you are….you are absolutely mad. She opens eyes and asks what did you say. He smiles. She says I won’t share my star with you, am I mad, that star is mine. They smile. She snatches the quilt. They sleep. Its morning, Shivaye and Anika wake up. He asks did you sleep well. She nods. He says before anyone wakes up, you should go to room, I will go to Mohit and talk, we will together find Nancy’s murderer. She says I know you will win.

Reporter asks Tej what’s the valid reason to call this press conference. Tej says I have to make an imp announcement, there are more imp members than Shivaye, like Om and Rudra. Dadi asks what’s he going to do. Jhanvi says don’t know. Tej calls Omru on stage. Om asks what’s all this. Tej says I will explain, I called this conference to say that my sons and I have no relation with Shivaye now, board directors and I have decided that I will head Oberoi company, not Shivaye, my two sons will help me, we have no place for murderers in family and business. Reporter says it means you accept that Shivaye has killed Mrs. Malhotra. Dadi asks how can Tej say this about Billu. Reporter says do you know where is Shivaye, are you trying to save him. Om says the blame on Shivaye isn’t proved. Tej says I m sure police knows their work.

Reporter says exactly, are you keeping this conference to save stocks, and for the safety and reputation of Oberoi empire and family. Tej says you will get your answers in Q and A session, till then let me offer some refreshments. He calls out Majnu. Shivaye stops and turns to him. Tej asks him to arrange refreshments for them. Anika says I will go. Tej asks why, he is the servant, its his work. Anika cries and signs no. Shivaye signs her and goes. Omru see her crying and ask what happened. She says nothing. Rudra asks are you upset about dad’s words about Shivaye. Shivaye gets drinks. Anika sees him and cries. Omru turn to see. They see Majnu. Anika turns away and cries. Om looks at her. Tej signs Shivaye to serve. Omru recall Majnu’s words. Om holds Anika and signs to ask. Anika nods and cries. Omru get shocked. Saara jag….plays…. Shivaye serves the people. Omru and Anika cry.

Shivaye gets a jerk and falls back. Omru hold him. Om says this is not your work. Rudra says your work is to give order, not to take. Tej asks what’s happening. Om says nothing, continue your press conference, we have work. They take Shivaye. Shivaye hugs them. They cry. Anika looks on and guards. He asks are you fine. Rudra says look at your state. Om asks why didn’t you say, we were so worried. Shivaye says I didn’t wish to make you worry. Om asks are you fine. Shivaye nods. He says I m not Manju, I m Shivaye, none should know this, I will stay here till I find murderer, once I talk to Mohit, everything will sort out, I got some clues. Om says we are with you, remember this. Shivaye nods.

Shivaye promises Omru. He signs Anika. They hold hands. Rudra asks who will say. Om says you say. Shivaye says one for all, all for one. They smile. Rudra asks why didn’t you say. Anika signs about Shivaye. Shivaye says I m sure Tej is doing this for betterment of company. Om says its not the right way. Shivaye says I know once I m proved innocent, Tej will accept me, I need Mohit’s help to catch the murderer.

Mohit says why is it delaying so much, I should have got my wife’s property by now. Lawyer says its not a small amount, its matter of 200 crores, your wife’s death is not natural, it will take time. Mohit says I want results soon, leave from here. He goes in his car. Shivaye says how did Nancy get property worth 200 crores, if she belonged to poor family, just Mohit can give me all the answers. He shouts Mohit. He thinks I have to talk to Mohit.

He asks driver to get the car. Driver says its Shivaye’s car, go out and get an auto. Shivaye hires an auto and follows Mohit’s car. Mohit and Shivaye see the procession. Mohit pays the man and gets the way cleared. He drives off. Shivaye gets down the auto. He prays to Lord to show some way. Deva shree ganesha….plays… Shivaye thinks I should call Anika and ask her not to let Mohit go from home, I have to talk to Mohit. He sees some store/cafe and goes in. He collides with Nancy and gets shocked. He thinks Nancy is alive, how can this happen. Nancy gets a call and goes. Waiter takes Taj Jaadugar’s banner. Shivaye thinks Nancy is alive, I m innocent, whose dead body was that, someone wants to frame me, Mohit won’t be knowing this, he is mourning for Nancy and she is partying here, I think she has all my answers. Nancy asks why did you call me.

Mohit fires many darts around her and does magic to disappear them. She asks what’s this joke, are you mad. He slaps her and says I told you not to go out of this room. She says its my wish to go anywhere, who are you to stop me, you are not my BF or husband, so stop ordering me. He says I m warning you, don’t anger me. She says give me my money, I have to go. He says till work ends, you won’t go. She asks who are you to decide this. He says its boss’ orders. She says I don’t care, give me money, else I will tell police how you trapped Shivaye, I know whose murder had happened that day and who is the real murderer. He ties her up and calls boss. He says Nancy is going out of hands, give her money and send her, else you won’t be able to send Shivaye to jail, just hurry up.

Its morning, Anika asks Jhanvi did you see Majnu. Jhanvi says no, what happened. Anika says I m feeling hungry, he said he will make Shivaye’s fav pasta. Jhanvi says ask him to make it for me also. Anika asks are you also missing Shivaye. Jhanvi says a lot. Shivaye comes and says Anika I have to tell you something.

Mohit stops and hears Omru and Anika. Rudra says what, Shivaye has seen Nancy. Anika says yes, he said Nancy is alive, police will ask for proof, we have no proof. Om says we should tell Mohit. She says no, we shouldn’t tell anyone till we get proof. Mohit says how did Shivaye learn that Nancy is alive, if he tells this to police, my plan will fail, I have to tell boss. He calls boss and says Shivaye has seen Nancy, he will soon learn truth, what to do.

Shivaye stops Mohit. Mohit says I m going in imp meeting. Shivaye says push the meeting. Mohit asks shall I push it for a chef. Shivaye says Shivaye… Mohit shouts stop it, is it necessary to take his name. Bhavya comes and says no one will go anywhere. Rudra says you came here again. Bhavya says someone has contacted Shivaye, I know you won’t help police, I will find out who is in Shivaye’s touch by staying in this house. They get shocked.

Tej asks what do you mean. Bhavya says I will stay here till Shivaye is caught. Rudra asks how can you stay here. She says I will tell you what you can do and what not, police will keep a watch, if you want to go out, constable will go out. Tej says police isn’t able to catch the criminal. She says we are doing this to catch the real criminal. Anika says he is innocent. Mohit asks why is he running away then, I also feel someone is trying to contact Shivaye, you can stay here and catch him. She asks where are you going, cancel the meeting. He asks what, I also want Shivaye to get caught. She says law is same for all, same rules apply on you, does anyone have to ask something. Shivaye says I have to ask, you will stay here, I want to know, what you like in food, allergy, spices, veg or non-veg, I can cook everything. Bhavya goes to get her stuff. Anika stops Shivaye. He says I m going to talk to Mohit. She says no, there is police at home. Bhavya asks what’s happening here. Anika says I was telling him about dinner menu, come I will show you the room. Shivaye looks on.

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