Game Of Love Friday Update 31 July 2020 Kamini shoots Anika


Game Of Love Friday Update 31 July 2020 Kamini shoots Anika

Kamini says this marriage can’t happen, Ranveer come. Anika asks who stopped you, go if you want. Kamini says look at this girl, throw this ghunghat so that when rich family’s daughter gets ashamed, how she looks, I will do this good thing. She lifts the ghunghat and sees Anika. Some time before, Pinky gets Priyanka ready as the bride. Pinky asks Anika did you talk. Anika says he is not answering. Priyanka says I hope whatever is happening is right. Kamini comes. Pinky asks how did you come. Kamini says I came to see if Priyanka got ready, she looks pretty. Pinky taunts her.

Kamini says anyway, Ranveer is ready, you all also get ready and come to mandap. Anika says Shivaye went somewhere, Soumya’s life is in danger, I won’t let Priyanka marry Ranveer after knowing his and Kamini’s truth. Ranveer says its two benefits to prepone marriage, we will get 200 crores diamonds, Mahi’s arrest plan went on hold, nice. Kamini says Oberois will lose respect. Mahi says don’t do this, we are bad, not very bad. Kamini asks are you my son or of those Oberois. Mahi says I m your son, but if anyone points finger at girl’s character, I can’t see. She says see this as you saw me getting insulted. He asks what’s Priyanka’s mistake. Kamini says what was your mistake, you have bear all this. He says I m against this. She says you should have said this before. He says I m bad, not fallen, I told Ranveer before that Shivaye should not die. She says you worry for everyone, except your mum, Ranveer explain him, I m scared of him more than Shivaye. Ranveer says Mahi, let it go.

Kamini says finally, that day has come, for which I was waiting since many years. They see Pinky taking bride. Mahi says Anika is not here. Kamini asks why do you care, come. He says its big function, Anika should be with Priyanka, they are very smart. She says please stop using your mind, come soon. She goes. Mahi and Ranveer see someone/Anika. Ranveer says Anika is here, you were worrying. Ranveer locks the door. He says now she can’t do anything, come.

Family brings Priyanka/bride downstairs. Kamini asks Mahi to go to his family. Mahi asks Ranveer to come. Pinky says I wish to beat him. Kamini says they think they are smart, they think we don’t know Shivaye is fake, they don’t know we know it. Rudra says ACP, we are Oberois. Ranveer says they won’t be able to do anything even after knowing everything. Tej says you will know what Oberois can do. Mahi says I don’t know why I m feeling restless, I m doing this on mum’s saying, something is wrong.

Pandit asks groom and bride to come ahead. Kamini says wait a min… Pinky ji you are forgetting our talk. Pinky asks when did we start talking, we just argue, what are you saying. Kamini says we spoke about what all you will give us happily. Pinky says you are saying about dowry. Kamini says I m talking about 200 crores diamonds, which you were going to give in marriage, Shivaye I think your family is waiting for your permission. Shivaye says yes, we will give diamonds if we gave a word. Tej calls the servant to get diamonds. Kamini says if you can change 2 crores jewelry, its matter of 200 crores diamonds now, so I got my jeweler along. The man checks and says diamonds are real. She asks servant to keep diamonds in safe. Dadi asks shall we start marriage rituals. Kamini says why not. She blows poppers and many chits fall down. Reporters read that Priyanka is pregnant. Everyone get shocked.

Reporter asks Tej what’s this, who is father of the child, so you are getting her married to ordinary ACP. Kamini asks what’s all this, you have hidden such big thing, see this is real standard of Oberois, their daughter is pregnant, out of wedlock. Tej, Shakti and Pinky get angry and scold Kamini.

Kamini says I m not blaming, see, its written on these papers. Shakti asks can’t this be any rumor. Pinky says I m sure its someone’s plan. Kamini says it maybe true also, Ranveer is this your child. He says not at all, I did not have any relation with Priyanka. Kamini asks were you going to put someone’s sin on my son. Reporters ask them. Shakti asks them to stop it. Tej says if anyone writes about my daughter, I shall sue them. Kamini says you can do anything by money, but you can’t buy my son, I will never make such cheap and characterless girl my bahu, this marriage can’t happen, Ranveer come with me, we won’t stay here. Anika says yes, so go if you want, who stopped you. Kamini stops.

Kamini says look at this girl’s courage, she blackened her face and is saying such, she has no values what does she want to know by putting this ghunghat, throw this ghunghat so that when rich family’s daughter gets ashamed, how she looks, I will do this good thing. She lifts the ghunghat and sees Anika. Kamini, Mahi and Ranveer get shocked. Anika smiles.

Kamini asks what’s this drama. Anika asks why, can just you do the drama. Kamini asks what’s Anika doing in Priyanka’s place. Mahi thinks I knew this, Mr and Mrs. Kanji eyes will do something. He sees a chip on his sleeve and says what’s this item, is this tracker, its Shivaye’s work, Mahi better leave from here. He goes.

Kamini asks all of them to answer. Pinky says you are in hurry to get your Oh my Mata done, Anika tell her what bad things she did. Kamini says mind your language else. Tej asks else what…. They all walk to Kamini angrily. Tej says don’t you care Kamini, I will not tolerate if you misbehave with any member of my family. Anika says your plan flopped, you thought you are fooling us, but we were fooling you, we knew your and Ranveer’s plans, you thought we can’t do anything in 20 mins, you forgot you are dealing with Shivaye Singh Oberoi, when its about his family, he turns 20 games in 20 mins. Everyone smile.

Kamini says your sister is going to become unmarried mum, I can’t get related to a characterless girl. Shivaye says not a word more, if you say anything, I will forget a woman is standing in front of me. She says Shivaye… He asks any doubt. She gets shocked. Some time before, everyone walk to Kamini. Anika says we all fooled you, you felt we can’t do anything in 20 mins, you forgot you are dealing with Shivaye, when its about his family, he changed 20 games/moves in 20mins. FB shows Anika saying where did Shivaye go, how to tell him what happened.

Shivaye calls him. She asks where are you, so much things spoiled here. He says I know everything, when you played oye oye song in sangeet, I understood something is wrong, Khanna told me that he heard Ranveer and Mahi’s conversation, I understood Ranveer, Kamini and Mahi are involved in this plan. She says yes, I wanted to say this, they kidnapped Soumya and kept her in basement. He asks what. She says yes, we have to stop this marriage. He says don’t worry, I have a plan, Mahi’s news should not get in media, listen my plan carefully. FB ends. Anika says plan’ s first step was I will swap my place with Priyanka.

Mahi goes to room and says Shivaye turned the game, I told mum not to get greedy, she does not value me, how to get mum out of this matter. Shivaye hits on his head. Mahi falls down. Shivaye says enough of hide and seek, now game should be played coming fore. He leaves. Kamini asks what happened by this drama, if you are in Priyanka’s bridal dress, Priyanka is pregnant, she is going to become unwedded mum, you all can go out, you got the spice. Shivaye comes and asks what’s the hurry, real drama is still left. Kamini says your sister is going to become unmarried mum, you used my son, I can’t get related to a characterless girl. Shivaye says not a word more, if you say anything against my sister, I will forget a woman is standing in front of me. She thinks and says Shivaye… He asks any doubt. Kamini and Ranveer get shocked. Shivaye says you know you have two problems, you talk a lot, and you lie, the fact is my sister is not pregnant, she was never pregnant.

Anika smiles. Shivaye calls Priyanka. Shivaye and Rudra hold her. Shivaye says truth is Ranveer wanted to marry Priyanka for money, he played the game to make her helpless, when she went on camping with friends, he gave her drugs and lied to her that they got intimate, then he kept giving her drugs, she felt pregnancy symptoms, then he got fake medical report of pregnancy, she got convinced that she is pregnant and said yes for marriage being helpless, truth is she was never pregnancy. She cries. Rudra says don’t cry, its not your mistake, we will not leave him. Tej gets angry and pushes Ranveer away. He asks how dare you do this with my daughter, I will kill you. Shakti and Rudra stop him. Dadi says we did not know this. Kamini says you are risking other daughter’s life to save one daughter, Anika would know as she was dancing on that stage, we have Soumya in our clutches. Anika asks what, Soumya… Shivaye says Soumya… are you talking about this Soumya. Soumya comes.


Kamini and Ranveer get shocked. Kamini recalls hiding Soumya in basement. She looks at Ranveer.

Rudra says Kamini ji, you would be thinking how Soumya came here, there is not a long story behind this, but a small FB. FB shows Anika saying Rudra….Soumya is in basement, Kamini, Ranveer and Mahi have kidnapped Soumya, go and get her fast. FB ends. Rudra says when you were preparing for 20mins marriage, I went and got Soumya. Dadi holds Soumya and asks are you fine. Soumya nods. Pinky says you are very mean Kamini ji. Rudra says I felt you are honest and responsible police officer, I was wrong, you misused your uniform to ruin an innocent girl’s respect, you should have shame. Shivaye says such people have no shame, I spoke to commissioner, he will take care of them, they don’t see difference between respect and insult, seeing your faces, I don’t think this affected you, you would be thinking, you got 200 crores diamonds, this is also your misunderstanding. Kamini gets shocked.

She asks how can this happen, I have sent those diamonds. Rudra says you think so, we caught the man. FB shows Rudra hitting the man and fainting him. Pinky gets the diamonds. Rudra drags the man. FB ends. Pinky shows diamonds and says last time I did not change the jewelry, I had fun to do it this time. Shivaye says you thought you will run away by ruining our respect and stealing money, you forgot, we are the Oberois.

Shakti says media got quiet suddenly, its big breaking news, won’t you cover, how this ACP and his mum tried to loot and cheat our family, unfortunately this could not happen, they got caught. He says Kamini, I did not think you will fall so low. Tej asks them to get out. Pinky asks them to get out, else they will get kicked out. Kamini and Ranveer get leaving. Shivaye says one min. He asks Prriyanka to go. Priyanka recalls Ranveer’s tortures. She says I was scared till now, of every situation, today I want to give you something before you leave. She gives him a tight slap. She says thanks for ending my fear forever. Kamini says how dare you and raises hand. Shivaye holds Kamini’s hands and comes between. He says you did many mistakes before, if you do one more, I won’t tolerate, if you raise hand on my sister again, or if you trouble her, none will be worse than me, get out of here.

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