Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 18th Jan 2019

RECAP: Tanu says we have to clear our doubt. Aaliya says if she is Pragya then I will find out her true identity. She asks her to come.

Purab tries to book flights tickets and asks agent to book it as it is urgent. Disha calls Purab and tells him that Pragya left home. Purab says he will reach there soon. Pragya is walking on road and thinks where to go. Someone gives her tea. Pragya sees a girl falling on road while her mum caring for her. She thinks she has to go to her mum’s house. Tanu and Aaliya follow her. Aaliysa says if she goes to Sarla then she will be Pragya else Munni. They see her walking on road and stops the car. They follow her by walk. Purab thinks he is trapped and can’t talk to Pragya. He thinks to talk to Abhi and make him understand that he did wrong. Abhi is in his room and sad. Khogaya song plays……

Purab calling Abhi and tells him not to believe on others and believe on Pragya. Abhi asks him to come home. Purab says how can you trust Aaliya and Munni. Abhi says she is munni. Purab says she is Pragya di and says she risked her life for him and his family. Abhi says she is an imposter and wanted to get my money. Purab says this is not truth. Abhi ends the call. Pragya thinks what she will tell to Sarla. Just then a lady drops a utensil. Pragya turns and looks at her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is going to Sarla’s house. Aaliya says she might be going for some other purpose. Abhi thinks about Pragya. Disha comes there and says she needs to talk to him. Abhi says he don’t want to talk about Pragya’s lookalike. Disha says don’t you feel that she is Pragya, your

wife. Abhi says he don’t trust her. Disha says why lookalike will do whatever she has done for you. Abhi says she acted with them. Disha says she didn’t show the proofs as she felt that her eyes and love for you are enough for you to believe you. Abhi sits on bed quiet. Pragya comes to Sarla’s house.
Tanu says now she is sure that she is Pragya. Aaliya asks her to just see what she is doing and says nothing is proved till now. Pragya thinks she wants to hug Sarla and cry. She is about to ring the bell, but just then she sees Aaliya and Tanu in the mirror. She thinks they are doubting me and thinks they shall not know that she is Pragya and not Munni. She thinks to go to Munni’s address to clear their doubt. She goes from there.

Mitali sees herself in the mirror. Raj says you will not get lean by keeping fast for you. Mitali says she is thinking if her lookalike will be intelligent like her. Raj says you are just once and says God don’t repeat his mistake. Mitali gets upset.

Abhi comes to the restaurant and gets coffee. Irfan Khan comes there for his film promotion and sits to talk to Abhi. He tells about his name yogi and tells that he was in love thrice and is going to fall in love for fourth time. Abhi says you are lucky and tells that his love left him, but he is sure to unite with her. Yogi promotes his film. Abhi promises to watch his film. Yogi leaves. Abhi gets a call and goes. Pragya comes to Munni’s house and pretends to search for keys, as the door is locked. She finds something under the mat and thinks if it is keys. She gets it. Aaliya gets sure that she is Munni and informs Tanu.

Pragya thinks Munni might be at home by now, she thinks temple diya is lighting, she must be coming. She thinks once Munni returns, she will take her with her and then Aaliya and Tanu have to return Munni’s niece and nephew. She looks at Abhi’s pic and thinks they will soon unite. She thinks if Aaliya and Tanu are still outside and thinks to check from back door. She comes out and sees Aaliya and Tanu talking. Tanu says if she is Munni then why she would go to Sarla’s house. Aaliya says her confusion is over and tells that Munni went to her house and that’s why she is Munni. Pragya thinks she came here at right time else they would have understood that she is Pragya.

Tanu says she will not agree and will stand here till she gets proof that she is Munni and not Pragya. Aaliya says she is going home. She asks her to hold and receives Mitali’s call. She says aloud that Abhi met with an accident and he is in City hospital. Pragya is shocked to hear this and thinks to go home. Aaliya informs Tanu that Abhi met with an accident and she is going there. Abhi is taken to OT. Pragya thinks if she had told him then this wouldn’t have happened.

Aaliya blaming Tanu for giving stress to Abhi and for his accident. Tanu says it was her plan too. They come to the hospital. Aaliya blames everyone for not informing her and says she is his sister. Tanu blames Munni. Dasi asks them to be quiet. Doctor comes out. Raj asks how is the patient? Aaliya says she is his sister and Tanu says she is his girl friend. Doctor says driver is so rich. Dasi says we came to know just now. Pragya collides with Abhi and thinks he is fine. Abhi doesn’t see her and sits to pick medicine. Pragya hides. He gives medicine to nurse. Dadi thanks god for saving him. Abhi says my Pragya is also praying for me. Aaliya says Bhai needs security.

Abhi asks driver, how is he? Driver says he is fine and tells Abhi that you have many people’s
blessings. Dadi says my blessing is with you too and you will be fine. Abhi says he will take care of medical expenses. Pragya prays to God and asks him to show some sign and idea. She asks how to reach back Abhi and stay with him, says until she gets to know about Munni, she can’t return. She asks God to help him and to give her strength to protect her kumkum. Aaliya scolds Mitali for fooling them. Mitali says I said that Abhi’s car met with an accident, and you had disconnected my call before hearing fully. She says when Tai ji tried to tell you, you didn’t hear her. Abhi is paying at the reception. A mysterious woman eyes him and says he is saved again. She calls the truck driver and threatens him. Truck driver says he didn’t know that he called his driver. Woman says Abhi will not be saved again.

Doctor asks Nurse about finding about Munni’s relatives. Nurse says they couldn’t know. Pragya is in the same hospital and collides with the nurse, but don’t see Munni. She hopes to meet Munni soon and end Aaliya’s drama.

Abhi thinks he shall keep the room clean like Pragya used to keep it clean. Purab comes there. Abhi asks when did you come? Purab says I came when you was looking at Pragya’s stuff. He tells that the girl is Pragya and not someone else. He says he has a reason for this. Abhi says Munni’s chapter is finished and says now he will have to search his fuggi and he knows that she is fine and waiting for him. Purab tries to tell him, but he don’t listen to him and goes. Purab thinks this is happening because of Aaliya.

He comes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya is surprised and says you would have told me that you are coming here and says she would have got ready. Purab asks her to stop it and says he don’t have proofs against her, but he is sure that she is Pragya and not Munni. Aaliya asks him to proof. Purab says lets see.

Abhi talking to fuggi toy and says today he fought with Purab. He hopes Pragya returns soon. Pragya comes with woman organization. Dadi, Dasi and Mitali knock on Abhi’s room and tell that Munni has returned with Women. Aaliya thinks Pragya has stabilized my place in the house and feels relieved. Mitali informs her that Munni returned with NGO women. The women are surprised to know from Pragya that she is Rockstar Abhi’s wife. One of the woman get happy knowing that she is Abhi’s wife. Other asks her to keep her excitement in control. Pragya says she was kicked out of home, when she kept karwachauth fast and nobody gave her anything to eat. They ask why did he throw her out. Abhi comes there and asks how dare you to enter this house again.

He says mistake is

mine, I would have handed you to police and asks her to leave. Woman shouts at him and looks at his hand. Other woman says you are scaring your wife with bat and asks him to return his wife’s right. Abhi asks who are you to tell this. Woman says we are from NGO and works for women’s rights and protection. They ask him not to throw Pragya out of house. Abhi says he will give money. They say they need justice, but not money. Abhi asks do you fight for men’s justice too. He tells them that injustice happened with him. Pragya says he said that I am not his wife and asked me to leave. He even beaten me. Abhi says liar. Women organization get against him.