Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 4th January 2019

Pragya says soap went into her eye. Abhi says now I will make you get bath and takes her inside. Pragya says she will go and says she will not give him permission. Abhi says it is my right. They play in the water tub. Pragya slips. Abhi holds her and thinks why she is looking changed, whom he has missed. Pragya thinks I am your same Pragya who was away from you. Pragya wipes his face with towel. Abhi says he gets to see her new side always. Pragya thinks she will not go far from him now. Abh asks her to go. Mitali asks Dadi where is that stuff which she asked her to bring. Mitali says she asked Pragya to take it home. Tanu comes there. Dadi asks Mitali to ask Pragya to give that stuff. Tanu says I will call her and goes. Mitali says anything can happen at anytime.

Tanu comes to room and calls Pragya. Pragya hears her and asks Abhi not to tell her that she is inside, as she don’t want Tanu to tell others. Abhi tells Tanu that he is taking bath inside and asks her to go and closes the door, but Tanu hears Pragya’s voice and gets angry. Pragya scolds Abhi and says Tanu might have understood that she is here. Abhi says why she is changed from innocent villager to his old fuggi. Pragya says she has to do that. Tanu goes to Aaliya and tells that Munni was inside the bathroom with Abhi. Abhi and Pragya get romantic. He tells her about Dadi’s wish of having a heir. Pragya goes. Abhi thinks everything is happening as it used to happen before, pragya felt shy like she used to shy before, what is happening to me. Rang De Tu Gerua plays…Pragya thinks even she wants to fulfill Dadi’s wish. Abhi thinks I am in love…Munni returns to her village and thinks where to search her chutka and chutki, if anyone knows the clues.

Pragya thinks she has to hold on her emotions infront of everyone. She says she has to talk like Munni. Tanu sees Pragya and is surprised. She says Pragya. Pragya thinks she has to talk like Munni and says you asked me to become Pragya and that’s why I am trying to become like her. Tanu asks who is helping you.

Tanu asking Pragya thinking her as Munni about the makeover. Pragya talks like Munni and calls Abhi as Abhi ji. Aaliya comes. Tanu asks her to ask Munni why she has changed, why her hairs have become short, and where are those dots etc. Pragya thinks what to say, she recalls Munni telling her that Aaliya and Tanu asked her to change, but she didn’t change. Pragya tells Aaliya that she changed because of them, so that family can be convinced. She takes her name rightly and says she said wrong. Tanu says you said properly. Aaliya says good job. Pragya says she did this for them. Aaliya threatens and warns her to do as she says. Pragya says she has hukum ka badshah and she will end the game. Aaliya says she brought her in this game and she has to play according to her saying.

She says when the game comes to finishing line, you have to leave hukum ka badshah Abhi. Pragya says I will leave him, but will he leave me. She says I will come and goes. She thinks your game will be heavy on yourself now.
Dadi tells Pragya that they are coming from Abhi’s room and he seems to be very happy. Mitali says Abhi confirmed why he got happy, she says we need to hear the breaking news. Dasi says we shall tell everyone. Dadi teases Pragya. Pragya goes towards room. Abhi holds her on the way and asks where did she go, as he was calling her since long. Pragya looks at him romantically as he holds her waist. Abhi talks to her about Dadi’s wish and asks her to be ready. Pragya asks him to go first and come back. Abhi says ok and goes.

Aaliya thinks of pragya’s words and thinks she felt same junoon in her voice like that of Pragya. She thinks to end her game as soon as possible. Tanu asks her to keep Munni in her control. Aaliya thinks don’t know where she is getting wrong. Pragya looks at Abhi’s pics and admires him. Allah Wariyan plays…Abhi is in the car. Pragya lits the lamp in the inhouse temple and thinks she is here because of God, and thinks she will save him from Aaliya and Tanu, as they are infront of them, but how she will save Abhi from the veiled enemy. Abhi thinks he would have been in home with Pragya if meeting was not there. Suddenly he stops his car seeing the front car stopping due to puncture of tyres. Someone else car too gets unpunctured because of many nails on the road.. He gets down the car and sees someone hiding. Man identifies him as rockstar. Abhi offers to drop him. He refuses. Abhi sits in his car again. Dadi is hopeful.

Pragya gets worried for Abhi. Munni calls her. Pragya asks how is she? Munni says she is fine and will search her kids. She asks about everyone. Pragya says everything is fine, says got happy meeting everyone. Munni asks her not to cry else they will doubt in her.. She asks how she felt meeting Abhi? Pragya says she felt like she got another life. She thanks her for her help. Tanu comes there. Pragya gets worried seeing her. Tanu asks with whom she is talking to. Pragya says Pragya’s mum called. Tanu doubts her. Pragya says she will not work for them. Tanu asks her not to forget that she is Munni. Dadi comes and calls Pragya, saying Sarla called at landline number. Pragya tells Tanu that Sarla called at landline as she ended the call.

Taya ji jokes that he became grand father, but never grown up. Everyone laughs. Abhi comes home. Dadi says you have come. Pragya asks him to wash hands. Abhi asks her to come with him and says his hands are dirty. He holds her hands and takes her to side. He asks her to tell answer to his question. Pragya says first I will serve food and then will answer you. Abhi asks her to answer and sings song kuchi kuchi rakumaa….Bubbly teases him. Pragya goes. Abhi asks if she wants younger sister to play with. Bubbly says yes. Abhi asks her to ask Pragya to bring her younger cousin sister. Bubbly says ok and goes.Bubbly comes to Pragya and asks when you will give me cousin sister. Pragya says I will talk to you later and asks her to go and play. Just then Dasi tells that something is wrong. Tanu and Aaliya also hears them. Pragya thinks if she came to know about Munni.