Friday Update on Twist of Fate 25 September 2020


Friday Update on Twist of Fate 25 September 2020

Raj asks the goon if the head goon didn’t come. The goon tells that head will not come and asks him to tell about the work. Raj shows Pragya and tells she is the target. Abhi’s fans come and praises Pragya. Abhi says wife like Pragya is exclusive for him and says she is one in Lakhs/crores. Pragya smiles. Karthik and his mum Kamla Tai come to the event. Karthik tells Abhi that he is his big fan. Abhi says that’s great. Pragya asks Karthik’s mum if she is Bappa’s devotee. Kamla Tai says yes. Karthik offers help. Kamli tai says Karthik is very particular about fulfilling his promise, he will die but not break his promise.

Karthik sees goon’s man and gets suspicious. Raj changes his get up and comes to Aaliya and Tanu. He asks them to come and meet someone. Aaliya asks are you sure, he can do our work. Raj asks her not to under estimate him. Tanu and Aaliya greet him. The goon says he is known for good work(crimes). Raj asks Aaliya to take the goon to the place where the money is collected. He asks Tanu to get Pragya engaged with nonsense talks, so that she don’t get time to keep an eye on them. Aaliya brings the goon to the cellar and is stopped by the security. She tells she is Abhi’s sister and gets in with the goon. She sees Bulbul there and says what you are doing here. She says if she is with Pragya? Bulbul says yes, just like you supports Tanu. Aaliya says she will keep an eye on her. They argue. Purab comes and stops their fight. He asks what she is doing here? Bulbul says Pragya asked her to keep eye on donation box. Purab says why you are helping her? Bulbul says she is doing this for God. Someone announces Abhi’s performance and asks him to come on stage. Pragya gets emotional and thinks to save Abhi. She says she is doing this for him and hopes to save her kumkum. Abhi thinks he was good before, used to sing love song, but didn’t know anything about love. She made him understand love, but now making him do hate her. Abhi tells Pragya that this would be his bad performance. Pragya says no one will save you this time. Abhi recalls Pragya saving him before and says he needs someone who saves him from her. He asks her not to wish him best of luck.

 Abhi goes on stage and sings Kya Hua Tera Vada……………….Pragya gets emotional seeing her big photos on posters. Pragya dances on the song Teri Galliyan…………..She even dances with him. Abhi sings the song along with her. She imagines abhi performing with him. Bulbul thinks to check the box and sees Aaliya standing. Aaliya says you scared me. Bulbul says I know Pragya stopped your pocket money and that’s why you don’t have money. She offers to give money. Aaliya says my daily pocket money is more than your monthly expenses. Bulbul says their money is hard earned money. Aaliya says Abhi asked her to keep an eye on Pragya. She hears some noise and sees the goons loading money in the truck. Ronnie asks did you give them permission? Bulbul says no and goes to ask Pragya. Abhi talks to Purab about forgiving enemy. Pragya thinks to check in the basement. Tanu comes to Pragya and says she wants to dance, but you cut my name from the list. Pragya says that’s because you are pregnant. Tanu says you will soon beg on the road. Pragya says it will be dream only. She says I will get you kicked out of house. Bulbul comes and says money is loaded in a truck. She asks did you order someone? Pragya says there is something fishy. Abhi stops Pragya while she is going and asks her to look at the performance. Pragya asks him to let her leave as she has important work to do.

Pragya tries to go, but she is stopped again by Abhi. He asks if she didn’t like the concert. Pragya gives him a good reply and leaves. Abhi thinks he will not help her when she lands up in troubles. Aaliya comes to Tanu and Raj, and tells money is loaded in the truck. Tanu gets happy. Raj thinks to go with the truck and goes. Aaliya tells after the theft, Pragya can’t show face to anyone, and her family will have to beg to collect the money. She says after that you will marry him. Tanu hugs her. Bulbul tells Purab about the goons loading the money. Purab says he will talk to Abhi. Pragya comes to Ronnie and asks what is happening? Ronnie tells you gave order to load the money. Pragya says she didn’t. She gets in the truck and is attacked by the goon on her head. Pragya faints. Ronnie tries to fight with them, but is taken away. The goon thinks to take Pragya with the truck. Purab comes to Abhi and tells him that Pragya is in trouble. Abhi refuses to help Pragya and says he will rather enjoy the performance. Purab goes to help Pragya. Ronnie asks the goons to leave Pragya. The goons tie Ronnie on to the pillar. Ronnie says you are doing wrong. The goon says they were not asked to kill him else they would have killed him. Bulbul comes and asks Ronnie, who tied him. Ronnie asks her to save Pragya. Bulbul gets inside the truck and hides hearing goons coming. The goon covers the truck and drive off the truck. Bulbul wakes up Pragya and asks where is she? Bulbul says we are in the same truck, in which goons loaded the money.

Karthik sees Ronnie tied and asks what happened? Ronnie asks him to inform Abhi that the charity money is stolen, and the goons took Pragya and her sister with them. Karthik unties him. Ronnie goes to follow the goons. Aaliya calls Raj. Raj picks the call and tells that he went to keep the money at safest place. Aaliya says they were really very excited and laughs. Raj asks them to keep eye on Pragya. Aaliya thinks to shock Pragya indirectly. While Abhi is dancing and enjoying, Dadi asks where is Pragya? Abhi says I didn’t see her. He says it is good that she is not here. Bulbul asks what will happen now? Pragya says we will talk to driver. She asks the driver to stop the truck else she will inform Police. Raj scolds the goon for bringing the owner girl and says you will get me trapped. Pragya recognizes his voice, and shares with Bulbul. She says Raj is very honest man and she might be mistaken. Raj asks the goon to throw Pragya out of truck. Abhi is busy with his fans.

Karthik tells Purab that he needs to talk to Abhi regarding his wife. Purab asks him to say. Karthik insists to talk to Abhi. Purab brings Abhi. Karthik tells him that Pragya and Bulbul are in danger. Abhi asks Purab to save Bulbul, and says it is good that the goons had taken Pragya with him. He says I am very happy and don’t know what to say. Karthik says she is your wife naa. Purab thanks him. Karthik says he will leave. Abhi says he has no relation with Pragya. Purab asks Abhi to help him. Abhi says he will call Police. Purab asks him to come with him and save Bulbul, and he will save Pragya. Abhi agrees and says he is going with him to save Bulbul. Raj tells goon that Pragya is Abhi’s wife and event organizer. The goon asks him to think what to do. Raj says he will think what to do? Aaliya wonders where is Pragya? Tanu says Bulbul is also not here. Aaliya says what an observation. Tanu says they might create a problem. Raj calls Aaliya and tells there is some problem. Aaliya says Pragya is missing. Raj says Pragya is in truck with Bulbul. Aaliya says we hit a jackpot and asks him to kill both. Raj says it is not easy. Aaliya asks him to reach the place and says she will think what to do. She asks him not to come infront of Pragya. Raj disconnects the call. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya’s the end will come.

Abhi says where we will find them. He gets Ronnie’s call and he says the goons are taking the truck to Pune after crossing Mumbai highway. Purab says what we will do now? Abhi says we will inform the police and they will stop the truck at check post. Police tells that they were informed wrong as they didn’t see any truck. Abhi tells Purab that one truck surpasses only one checkpost and understands that it has taken a left turn. He asks him to come. The goon gets the phone and he tells Raj that Police will be coming. Raj gets tensed. The goon tells that he knew a secret hideout and asks Raj to turn the truck. Pragya asks Bulbul not to get tensed as someone opens the truck back door. They see many goons standing and get worried. The goon asks other goon to tie them. Pragya says no and talks to them. The goons ask to tie them.

Raj thanks the goon and pays him money. The goon asks him to take the money which is loaded in the truck. Tanu and Aaliya get tensed. Mitali eats the Modak and says Pragya did good arrangement. Aaliya gets Raj’s call and he says everything is in control. Mitali overhears her. Raj asks her to make arrangement for a car and says he will message the address. Tanu asks about the money? Aaliya says it might be 10 crores. Tanu says what we will do? Aaliya says we will distribute equally and have party. Mitali thinks to find out and follow them. Tai ji sees Mitali going silently. Raj asks the goon to fill the money in the bag till his car comes. Ronnie comes there and thinks how he will save Pragya? He gets Abhi’s call and informs him about the place. Aaliya hires car and asks him to follow their car. Mitali thinks to hide in the bus.

Tai ji and Taya ji see Mitali hiding in the car and gets inside. Abhi and Purab reach there. Ronnie comes and says he was thinking how to free them. Abhi asks if they know about them. Ronnie says no and says the money is about 10 crores. He says head goon will get 1 percent and his assistants will get 1000 each. Abhi sees the goons holding pistol and asks for a coin. He throws a coin to divert the goons mind. Ronnie wears the goons clothes and asks about Pragya and Bulbul. The goons tell that the girls were tied to the pillar. They realize that Ronnie is not among them and run to catch him. Abhi tells Purab that he will save Bulbul and asks him to save Pragya.

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