Friday Update on Twist of Fate 14th December

Karan making the bomb go far with his bat and says his scores are equal now. Terrorist is about to take the gun, but Abhi beats him. Terrorist picks the rod and tries to hit Abhi. The stage decoration catches fire. Terrorist proceeds towards Abhi holding the firewood and asks him to move back. Munni comes infront of Abhi and asks Terrorist to stop. Abhi recalls the memories with her. Main Phir bhi tumko plays….Munni asks him to move. Abhi pushes Munni to save her. Karan comes and hits terrorist on his head. Terrorist faints. Dadi and Dasi watch news about terrorist attack and panic. Inspector tells Purab that gun is fired, so it seems terrorist killed someone. Abhi, Rishabh and Karan help the people go out, as Abhi makes the way and breaks the window. Aaliya tells Tanu where
is Munni. Tanu says we shall run from here. Aaliya says that she has to go to Abhi. Tanu says what do you think that Abhi is singing inside and says he will be saved as he is a rockstar, but nobody will save us, asks her to come. Munni also helps people go out as fire is caught everywhere.

Rishabh sees Pragya and thinks she is so brave, thinks how can a villager come to the concert, may be she came by mistake. Dadi and Dasi comes there. Purab tells that the rescued people told that terrorist couldn’t do anything and their bomb is diffused. Abhi searches for Pragya and shows pic to Rishabh. Rishabh tells him that she helped him to take people out and says she is very brave. Abhi says she is Pragya, his love and wife. He goes in her search. Rishabh tells someone that he will wait for Abhi to come. Munni feels suffocated and faints. Abhi comes to her and hugs her. Rishabh comes and says fire is increasing. Abhi takes her in his arms.
Mitali watches news about fire in the concert and shouts asking everyone to come. Taya ji asks why she is shouting. Mitali tells about terrorist attack in the concert and fire broke out. Taya ji says you must have seen something else. Mitali changes the channel. They watch the news and are shocked.

Dasi asks Purab to enquire about Abhi. Fire brigade man tells that they need to control entrance gate fire first. Purab thinks now Abhi have to save Pragya. Aaliya and Tanu come out. Tanu tells her that it is good that Munni will die. Aaliya says Bhai is also inside and asks her to think before saying, asks her to shut up.

Karan is hanging to something and tells that he found the way. Rishabh says how we will climb up. Karan says he have an idea. He shows the rope ladder. Rishabh asks Abhi to take Pragya first. Abhi asks him to go. Karan asks them to come fast.

Dadi lighting Diya infront of God and thanks him for bringing Pragya home. She says Abhi trusts on his love, but I trust you. She says love and God have united them both and asks him to keep them happy. Abhi sits at Munni’s side while she is unconscious. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga…..He recalls the moments he shared with Pragya in the jungle etc. He thanks fuggi for coming back and says I knew that you will return. He says my love made my hope alive and that hope made me alive. He says my life is total waste without you. I used to assure others that you will come, but used to get afraid alone. He says he used to cry when being alone. He thinks he has started trusting on God and her promise, and asks her to gain consciousness now. Purab comes there. Abhi says you have lost
the challenge, I told you that Pragya will return. Purab says you have won, but real win is of your trust and hope. He says one shall learn to trust on love from you, and says when there is no trust that is not love. Taya ji tells Dadi that it is a miracle that Pragya returned. Dasi says she returned twice.

Purab says Abhi saved Pragya also. Dadi asks them to forget the past. Doctor comes there and asks where is patient. Raj takes her. Sarla comes there and asks about Pragya. Dadi says Pragya is back. Sarla apologizes to Dadi for scolding her that day. Dadi says no problem, our happiness is back now. Sarla says she wants to see Pragya. Aaliya and Tanu are outside Mehra house. Aaliya says whenever Pragya returns, I am out of house. Tanu says she is Pragya’s duplicate. Aaliya says it was our plan to get in Mehra house, but she got inside. Doctor asks Abhi to go out and she checks her. Sarla tells Abhi that his love has won.