Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv Oct 26

Friday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv Oct 26

They show Savita and family getting out of a taxi and Savita’s brother greets her. Rishi brings Indira and helps her out. He tries calling Zara who doesnt pick up. Inder sees Malik’s sister (Meher? I dont remember her name…) and Bheege Honth Tere plays Kutumb is impressed by the wedding preps. She meets with one of the PR characters. LW is excited by all the decorations while Rishi is still trying to call Zara. Archana comes and meets HD family, and recognizes LW as Zara. Munna hears her and says “no, shes my sister. Tell me what shampoo you use because you’re glowing. I’ve never seen a woman like you in Delhi.” Archana leaves from there. Meanwhile, Zara calls Rishi back, panicked. She says “What happened to you?” and she hears the pandit talking to PR characters about how this wedding date is very auspicious for the couple, which Indu listens. Pandit says the jodi will be like Ram Sita. Indu says I will get my parents married on this mandap. Rishi talking to Zara “I’ve come to take you from Mumbai. We will take care of LW and Indu together.” and Indu tells Archana “I’m going to make my parents get married here” which Zara hears and says “Why are you insulting me? Be happy with your family, and dont call me again. Dont play this prank on me that you’re in an accident.”

Kutumb says “OMG Indu is going to get Indira and Rishi married, while Zara will go with the money.” Savita (PR character) tells them a plan which we dont hear. Kutumb is impressed and happy.

Kutumb finds Inder in Zara’s house, and Malik’s sister comes from behind and says “I found him roaming Mumbai streets while his wife left him to roam around. So I will do some punya and help him.” Kutumb yells at her and asks to speak to Zara. Zara says “I’m not ready to be part of your lives again.” Kutumb says “Rishi is yours only. Just come with me, and I’ll take care of everything. Whatever will happen will be unseen. There will be a twist which nobody ever saw. If you love Rishi come with me.” Malik’s sister agrees. Zara is refusing, but Malik’s sister says “I’ll come with you. My heart is saying whatever happens now will be for your good future.” Zara agrees.

Rishi is telling Munna “No I can’t decieve my love.” and Zara comes from there, with HD playing in background. Zara says “You can’t force someone Munnabhaisab” He says “You love each other, right? So show the world that two lovers cant be separated. Show Indu and Indira. What say?” Rishi and Zara hug. Archana comes and says “My daughter’s husband has a friend who is a neurologist. Please show Indira to her.” Rishi thanks her and Manav says “Archana will do anything for her friend Zara.”

Rishi comes to meet Onir (Archana-Manav’s daughter’s husband). He says I know, Archana told me. But actually he’s in a surgery right now, but I’ll bring him to the wedding tonight You can meet him there.” Meanwhile Indu brings LW a wedding dress, and LW is jumping up and down with joy, while Indu says “I’ll make my mother ready”. She starts putting lipstick and making her ready, while Rishi thinks “My dear, please forgive me for what I’m going to do.” Indu says “Theres nobody as beautiful as my mother” and they show LW in the mirror (she looks sooo gorgeous in a pink dress!) LW gets excited. Rishi is getting ready in his room (looking handsome in a red sherwani). Bol na halke is playing in the background. Rishi comes out and sees Zara who isnt ready yet. Zara leaves from there and goes to her room. She thinks “This decision I’ve made is for Indira’s betterment.” Indu and LW playing in her room, while Savita aaji (from PR) says “Indu your dad is calling go.” Indu leaves and Savita aaji says “Sit here while Zara gets married to Rishi” She comes out locks the door, and HD family is there, and they’re all happy.

Indur opens it and tells her that she’s looking very good in the bridal wear.
Zara also is dress in the same bridal wear and when she arrives near the room where Lw was kept Munna closes her in.
Ranbeer and Jazz are dancing while everybody are enjoying.
The priest calls the another couple who will get marry and Rishi arrives in the canopy.the marriage begins and Indu searching for her mom is going towards the room where’s Zara is kept.Savita stops her with kutumbh and the others also.Kutumbh thinks how can it be that being a mom she can’t differentiate between Zara and Indira,while Zara keeps asking to stop the wedding as Indira is sitting in the canopy with Rishi.
Purvi wants to help Zara but Savita stops her.

Kutumbh is being called in the canopy for some rituals and she notices that the bride is LW she does not complete it and goes to tell it to Savita(HD) that Indira is in the canopy with Rishi.
Savita,Kutumbh and Savita open the door asks Zara what is she doing here?Zara tells her about Munna closing her in the room.Savita(PR) says it is not late Zara says whatever is done wrongly has a wrong results.Savita(HD) convinces Zara that what is being done is only for the sake of Indu.
The ghatbandhan ceremony is about to initiate and the evils women bring Zara under the veil and Savita tells Indu that her parents are getting married and she has to take the pictures while Savita(PR) changes Zara with Indira.Kutumbh asks the priest to continue with the wedding.Indu is taking the pictures and Kutumbh does the ghatbandhan.

Indu wants to do the ghatbandhan of Zara and Rishi while LW with savita(PR) is watching the marriage getting complete from far.
Zara and Rishi go throuh the garlands exchange ceremony and the pheres begin wile LW begins to have light flashbacks and Rishi ties the mangalsutra for Zara and gives her vermillion while Indu is happily taking pictures and Indira is looking everything in pain until she screams and says No!!! Indu goes near her and pushes away Savita(PR) and holds Indira.She says to Indu not to get angry as whatever is being done is for the sake and that of Indira.Manav and archana tries to reasons the facts with Indu but in vain.Rishi tells her that he cannot marry Indira because he has married Zara in Mumbai much before.Indu does not want to hear anything.Rishi tells her that all in SN wants Zara to works and brings bread for them.But for him and Zara it is not that but they are already married.
Zara goes to meet Archana and tells her about her feelings she never wants to hurt Indu.She says she cannot live her life like that that’s why she leaving.Archana tells her that now she’s Rishi wife’s and needs to carry her responsibilities and tells her that one day there will be a miracle by the grace of God and everything will be fine.

Indira is in the hospital and the doc suggests to take Indira back in her previous life.Indu asks what is to be done? Onir tells her they need act like what happened previously.Archana also explains Indu that it is Zara who can acts like Indira and tells Indu to accept Zara.Indu is quiet,when zara arrives.