Friday update on Dream Girl 11th March 2022


Friday update on Dream Girl 11th March 2022

Manav applauding Samar and Laxmi’s act. Ayesha thinks Manav’s work is done and they are still away. Manav thanks Ayesha for this workshop idea and hugs her. Laxmi leaves. Karan thinks why is Laxmi hurting herself. He asks driver to get car. The driver says its raining. Karan says it did not flood, get the car. Samar asks why is he being angry on driver. Karan sends the driver and asks Samar Sareen to come.

They both start arguing over Laxmi and taunt each other for getting frustration out on others. Samar asks him to become Laxmi’s support of he has pity. He says she does not love anyone, she loves herself and knows to use others, first Raj, then Karan and now Samar. Karan saks what does she want, what do you have to give her, she became heroine on her own, she will become superstar and have everything, you can’t give her anything, you are nothing if I remove Sareen from your name, she loves you, be thankful to her, don’t show me this attitude, you know the meaning of love, you insult her, she is bearing this as she loves you, your ego is hurt as she rejected you. Samar says he does not deserve his answer.

Karan says you don’t have anything in you, he can just run from truth. Samar asks what do you know, you are saying this as she rejected you. Karan says you said she left you. Samar says shut your mouth. Karan says you refused to know her infront of her media, as you wanted to insult her, you used her as you wanted romance in samosa wala life, then refused to know her. Samar raises hand on Karan. Laxmi comes in between and stops him. Samar looks at her. Laxmi asks what happened to him to raise hand on Karan. Samar says this is called true love, it did not happen with me, she stopped me for Karan, congrats Karan for your true love, I just got cheated. He leaves.

Laxmi comes home and is surprised seeing her dad. She cries and hugs him. He asks why is she crying, for that lie? I m happy, I m proud of you, you did what you said and became dream girl. He asks whats the matter, he knows her well, did he disturb her. She says no. He asks her what is the problem. She tells him everything. Samar comes home and keeps his phone on bed. He gets Laxmi’s bangle and recalls her. He says she is the reason of my pain, she broke this relation and even if she tried hard, I will not let it become fine. He goes to washroom.

Laxmi’s dad asks why did she not tell him, he can’t help her, but he can’t see her like this. He says Raj looked mature and bear so much for you, how did he change so much, I have come and will make everything fine, I will talk to him and call him here. She says he is annoyed, if he says anything to you in anger. He says leave it on me.

Laxmi’s dad asks her to make the call. Laxmi calls Samar and Samar does not see the call. Ayesha sees Laxmi’s missed calls. She gets the call again and answers it. Laxmi’s dad talks and Ayesha thinks she is using his dad now to get Samar. Ayesha says Samar is in bathroom, she will tell him, she is Ayesha. He gets glad and says he is Laxmi’s dad. He says he kept puja at home and wanted Samar to come, they will be glad if he comes. She says she will tell Samar. He invites her too. He tells Laxmi that he is also talented and invited Samar in puja. She hugs him knowing Raj is coming. He asks her to make arrangements and Bua ji says she will go to bring items. He says he will go and buy. Laxmi hugs Bua ji.

Its morning, Laxmi imagines Raj and runs to him. She says I knew you will come. He disappears and she says she is mad to see him everywhere. Zara zara……….plays….. She starts cooking and talks to Bua ji. They clean the house and Laxmi wears the dress gifted by Samar. She thinks since she realized his love, she has worn his love, this dress is best as its by his hard earned money, maybe he will believe she loves him a lot. She sees the good luck charm and wears it. Bua ji blesses her and makes her wear a dupatta.

The puja starts and they sit in the puja. They see Ayesha coming and get stunned. Ayesha comes with a bouquet and smiles seeing Laxmi.

Ayesha sitting in the puja. Laxmi’s dad asks about Samar. She gets up and says its not comfortable, she did not tell Samar. He looks at Laxmi. Samar is at home and recalls Laxmi. Manav brings coffee and says he decided to postpone shooting for a month. Samar asks why. Manav says I think you need time. Samar says this won’t happen again, I will come prepared. Manav asks him to move on. Samar says I forgot her. Manav says girls get fine when you take them on shopping, Ayesha told me to take me for shopping, you go along. He asks her to call her, she went out. Samar calls Ayesha and does not connect. He thanks Manav and says he will call her driver, and shopping will be done. He calls her driver and comes to know Ayesha is at Laxmi’s home.

Laxmi’s dad says she took my call yesterday, I was hoping Samar will come. Ayesha says I did not tell him, as his heart broke once. He says its misunderstanding. Laxmi says we will do puja. He says let me talk to her and asks pandit to sit inside for 5mins. Ayesha says Laxmi is very experienced, she knows well to use people, first Raj then my brother Karan and now with Samar Sareen. She says you are professor and would teach in college, explain me how did Laxmi come in good valued home. Bua ji scolds her. Laxmi’s dad asks her to wait. She starts taunting Laxmi’s bad character. He makes Ayesha out and asks her to leave. He says she does not know about values, and he is proud of his daughter, he wanted her to pass always, its good she did not become Ayesha Sareen, I m happy she is not like you.

He says he will forgive her, and scolds her. Laxmi scolds her and says she told her dad everything, nothing is hidden. Ayesha scolds him for his bad values. Laxmi asks her to get lost. Samar comes and looks on. He asks Ayesha to come, and asks Laxmi’s dad how can he see Laxmi insulting Ayesha. He asks why did she not get angry that I did not tell her the truth. Laxmi says she was waiting for Raj. He says see I m Samar Sareen. She asks him to talk well with her dad. He says you should talk well to Ayesha.

Laxmi says they don’t care for other’s feelings, I can’t bear anyone talking to my like this. He says I will not bear Ayesha’s insult. Ayesha smiles. Samar says come Bhabhi. Laxmi stops them and says she is happy that she left him and chose her dream, she did right, he does not deserve this, and now they are better the way they are, and asks him to leave. Samar and Ayesha leave.

Laxmi says she can’t bear anyone talking like this to her dad. Bua ji says you love Samar, you scolded him a lot. Laxmi says nothing is imp to me than my family. Samar says I don’t care about anyone, if they don’t respect my family. Ayesha smiles. Laxmi says I think we should do puja now. She sits in puja. Samar and Ayesha come home. Samar asks why did she go there. She says uncle invited me and I went. He says did they keep your respect. She acts sweet. He says he will not keep relation with them. She says forget it, how did you know I went there. He says Manav wanted me to take you on shopping, I called driver and came there, lets go for shopping. She says not now. He says I understand, sorry. She smiles happily.

Karan comes to Ayesha. She says Laxmi and her dad insulted her. He says don’t say this story to me, save this for Samar. She says you are really my brother and laughs. She tells him everything and how Laxmi and Samar fought. Laxmi recalls Samar and cries. She packs his gifts and says its enough no9w.