Faltu Tuesday 16 Update Tanisha confronts Sid

Tanisha confronts Sid about the divorce papers

Sid speaking to the lawyer to speed up the divorce. He says its my biggest weapon to defeat Tanu. Tanu speaks to her lawyer. He says you had sent Sid to check the papers for to clear the doubt about the address, he felt unwell and then he left from there. She worries and says why did Sid go to the lawyer and why didn’t he tell me. Faltu sees the food and says its too much for us. Amar sees Lajjo and smiles. Faltu asks him to serve the food to everyone.

Govind and Kumkum call and make invites. Janardhan asks did you invite everyone. Govind says yes, they are asking the reason for the conference, you have to handle it. Kanika says he can handle it with ease. Everyone likes the tasty food served. Angoori screams. They all go to see her. Angoori cries and says I had gone to take a bath, my hair got burnt by the hot water, tell me what to do now. They smile. Antima says the parlor girls will fix it. Angoori thanks her. She sees the food and asks is it for us. Ratan says yes, sit and have food. Faltu worries. Pratap asks what happened, are you worried for tomorrow, don’t worry, everything got fine. He reminds about Ayaan. She smiles and hugs him. Ayaan comes home and hugs Dadi. She asks did everything get settled well. He says yes, dad has made good arrangements. He hugs Janardhan and thanks him. He says I m so grateful to you, you have given me my life’s biggest gift, I will give you my life if you ask for it, thanks. He asks Savita what happened. Sid comes and says no one has any objection, they are happy and I m so happy that they aren’t orthodox like others.

Tanu says Sid has become very smart these days, I think we should handover the business responsibilities to him, he got good in planning. She asks Sid to come for a talk. Dadi blesses Ayaan. Kanika thinks I will make tomorrow a black day for Ayaan and Faltu. Tanu asks Sid about meeting her divorce lawyer. Sid says I wanted to help you, you want to get the divorce soon. She says I know you care for me, you should have told me, I m sorry, you got unwell, what happened, are you fine. Sid says I felt suffocated, I m fine now, I m so happy for you, you are handling the matter so strongly. She says I request you to stay away from this matter. He says I understand, I learnt that you have given the press conference idea to Janardhan, hats off, tell me your plan. She says mom is handling everything, I don’t want to trouble you, come on time, don’t be late. He says okay.

Faltu tells her family about Mittals. She asks them to not do anything that embarrasses them. Pratap asks Angoori not to do wrong things. Faltu says I don’t want anyone to insult us, we shouldn’t give them a chance to talk. Angoori says I want your marriage to happen in that house, I won’t do anything wrong. Everyone goes. Charan says you are lucky to get Ayaan, it’s a big thing if someone fulfills your dreams, he has done a lot for you, he has jumped into fire to save you. She says I want Mittals to be proud of me. Jamuna says you don’t fight with them if they have a problem with cricket, you are lucky to get a big family, take care of them.

Lajjo makes Faltu ready. Charan comes and compliments her. Faltu asks what are you hiding. She gets a box. She checks the gold chain. Jamuna says your dad made this in your childhood for your marriage, but your inlaws have given you a lot of things. Faltu says I will wear this. Charan says this won’t look good in front of the precious jewellery. Faltu says I will wear it, its precious for me. She wears the chain. He blesses her. Angoori comes and asks do I look rich. Pratap says no, people will laugh on us. She says Ratan told me that I look like a fairy. Ratan gets ready and comes. Lajjo says we have worn the clothes sent by Faltu’s in-laws, but I feel strange. Antima says its okay. Angoori says we will go there and see the food arrangements. Faltu thinks what will happen there. She prays that Tanisha doesn’t plan anything. Charan says everything will be fine. She says I have a strange feeling in heard, bless me, Ayaan and his family shouldn’t get at stake, I will fight the problems for their sake, I can die for them.