Dream Girl Tuesday Update 10th May 2022


Dream Girl Tuesday Update 10th May 2022

Raghu relaxing in Sareen house. He asks Aarti to make drinks and sends her. He shouts asking her to hurry. He gives him the drink. He holds her hand and pulls her. She falls on him. He asks her to get drink, not this one. Her hair gets stuck in his watch. He looks at her and frees her hair off his watch. She goes and thinks how to make a drink. He asks her to add two ice cubes. She does and gets it for him. He gets angry and asks her to come. He asks is this drink or water. She says drink. He drinks and recalls his brother’s sufferings, who was arrested for Surbhi’s rape blame.

Raghu switches off the tv and asks Aarti to dance for him. She dances on Jab tak hai jaan…. Mai nachungi………… He throws the wine glass and asks her to dance on it. He gets hurt by the glass piece. Aarti removes the glass piece from his feet. She does the dressing and aid quickly. He looks at her.

Raghu stops her from doing the aid and pulls her hair. He walks on his wounded feet and steps on her hand. He sees Surbhi in her and gets angry. He holds her and says you….. and asks her why is she worried today, why did she leave his brother to die. Aarti thinks she knew there is some reason and story which made Raghu so rude. He says my brother loved you, you killed him, superstar Surbhi, you ruined him, and scolds her seeing Surbhi in her. She says I m Ayesha…. He leaves her. She says I m not Surbhi. He says it does not matter, all heroines are same. He sits and drinks more.

She asks him about Surbhi. He asks does she like to hear this, I was 15 year old when Surbhi came in my life, she ruined my life, my brother fell in love with her. FB shows Raghu’s brother seeing Surbhi and falling in love at first sight with her. His brother dresses as guard and stays with Surbhi. She has noticed him and did not say anything. She hears him talking to his mum. Surbhi comes and asks where is your uniform today. She laughs. He compliments her. She asks are you my fan.

Raghu says his brother used to tell him everything about Surbhi, how he proposed Surbhi. FB shows his brother Krishna proposing Surbhi. She says she wants to get away of this film world, and wants to stay with him, with just their love. He makes her wear the ring. Raghu says their relation got strong, they were very happy, we all were happy, it was not true as it looked, that happened with us. He cries.

Raghu telling Aarti about his brother Krishna and Surbhi. FB shows Krishna upset reading the news of Surbhi’s engagement with someone. Raghu says I have seen she loves you a lot, we should find it. FB ends. Raghu tells Aarti that everything got over and fumes. Aarti holds him. FB shows Krishna goes to meet Surbhi, and the guards insulting him. Surbhi comes in the car. Krishna asks her to stop. She goes. Krishna and Raghu get caught by police. The inspector beats Krishna for misbehaving with Surbhi. Raghu worries for Krishna and hugs him. FB ends. Raghu drinks more and cries.

He shouts that Krishna did not do anything. Aarti cries seeing him. She says I can understand your pain. He asks can you, my brother was in jail and died there, I could not do anything. FB shows Raghu reading Krishna’s suicide letter. Krishna says all heroines are fake, he did mistake to love her, and asks him to take care of his parents. Raghu gets shattered. FB ends. Raghu says you won’t understand what I went through, I was 15 years old and seen my brother and parents dead, Surbhi has done all this, my life was worse than hell, I had poison in my heart against heroines, you all are same. He sits and cries.

She apologizes and says I did not know all this. I agree it was wrong, your anger and sorrow are justified, but why are you punishing yourself, you are not such a man like you have became. You are punishing yourself by changing your identity, this is not sensible, its easy to become bad in bad time, but being good in bad time is very tough. He looks at her and holds her angrily. She cries. He pushes her and gets up to leave. She stops him as he is much drunk. She thinks what to do, and calls Kaka.

Karan and Richa are in jungle. She apologizes to him. He thanks her for supporting Manav. She says we got so late, where will I have dinner. She suggests to drop her at Dhaba. He asks is he her driver. She requests him. Aarti tells everything to Ayesha and says Raghu is not so bad. Ayesha says I have heard about Surbhi and that incident, Surbhi was a big actress, but I did not know Raghu’s brother was involved in it. Aarti says we misunderstood Raghu. Kaka brings Raghu home. Raghu is totally drunk and sleeps. Aarti says I was feeling so sad seeing Raghu in that state, what happened Ayesha, why are you seeing me this way. Ayesha says I m seeing your concern for Raghu is getting high, are you in love with Raghu. Aarti says no, I remember the promise I gave you, I m doing this for humanity, you and Navrang. Ayesha says I know, Raghu can’t have a place in your heart, atleast till now.

Richa likes the Rabdi and Karan shows her hostel. She says after having food at Dhaba and then having this Rabdi is fun. She says she will be lucky to marry a sweetmaker. Karan says yes, you are right. He says I will talk to Aditya and promote your job. She gets glad and thanks Karan. She leaves. He gets Manav’s call. Karan says he dropped Richa. Manav asks him to keep an eye on Ayesha and know every detail. Karan says don’t worry, we will give all info. Manav thinks he is one step away from his destination and very soon he will know what Ayesha wants.

Its morning, Kaka gives lemon water to Raghu and says I m glad Ayesha made you realize your mistake. Raghu says I was drunk and thought she is Surbhi, I did not this pain will come out this way infront of Surbhi, I know she will use my weakness.