Dream Girl Saturday Update 9th April 2022


Dream Girl Saturday Update 9th April 2022

Samar pacifying Manav. Manav says how can Ayesha do this, everything got over. Ayesha comes to him and asks him to open the door. She cries. Its morning, Ayesha wakes up hearing Mithi. Mithi asks why is she sitting near the door. Ayesha says she will make her ready for school. Manav stops Ayesha and sends Mithi. He asks Ayesha not to touch his children, and goes.

Laxmi asks Samar is he fine, Samar says yes, I m worried for Manav. Laxmi says I also thought what will Manav think when Ayesha gets exposed, I should have gone. Samar asks her not to blame herself. Laxmi asks him to support Manav. Samar says I informed mum and dad, they are coming in evening. Ayesha comes to talk to Samar. Laxmi says I will call you and leaves.

Ayesha tries to convince him to talk to Manav. Samar says we always made you family when mum was against, now I understand mum was right, and scolds her. He leaves. Ayesha gets angry as maid does not listen to you. She says she will get her fired by telling Manav. She calls Manav and he does not take the call. She calls Samar. She gets angry as everyone is ignoring her.

Prem and Sona look on. Ayesha comes to have dinner and everyone leave. She goes to talk to Manav and he leaves. Its morning, Ayesha sleeps near the bed. She wakes up and goes to Manav. Manav appears normal like before. She gets glad and says you are proud of me and praising me, then why don’t you tell me. She says you love me a lot. Manav smiles and says you are mistaken, I m not praising you, I don’t care about this. She tries convincing him. He calls her shameless and scolds her. He leaves. She says how to convince him.

Ayesha sees the news and gets glad seeing the media praising her after the movie Shakti got superhit. Samar comes and sees media at the gate. Karan sees the news and gets angry seeing media praising Ayesha, and her movie getting superhit. He gets calls from reporters and disconnects. Ayesha gets glad meeting the distributors and gets many bouquets. She cracks jokes and laughs. She says this is success, everyone laugh when you laugh. Manav talks to the investors. He hears people cheering for Ayesha. Ayesha comes and hugs him, saying we did this. He says everything is not normal between us. She asks for a chance.

Manav scolding Ayesha. He says he hates himself when he sees her. She says I m in industry since years, I did not have any affair till now, what happened with Abhimanyu was because I could not be away from you in jail, I promise I will make everything like before. He says I can’t be with a cheater. She says did everything change by one mistake, did all the love end in one day. He says relation is based on honesty and truth. She says don’t compare me with Nandini, you forgot your dreams with her and achieved dreams with me.

She says you know why we don’t have kids, I did not feel need for kids, I have loved Meera and Mithi as my kids. Manav says you are selfish, you just love yourself. She says I know you love me a lot. He says maybe you are right, I m angry and said all this, I got a gift for you, divorce papers. She gets stunned. He says I free you from all relations, you are a free bird. She throws the papers and says you can’t give me divorce, I have apologized, give me a chance. He asks her to sign papers, else he will go to court.

They have an argument. She says she will sign it, for his happiness, but after the success party in their office in evening. She says I want to be with you this evening, and he taunts her for her words. Manav, Samar, Laxmi and Karan come to the party. Manav apologizes to Karan. They all come inside and do not see anyone. Ayesha comes there and says award of best actress goes to Ayesha Sareen. She holds the wine bottle as the award. She says she wants to dedicate this award to Laxmi.

Ayesha says when she saw Laxmi for the first time, she felt she is ordinary girl, Manav has seen her and he felt Laxmi can become dreamgirl and take my place. Ayesha starts taunting Laxmi and says Laxmi has a talent to get all men’s attention, and gets angry on Karan. She says she did everything to give a good life to Karan and reminds all the favors.

Ayesha taunts and insults everyone and comes to Samar. She says she has done a lot for Samar, he was the boy born with a golden spoon, he felt he did great to live a poor life for 6 months. She says what all she did till now and Samar did not do any hardwork, so he was leaving his career for Laxmi.