Dream Girl Friday Update 8th April 2022


Dream Girl Friday Update 8th April 2022

Ayesha refusing to meet Abhimanyu. Manav says I think you should meet him, he has helped us, he said the truth in court, I have to make some calls, I will be busy. He hugs her and leaves. Ayesha says Abhimanyu got after her. Samar asks Laxmi about her dad and Bua. Laxmi says dropped them home. She says its not Abhimanyu’s mistake, maybe Ayesha has asked him this favor by their old relation. Samar asks what old relation, tell me what relation Ayesha and Abhimanyu had. Karan says yes, they had an affair. Samar is shocked and says its nonsense, I can’t believe this.

Karan says Abhimanyu used to truly love her, but Ayesha used him, she married Manav and cheated him, so Abhimanyu came to take revenge, he helped Laxmi and me, maybe Ayesha has shown her bad character and wooed Abhimanyu. Samar says stop this nonsense against your sister. Karan says its true. Samar says I can believe Ayesha has hurt Laxmi and made me drugs addicted, but Ayesha always loved Manav. Karan says she loved Navrang owner, she had fear to lose Manav Sareen, he is her support.

He says if anything happens with Navrang, Ayesha’s truth will come out. Samar says no. Karan says you won’t believe, but just we know the truth. Samar says Ayesha just loved Manav. Laxmi says why will we lie, this is true. Samar says I will tell Manav everything. Karan says he won’t believe, he blindly trusts Ayesha. He gets a call and asks what, is this sure. They all leave.

Ayesha meets Abhimanyu. She asks him to go and not create any issue. He asks what, you are avoiding me, after yesterday night, you have spent the night with me. She says nothing happened, get out before anyone hears this. Abhimanyu holds her and says you said you can’t live without me, you love me, I m mad about you. She asks him to shut up and scolds him. She says she has spent a night with him, he is lucky, he has given the statement in court for her, now they are even, get over the one night stand. Abhimanyu says now I will not leave you. She asks what will you do, you are suspended officer now. She turns and gets shocked seeing Manav there.

Manav says not a word more, I have heard everything. He asks her not to say anything. Ayesha says its all lie, I will explain. Manav asks her to stop this hypocrisy, he hates himself and his life, his marriage. Karan, Laxmi and Samar come there and look on. Manav scolds Ayesha and says he will raise hand on her if she stops him. He leaves.

Karan asks Abhimanyu to leave from here. Manav breaks his awards and is angry. He asks Samar to see Ayesha and apologizes to Karan for not hearing him before. Ayesha cries. Manav says if you loved anyone and told me, I would have respected you that you are honest, you used Abhimanyu, how could you do something like that. Ayesha says there is nothing between us. Manav says don’t fool me, I heard it myself.

He asks what did she say, one night stand, tell me, lets all hear it, whats the meaning. Ayesha says it was not true. Manav gets angry. Ayesha says I just love you. Manav says I hate liars, don’t lie more. Samar stops Manav. Manav says I need to talk. Samar stops Ayesha and says you have ruined many lives. Manav asks Ayesha to speak up, stop this acting, you did real acting, I m impressed.

He says if I could make you reach sky from the ground, then I can make you fall back to ground. He asks her to sit and talk, else just leave my house. She gets stunned

Ayesha telling Manav that you did not care that if I m ready to pass dream girl title to Laxmi, you always said there is no one like me, how could you say Laxmi is like me, I love you Manav, I m not ashamed to say I m jealous of Laxmi, I did a lot to stop her, I lied to you that Laxmi does not have passion for acting, you did not understand me, else you would have known I m unhappy.

She cries and asks Laxmi did she get just her life to sabotage. Why did Laxmi not go knowing I don’t like her? You did not leave me, you always won Laxmi. She says you all felt Laxmi is hardworking, I have done much hardwork to reach this place, whatever she did with me, she said as if I have tortured her, I made her employee in my office. She says Laxmi is liar, she always she wants to become like me, she wanted to take my place. She says she made my brother against me and broke my family, I wanted her to go away from us.

She says she did all this and still it did not stop Laxmi, then I just went to explain Laxmi, that Samar’s career will go down if she marries Samar, she made Samar blind by her love, I explained her and then Laxmi went, I felt she understood and now Laxmi is gone from my life. She says Laxmi then framed me in her murder attempt by using Karan and Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu was my past, I m not related to him. She says they got after her, they did this planning to send her to jail.

She cries and says I did all this not to get away from you. Manav asks her to get up. He says this is your point of view, this is half truth, I will say entire truth, you have troubled Laxmi to keep her away, you are self obsessed woman, you made Samar and Laxmi away, you knew if they marry, Laxmi will get equal share in navrang, you made Samar a drug addict, how could you, you know Samar is my life, you made Laxmi and Karan’s MMS to defame her and send her back, this is the truth, He asks her to justify this.

Manav asks her to justify now for all her wrong doings, they will not believe her now. He says I loved you a lot, but its all over now. She hugs him and cries. He says he gave divorce to Nandini, as she was also a cheater, just like you, she was my children’s mother, even then I made her leave, I m glad we don’t have a child, you don’t deserve to be mum. He says she can leave from this house, or stay here without any relation with them. He pushes her and leaves. Ayesha apologizes to Samar, Laxmi and Karan. They leave. She falls in Laxmi’s feet and cries. Laxmi goes.
Manav sees Ayesha’s pic and throws it. Samar comes there and hugs Manav. He asks him to be strong and pacifies him. Manav cries.