Dream Girl Friday Update 29th April 2022


Dream Girl Friday Update 29th April 2022

Aarti addressing the media as Ayesha Sareen. Aarti promises as Ayesha, that she will pay all the loss to the investors. Ayesha gets shocked. She goes to Manav’s pic and asks why did he invest money in flop film. Aarti comes and says you are paying for your bad intentions. Ayesha says how dare you do this and raises hand to slap her. Aarti holds her hand. Karan comes and says Ayesha cheated everyone and this is what she is bearing for her deeds. Ayesha says Aarti will be always same. Aarti says I m just Aarti and will control my life.

Ayesha asks her to shut up and go to her room to play with toys. Sona looks on. Ayesha shouts on Aarti and says if you don’t go, else. Aarti says you cheat yourself, you hate yourself, when you see me and realize to lose your existence, you get mad by anger and punish me. Actually you punish yourself. She asks whom will you control now, its all over. Ayesha asks how dare she argue, and scolds Aarti. Aarti asks her to see herself in mirror. Aarti says I m your elder sister, remember this, I m not the Aarti whom you scared, I m Aarti whom Manav made by his ethics and values, I m in his place now. Ayesha gets shocked and leaves.

Aarti gets shaken up. Karan asks Sona to get water. He asks Aarti is she fine. Sona gives her water. Aarti holds Sona’s hand and cries seeing Manav’s pic. She says Manav made me capable to manage myself and this family. I m strong Aarti now.

Ayesha is on the way and drives really fast, being angry on Aarti. She says Aarti can’t take my place. The girl gets tensed and says I have done all investigations, if you return all money to investors, your account will have nothing. Ayesha asks her to say how to come out of this situation. A lady crosses road with her baby. The girl asks Ayesha to see. Ayesha screams. She applies the break in nick of the time. The lady gets terrified and goes. Ayesha thinks she wasted her life because of Manav, there is be someone who will value me and respect Ayesha Sareen, someone with whom my life will get fine.

Karan tells Sona that investors called, Prem is not here. Laxmi’s dad and Bua come there. Karan asks about Laxmi. Prem says she is not having food. Sona says her life got ruined. Laxmi’s dad says you have more right on Laxmi, but I was thinking to take her home for few days. Sona sees Laxmi and asks her to go. She apologizes as they could not give her happiness. Laxmi says don’t say this and hugs her.

Laxmi cries seeing Samat’s pic and packs her bag. She recalls Samar and their marriage. Aarti comes to her and asks are you going. She hugs Laxmi and asks her to be strong. Laxmi says take care of everyone. Laxmi hugs Karan and cries. She leaves with her dad and Bua.

Aarti looks at the sky and talks to Karan. She says she heard when people die, they become a star, did Manav also become a star. He says yes, he is watching us, he is proud of you, like I m proud. Aarti says she can’t act like Ayesha always, she was scared. Karan says you won’t do wrong, you are not selfish like Ayesha.

Aarti saying Manav made me independent. I was confined to a room, and he made me come out to explore the world, he has made me what I m. She asks Karan about their family. Karan says just Ayesha was my family, she was selfish, but now I got my elder sister, we will always be together, I will tell you what you have to do. They have a talk. He says till when will you spend life alone, I think you should have someone who will take care of you. She says what do you mean, I have everyone. He says everyone needs a partner.

A rich man is shown swimming in the pool. He wears the bathrobe and goes. Karan says I will tell the type of life partner, you are innocent and gentle hearted, so you should get such partner, who is soft spoken and good hearted. The man scolds his manager. Karan says someone who knows the difference between right and wrong, and supports just truth. The manager asks the man why to fire that man for some little mistake. The man says ethics are made by the person. Aarti asks does such persons exist. Karan says yes, one such is you. Aarti says my fate is not so good. Karan says you agreed, that’s good, you will get such a good man one day, who will love you.

The man gets well dressed and comes out to address media. The reporters rush to see him. They click his pics, while he walks ahead. He tells about the car accident happened, the statement was wrong. The reporter asks him what he means, did driver did the accident. The man says let me complete, I want to say statement was wrong, I have done that accident, not my driver, I apologize to that family, I accept the punishment I would get and also pay penalty.

They ask how did this accident happen. The man ends the press meet and goes. entire truth, accident happened because he wanted to save a child. The man says I m right and don’t care what others think, I can’t see my innocent driver paying for my mistake, no need to mention what I did to save the child. His manager smiles.

Its morning, Sona tells Navrang’s staff about the huge loss for Navrang. She says I know you are helpless and have to run families, I want to say you are not in any contract, you can leave this family, we will not limit you. Hasmukh says we will not leave Navrang, this is like our home. Sona says she is thankful and wants to share a secret with them, asking them not to disclose it to anyone. Karan brings Aarti. The staff greets her as Ayesha. Sona says this is Ayesha’s twin sister Aarti. They all get shocked.

Karan says they are bringing Aarti here as its needed to get Navrang back, Ayesha and Aarti will work together. Sona asks Aarti to say something. Aarti says she is Aarti, she wants to say she will help them in their every work. She adds I did not know about the family, what family meaning, but I understood it here, even if you all leave supporting me, I won’t back off my support to you all. They all clap for her.

Ayesha throws the tea and scolds the servant. She asks who made this. The servant says Aarti has made breakfast and tea today. She scolds him. She reads the newspaper about that rich billionaire guy, who has come India for marriage. She says he has come India for me, I wanted way to get out of this messy situation, I got my way.

She reads the article and says for this person, beauty and superficial things do not matter, but where there is Ayesha Sareen, love will happen. She sees news feature of billionaire bachelor, and there is no media bytes on them. She says he looks a riddle, She searches on net to find about him, and gets to know his tailor. She says tailor would know about him a lot, she should meet this tailor. She smiles.