Dream Girl Friday Update 18th March 2022


Dream Girl Friday Update 18th March 2022

Laxmi coming to office. She does not find anyone there. The man asks her to change, and says its magazine interview, not for TV, and she has to change as they will take pics. They remove hanging points and she puts the dress on the door. She removes the bandage off her hands. The men make Karan busy and ask him to get some makeup done. Laxmi removes her clothes and power goes. Someone pulls her clothes from the top of the door, and she asks for help. She asks is anyone there. They send Karan there. She sees a white sheet there and covers herself. She comes out in darkness and Karan wonders why is it so dark here.

The cameras start capturing them. Karan comes there and sees Laxmi. She turns and someone throws the wine bottle to make her fall. She runs to hide and falls over Karan by the wine bottle. The power comes. She says sorry Sir, I don’t know where my clothes went. Karan turns his face away. She turns and sits. Karan holds her hand.. She gets up and runs to the changing room, which is locked. She tells him, and he removes his coat to give her.

She wears his coat. He checks the door knob. She sees the dress kept there at the table. She tells him that the clothes are here. He says she fell off the bottle, this was not here when I came here. He opens the door, and says maybe it fell by someone, anyway go and change. He says whatever happened, no need to tell anyone. The magazine men come there and say sorry Sir, I think you guys are busy. Laxmi goes to change. Karan says stop it, you do your work, don’t use mind, its nothing like you think. Laxmi cries. Karan asks her to stop crying, all this was an accident.

The man messages Ayesha that work is done. Samar asks Ayesha which ring is good. Ayesha says big solitaire one. Manav says I want small diamond classy one, innocent like Laxmi. Samar says so decided, and asks shall I wait for mum and dad to tell this, I m so excited. Manav says let them come home, and marry Laxmi after the movie launch. Samar says fine, we will do engagement before movie release. Ayesha thinks Laxmi’s love story’s perfect ending. She says she will go office, she has work.

Laxmi and Karan give interview and pose for the pics. The men ask them to sit close and Karan holds her hand. The men smile. They say thanks, we will take Manav, Samar and Ayesha’s interview too. Karan asks when will it publish. They say soon and leaves. Karan tells Laxmi that Samar has good timing, he knows its movie first look launch and I heard that jeweler came in Sareen house, your dreams will come true now, I have work, and it will be double news as you both will also launch tomorrow.

The men see them leaving and take off all the hidden cameras. Samar looks at the ring, and says tomorrow, just some wait for Laxmi. Zara zara hone lage……………plays………. He says he will confess love to her. Laxmi is happy and unable to sleep. She says when will he say. Her dad asks her to sleep, Samar will tell her. Ayesha smiles and thinks all her plans will be working out tomorrow and Laxmi’s dreams will break.

Its morning, Karan does the arrangements for press meet at the movie’s launch. Samar meets Laxmi and talks to her. Manav asks them to come soon for the conference. Laxmi asks Samar to say his feelings. He asks her to wait and leaves. Ayesha wishes all the best to Laxmi. She says you reached here after many problems. Laxmi says thanks, problems were till here, now Raj is with me, he will say yes to me. Ayesha says congrats and goes, messaging the man to do it now. She smiles.

Karan talking to media and calling Laxmi and Samar. Laxmi thinks about Samar and smiles. Samar says he got a video, he is downloading. She asks him to come. They go and sit in the conference. Karan tells about the lead stars and Manav says we have the first .look of Raj Samosewala. The media gets the same video in their phones. Karan asks them to keep phones on silent. They say its really Laxmi Mathur, can’t believe this. Ayesha smiles. Manav asks them to switch off their cellphones. A reporter asks about his movie’s release, but the movie is already released. Manav asks what is he saying.

The man asks him to see the movie’s first look, and connects it to the screen. Samar thinks whats happening. Laxmi and Karan’s odd moments are shown on the big screen. Laxmi, Samar, Karan and Manav are shocked. Its edited in wrong way and shown. Karan says what nonsense, stop it. The man asks is this your movie. Manav says this is fake MMS, its not true. They ask is this not Laxmi and Karan. Manav says someone has morphed this. They ask Laxmi about her relation with Karan.

Laxmi cries. They ask about Navrang studios image. Manav says its all a lie. The media asks many questions. Laxmi shouts all this is a lie, there is nothing between me and Karan. They ask was this forced on her to do. Karan says we are friends and just work together. He says we are framed. Karan goes to beat them. Manav stops Karan. They ask Laxmi how many affairs does she has. Samar gets angry and goes to beat the reporter. Manav and Karan stop Samar. Ayesha asks Laxmi to come with her and takes her from there. Samar is also taken by the guards, and Manav and Karan manage the media.

Manav says you know me since years, do I have respect or not, this is unfortunate, I m sorry from Samar and Karan’s side, navrang will release an official message. Ayesha asks Laxmi to just go from here. Samar shouts in anger and guard takes him inside. Samar says how can he tell this about Laxmi. Laxmi cries seeing Samar. The ring falls down. Laxmi and Samar look at it. Laxmi runs to Samar and says this is… Ayesha stops Laxmi and asks her to come. Laxmi steps on the ring and leaves. Samar picks the ring. Samar thinks he will save Laxmi.

Bua ji sees the tv news and gets shocked by the MMS leak of Laxmi. Laxmi’s dad comes and looks on. He gets unwell and Bua ji brings water for him. Ayesha makes Laxmi leave from navrang and the media runs after her. She smiles and thinks Laxmi has become heroine of the movie, but of bad one. Bua ji and Laxmi’s dad waits for her. Laxmi comes home sad. Bua ji says we know all this is false, someone framed you, its all a lie. Laxmi’s dad says he don’t believe this too. Laxmi cries and hugs her dad. Her dad consoles her.

Bua ji asks Laxmi to forget this. Bua ji and her dad get many calls and they clear the matter defending Laxmi. He says I know Laxmi, and Lord is with her. Laxmi says no, Lord has cheated me, and gets angry. Bua ji and her dad make her sit. Laxmi says Lord has taken away Samar from me once again. Bua ji hugs her and Laxmi cries miserably.