Divya Drishti Full Story Starlife


Divya Drishti Full Story Starlife

An Indian supernatural Drama called Divya Drishti tells the tale of two extraordinary sisters named Drishti and Divya, as well as their cunning adversary Pishachini. Star Life premieres on November 12, 2023, Replacing Night of Doom.  A Story of Supernatural Sisters Divya possesses the ability to alter the future, whereas Drishti possesses the superpower of foresight. In their early years, fate kept Divya and Dhrishti apart. Through the lives of Divya and Dhrishti, feel the anguish of parting and the joy of being together.Divya Drishti Starlife Full Story cast Summary

Divya-Drishti Full Story Starlife

The story starts with a pregnant woman, Vidya, meeting with her Guruji. They talk about Pishaachini, an evil pishaachini and a former disciple of Guruji, who is going after three powerful and magical gems of Lord Shiva which are with him. If she gets all three of the gems, she will become so powerful no one will be able to stop her. Guruji had given two of the gems, the Tatva Ratna, with the power to control the elements, and the Mayavi Ratna, with the power of illusions and mind control, to two of his disciples for safekeeping. Pishaachini, however, killed these disciples with her magic and acquired both the gems, which she wears on a pendant, and their powers. She is now after the third and the most powerful of the three gems, the Kaal Vijay Ratna, which has the power to give visions of the future and the power to change the future, which is with Guruji himself. Vidya and Guruji go to his cave, where Pishaachini appears and asks Guruji for the Kaal Vijay Ratna. Guruji uses magic and pushes Pishaachini to the side while he throws the gem at Vidya . Pishaachini, recovers and moved in front of the incoming gem to catch it. The Kaal Vijay Ratna then enters her right eye, destroying it and revealing a glowing red light inside it. The gem then goes inside Vidya’s womb. Guruji then tells her that her unborn twin children will get the powers of the gem and warns her to beware the dark forces that will come after her and to beware the full moon. He then tells Vidya to run away.

Vidya has two daughters, Divya and Drishti. Gifted with superpowers, Drishti has the ability to see the future while Divya has the power to change the future. Vidya and Sarthak are worried as Pishaachini is hunting them down to steal their powers. They manage to save Divya and Drishti but end up sacrificing themselves. The sisters run away but ultimately get separated and adopted by different families.

20 years later

Divya and Drishti are all grown up. Divya is carefree and free-spirited, while Drishti is mature and caring. They constantly try to find each other during full moon nights, feeling each other’s presence at times, but yet are unable to identify each other.They coincidentally meet at the fair, both realising each other’s presence as their hands were touched slightly unknowingly.Chiranjivi spots both of them and try to keep them apart so that pisaachini couldn’t follow them. In an attempt to keep Divya and Drishti apart, he arranges a job for Drishti in Bali whose job turns out to become Rakshith Shergill’s personal assistant. Even Divya travels to Bali unknown to chiranjivi. Rakshit is engaged to Lavanya but starts developing feelings for Drishti. On the other hand, Divya considers Rakshit to be her Prince Charming and wants to marry him. Dristhi finds out Divya is her sister but is unable to tell her. Through a series of events, Divya marries Shikhar (Rakshit’s cousin) while Drishti marries Rakshit. Shikhar is revealed to know everything about Pishaachini and is in cahoots with her. It turns out Shikhar is actually a dupe that Pishaachini placed in the house to do her bidding. Later, Divya also discovers the truth about Dristhi being her sister and both reunite. They decide to find their parents’ murderer. Dristhi sees Preeto (Pishaachini) murder Sunny and sees Preeto in her true avatar as Pishaachini. She tells the whole family, including Divya, but no one believes her because Pishaachini resurrects Sunny for 24 hours. Divya eventually comes around to trusting her sister and they both plan on killing Pishaachini before Pisahachnini can hurt them.

Drishti, Divya, Romi (Drishti’s adopted brother) and Shikhar join hands to destroy Pishachini. In reality, Shikhar is still working for Pishaachini and letting Pishaachini know everything about the sisters’ plan. Divya and Dristhi finally manage to kill Pishaachini but her soul enters Divya’s body, turning her into Divyaachini. Drishti manages to separate Divya and Pishaachini with the help of a powerful and mysterious man named Anjaan, who tells her that the only way to destroy Pishaachini is to trap her soul in Divya’s body. Drishti stabs Divya, which traps Pishaachini’s soul in Divya and Divya regains her consciousness. However, Divya-Drishti’s lives are connected, so if one twin dies, so does the other. Anjaan seemingly helps Pishaachini reenter her previous body by removing the dagger from Divya’s chest. Anjaan also gives Pishaachini the Kaal Vijay ratna, however it turns out to be fake. In reality, he was saving Divya-Drishti from dying. Divya-Drishti get their powers back and let Lord Shiva protect the Kaal Vijay ratna. Simran (Rakshit’s cousin) is attacked by Pishaachini as she wants to activate the Kaal Vijay ratna with a virgin girl’s blood. Pishaachini figures out the Kaal Vijay ratna she has is fake. Later, Rakshit is revealed to be Anjaan who possesses powers and is trying destroy Pishaachini. Drishti also finds out that Anjaan is Rakshit by touching his forehead, which lets her see his true intentions.

After some days

Everyone come to know that the doors of the hell are opening and many evil power are coming out from hell who will try to get the Kaal Vijay ratna. Pishaachini’s right hand, Bicchhu, ends up dying and she takes his poison for later use as it is the most poisonous substance in the world. Pishaachini asks Anjaan to get Rakshit married with Lavanya, without knowing that Anjaan is Rakshit. Her plan is to stop Rakshit from inheriting his powers from his maternal grandfather, Guruji, as well as break Drishti’s raksha kavach. Chiranjivi reveals that Pishaachini used to be human and only way to defeat her is to destroy her human ashes. Meanwhile, Simran’s wedding with Agham is canceled as her in-laws find out she has gone crazy after Pishaachini’s attack. The household is distressed from the broken wedding so Rakshit announces to get married with Lavanya to maintain the wedding atmosphere. He is actually trying to get to the bottom of Pishaachini’s plan by marrying Lavanya. Drishti is heartbroken as she doesn’t know why Rakshit is doing all this. Amidst all this, Romi follows Anjaan and finds out his real identity. Rakshit reveals that he is faking to help Pishaachini to find out where his dad is. Romi agrees to keep Rakshit’s identity a secret and help Rakshit by keeping an eye on Lavanya. Later, Rakshit brings divorce papers for Drishti and she signs it. Divya-Drishti, with Simran’s aide, find the place where Pishaachini’s ashes are kept. Before Divya-Drishti could destroy the ashes, Pishaachini comes and stops them. On the other hand, Rakshit has arranged for a fake pandit to conduct his wedding with Lavanya so the wedding will be nulled. During the wedding, Lavanya is shown to have turned into an evil lizard being by Pishaachini and her goal is to bite Rakshit and kill him with her poison. Divya-Drishti are left hanging by a bridge after their fight with Pishaachini. While stuck there, Drishti reveals that Anjaan is Rakshit. Finally, Anjaan and Romi come to save the twins. Later, Drishti saves Rakshit after Lavanya poisons him. Lavanya finds out that Divya-Drishti’s weakness is dhatura, while Pishaachini finds out that Anjaan is Rakshit.

Pishaachini teams with the evil from hell in order to get the Kaal Vijay ratna for herself. Divya Drishti and others manage to kill the evil powers from hell but Pishaachini becomes successful in taking the ratna and flies away. With all the ratna in hand she tries to merge the power of all ratna but fails. Later, she asks for help from Kaal Devta, the evil Lord of Hell to help her in merging the powers. He tells her that she needs to activate the true power of each of the ratna. He does so with the Tatva and Mayavi Ratna. On Independence Day, Shikhar is revealed to be not the real son of the family, it was Shikhar’s imposter who was helping Pishachini in order to gain powers. Divya kills the imposter. Pishaachini successfully activates the Kaal Vijay ratna, but Divya Drishti blow up the building with a bomb Pishaachini placed. The resulting explosion causes Pishaachini to drop all the ratna while fleeing and kills Divya-Drishti.

13 days later

Pishaachini lives in the Shergill manor and is controlling the family mysteriously. Divya-Drishti reincarnate and gain new powers to stop Pishachini once and for all they get all powers of the three ratna. They re-enter the house to find Pishaachini claiming to be Rakshit’s wife. Rakshit has lost his memory due to the blast. Pishaachini gives birth to Patali, her and Kaal Devta’s daughter who poses to be Rakshit’s daughter. Rakshit regains his memory and along with Divya-Drishti, defeats Patali.

A few days later, a cunning prisoner escapes from hell fooling the Kaal Devta. He comes through Pisachini’s den which leads to the Shergill house and realises that they are a very rich family and decides to rob them. Rakshit traces out the real Shikhar through some detectives using his childhood pictures. The prisoner who has now named himself as Murari, is brought to the Shergill family as the real Shikhar. Pishaachini kills Patali and puts the blame on Divya, sending her to hell. Drishti, Rakshit, Romi and Murari rescue her. Murari has flashbacks of his forgotten childhood and realises that he is real Shikhar. The Shergill family then find out that Shikhar is from hell, putting a strain on Divya and Shikhar’s newly budding feelings. Now, the mysterious Laal chakor, an old disciple of Guruji, enters. Laal chakor attacks Rashi, killing her to the chagrin of the Shergill family. To find out Laal chakor’s secret, Divya-Drishti decide to go into the cave, where many years ago the kaal vijay ratna was given to Vidya(Divya-Drishti’s mother). They find the cave locked and the only way to open it is with their and their husbands hands on four handprints. Divya marries Shikhar since his hand fits the last handprint.

After many tries, Divya and Drishti find an oyster, which holds the secret of the cave. Drishti finds out she is pregnant with twins after a sudden vision. During the Shergill family reunion where Rakshit’s cousins arrive, Pishaachini casts a spell, barring every exit with walls that form back when they are broken down. To make matters worse, Laal chakor is attacking members of the Shergill family, killing everyone except Divya-Drishti, Rakshit and Shikhar, who escaped using a magic chest Divya-Drishti encountered in the cave. After escaping, they make a plan to lure Laal chakor and Pishaachini to Divya-Drishti’s old house by leaving a note in the Shergill house. A fight ensues between the heroes and the two villains. In a dramatic twist, Laal chakor is revealed to be Mahima, Rakshit’s mother, leaving everyone, especially Rakshit, devastated.

Mahima reveals that she was jealous of Vidya because she was given the Kaal Vijay Ratna by Guruji, rather than Mahima, his greatest pupil. Mahima vowed revenge and allied with Pishaachini to kill Vidya and get the gems. Mahima says she can bring back the dead family members with some magic water which she will give to them only if Divya-Drishti kill themselves. Divya-Drishti do so, releasing the Tatva Ratna, which Pishaachini takes and the Mayavi Ratna, which Mahima takes. The Kaal Vijay Ratna also came out but disappeared when Divya and Drishti touched hands. Divya and Drishti are resurrected once more, with the help of the two pearls inside the oyster. This came with news that both of them lost their new powers so Drishti can only see the future and Divya only has the power to change the future. Also, Drishti’s children were due in 2 days. They return to the Shergill house and they hide in pisaachini’s den, where the family is tricking Mahima and Pishaachini into thinking that Divya-Drishti’s souls are alive.

Guruji is revealed to be alive, having faked his death and being trapped in the cave by Mahima since then. He allies with Divya-Drishti, who are plotting to destroy Pishaachini and Mahima by turning them on one another. But later he reveals that the Kaal Vijay Ratna was cursed in the first place and he being greedy for powers could not join the three gems and hence approached Vidya, a pure soul who could possibly remove the curse but due to the chaos created by Pishaachini before Vidya touched it led the powers to be split to her children. He later disguised himself as Kaal Devta by killing the real Kaal Devta. Drishti gives birth to her twin children shortly after which Laal chakor is killed by pishachini and Kaal Devta by Rakshit. Pishaachini then acquires all three ratnas which she combines to form the blue Maha Ratna. She transforms into Maha Pishaachini and tries to kill Divya and Drishti but Lord Shiva ends her once and for all. Divya-Drishti are later revealed to have lost their powers which they are okay with. Drishti’s twins are later shown to have Divya-Drishti’s powers, while the Maha Ratna, thought to have gone back to Lord Shiva, is revealed to still be on Earth and Drishti’s children gain them.

Main Cast

  • Nyra Banarjee as Divya Sharma Shergill : Vidya and Sarthak’s daughter, Drishti’s twin sister, Shikhar’s wife, She has the powers to change future (2019-2020)
  • Sana Sayyad as Drishti Sharma Shergill: Vidya and Sarthak’s daughter; Divya’s twin sister; Rakshit’s wife; She has the power to see future (2019–2020)
  • Sangita Ghosh as Pishaachini: Patali’s mother; Divya and Dristhi’s arch-nemesis (2019–2020)
  • Adhvik Mahajan as Rakshit Shergill: Mahima and Chetan’s son; Rashi’s brother; Drishti’s husband (2019–2020)
  • Mishkat Varma as Shikhar Shergill: Ashelesha and Bharat’s son; Divya’s husband (2019–2020)


  • Vaishnavi Mahant as Mahima Shergill: Guruji’s daughter; Chetan’s wife; Rakshit and Rashi’s mother (2019–2020)
  • Kushagre Dua as Romi Sood: Nadika and Sarvesh’s son; Chiranjivi’s disciple; Drishti’s adopted brother (2019–2020)
  • Karan Khanna as Daitya Vanar: Shikhar’s imposter, Divya’s former husband (2019)
  • Raj Zutshi as Guruji: Mahima’s father; Rakshit and Rashi’s maternal grandfather; Vidya, Sachini, Chiranjivi and others’ mentor; Revealed to be an antagonist; the fake Kaal Devta (2019-2020)
  • Gireesh Sahdev as Chetan Shergill: Mahima’s husband; Rakshit and Rashi’s father; Bharat’s elder brother (2019)
  • Parull Chaudhary as Ashlesha Shergill “Ash”: Bharat’s wife; Shikhar’s mother; pishachini’s former accomplie (2019-2020)
  • Ridheema Tiwari as Ojaswini Shergill “Ojas”: Sunny, Simran and Twinkle’s mother; Rakshit, Rashi and Shikhar’s chaachi (2019-2020)
  • Imran Khan as Bharat Shergill “Barry”: Ashlesha’s husband; Shikhar’s father; Chetan’s younger brother former accomplie (2019)
  • Richa Rathore as Patali: Pishachini’s daughter; Rakshit’s former fake daughter (2019)
  • Prakriti Nautiyal as Rashi Shergill: Chetan and Mahima’s daughter; Rakshit’s younger sister (deceased) (2019)
  • Mansi Srivastava as Lavanya: An evil Lizard from hell; Rakshit’s ex-fiancée and Sunny’s widow; Sachini’s accomplie, Drishti and Divya’s devrani (2019)
  • Ankit Narang as Sunny Shergill: Lavanya’s ex-husband; Ojaswini’s son; Simran and Twinkle’s elder brother; Rakshit, Rashi and Shikhar’s cousin brother (deceased) (2019)
  • Shrishti Maheshwari as Simran Shergill: Sunny and Twinkle’s sister; Ojaswini’s daughter; Rakshit, Rashi and Shikhar’s cousin sister (2019-2020)
  • Amika Shail as Twinkle Shergill: Sunny and Simran’s sister; Ojaswini’s daughter; Rakshit, Rashi and Shikhar’s cousin sister (2019)
  • Paaras Madaan as Bicchu: Sachini’s helper (deceased) (2019)
  • Eva Ahuja as Garima Walia: Brij’s wife; Divya’s foster mother (2019)
  • Priyank Tatariya as Brij Walia: Garima’s husband; Divya’s foster father (2019)
  • Ritu Vashisht as Nadika Sood aka Lucky: Sarvesh’s wife; Romi’s mother; Drishti’s foster mother (2019)
  • Hetal Puniwala as Sarvesh Sood: Nadika’s husband; Romi’s father; Drishti’s foster father (2019)
  • Antara Banerjee as Chikki: Vicky’s sister; Laal Chakor’s helper (2019-2020)
  • Rohit Chaudhary as Vicky / Vicky Malhotra: Laal Chakor’s helper; Rakshit’s friend (2019)
  • Tamanna Jain as Child Drishti Sharma (2019)
  • Aleena Lambe as Child Divya Sharma (2019)
  • Rati Pandey as Vidya Sharma: Sarthak’s wife; Drishti and Divya’s mother; Guruji’s disciple; killed by Sachini (2019)
  • Amit Dolawat as Sarthak Sharma: Vidya’s husband; Drishti and Divya’s father; killed by Sachini (2019)
  • Antara Biswas as Mohana Rathod: Sachini’s friend; from Nazar (2019)

Brief Information and Details on Divya Drishti Starlife

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode: 12, November 2023
  • Total number of episodes: 106
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  • Channel: Starlife Africa
  • Original name: Divya Drishti
  • Last Episode: Nil

Divya Drishti First Scene Episode

Two parents are worried for their kids. The woman says we had the power to see kaal. I ate it and it went to my daughters. Who will save them. Guru ji said when they turn 5 their powers will be evident. Who will save them. Sartak says don’t worry. What is meant to be will happen only.
They come to temple. Sartak says they are home. Guard wont let them out. The mother prays for her daughters.

The daughters are asleep. They hear bells ringing. Drishti says Divya my head hurts a lot. Divya says sleep it wont hurt. A light appears in her head. She sees an old dam. People are drowning it its waters. She says please go. I am so scared. Divya says the door is lockeed. The rod flew and came to her hand. Drishti says dam is breaking lets go. They break the window and go out.

Divya drishti come to the dam. Drishti sees that she can make tings fly. Divya and Drishti save the dam by fixing it with trees. All people see her. they says these girls are durga. They have special powers. Their mother comes too. She recalls what happened three years ago.
She was running in the jungle. Guru ji stopped her. She says Guru ji you.. He said Vidya you don’t have a lot of time. Did anyone see you? She says no one saw me. He says those three powers. She says the first power has all the powers. It can stop the skies and the mountains.
A witch took tatwarish from a man. She has all the powers. She took second power from a woman. Guru ji says but we have the third power.

The witch comes there and says you are giving it to ehr without me being here. Guru ji says is there any good in you. She says no good is there in me . See I was so right and you were so wrong. You are old. I have and tatwarya. Give me the third power too. Give me this rat too. Guru ji shoved her. He give the crystal to Vidya. Shantani came in between but the crystal went inside Vidya. Guru ji asks her to run. Guru j dies. Shantani is burned too. Guru ji’s man says she is dead. Guru ji said Vidya’s daughter will have the powers. One will see kaal and other will be able to stop kaal. When the meet the boy with powers they will stop kaal.

Vidya and Sartak ran from their house. Shantani woke up and tried to kill guru ji but he disappeared. Shantani comes to the city.
Vidya takes her daughters from the dam.
Vidya is worried. Drishti says is something bad going to happen? Divya says no.
Vidya and sartak leave the house with their daughters. Shantani is there.

Vidya says to Divya and drishti I want to tell you something. She tells them what happened. She says always remember this. Divya takes them inside the car.
Shantani sees Sartak and says you asked them three to run? Where did you make them go? I know you wont tel. She puts finger on his head. He faints.

Divya drishti and Vidya run and sit in a train. The train starts. Vidya couldn’t get in the train. Vidya tries to get on the train. Shantai stops her. Se tries to get on the train. Vidya fights Shantani. Shantani tries to stop te train. Vidya says those are my daughter and they are goin away from your darkness. Vidya cries. Shantni kills her. The train leaves. Shantani tries to stop the train. Drishti sees that the train will burn. Drishti falls from the train.
A couple sees Drishti. Divya tries to stop wake people up and says the train will burn.
The couple brings Drishti to the station. They ask where are you parents. she tells them that her mother died.
Divya says to people I know. I can see. She shows her husband the paper and says she is the same girl. They take Drishti with them. The train burns. Shantni says the train burned? That means the girls too? No. She runs and says no those girls can’t die. they are alive.