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Destined by Fate July Teasers 2023

Krishna takes Sayuri to Radha Krishna temple and makes her profess her love. Coming Up Destined by Fate July Teasers 2023

Starlife Destined by Fate July 2023 Teasers 

Saturday 1 July 2023

Episode 90

Dhanraj and Tej admire Krishna handling the business deals skillfully. Later, Nakul informs the Sharmas about Krishna’s idea of hosting Sayuri’s birthday party.

Sunday 2 July 2023

Episode 91

Krishna gets restless to express his love to Sayuri and documents the same in his vlog. Elsewhere, Saroj decides to ruin his plan.

Monday 3 July 2023

Episode 92

Sayuri comes back to the Choudhary mansion earlier than expected. However, she overhears Krishna’s statement regarding Anjali’s future and gets disappointed.

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Episode 93

Sayuri comes back to the Choudhary mansion earlier than expected. However, she overhears Krishna’s statement regarding Anjali’s future and gets disappointed.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Episode 94

When Krishna is ready to express his feelings to Sayuri, Saroj informs him about Anjali’s suicide attempt. Saroj berates Sayuri for luring Krishna and spoiling Anjali’s life.

Thursday 6 July  2023

Episode 95

Saroj commands Sayuri to leave Krishna, and she prepares to leave the Choudhary mansion. Elsewhere, Krishna rushes an unconscious Anjali to the hospital.

Friday 7 July 2023

Episode 96

Sayuri wishes to leave the house, but Krishna stops her and confesses his love for her. She rejects his feelings and gets into an argument before leaving.

Saturday 8 July 2023

Episode 97

Sayuri expresses hatred and departs from the Choudhary mansion. While Krishna is disheartened, Saroj instructs Anjali to win his heart.

Sunday 9 July 2023

Episode 98

Krishna understands Sayuri, and he realises that she left due to Anjali. He decides to get her back and warns Anjali against using Sayuri’s belongings.

Monday 10 July 2023

Episode 99

The Sharmas celebrate Sayuri’s birthday at their residence, while Krishna makes a promise to his family members. Later, Krishna persuades Sayuri to return home.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Episode 100

A group of motorbikers harass Sayuri on the street. Elsewhere, Nakul warns Anjali to stay away from Krishna and Sayuri.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Episode 101

Saroj considers making Anjali her daughter-in-law to keep Krishna away from Sayuri. Afterwards, to make Krishna happy, Anjali prepares an Italian dish for him.

Thursday 13 July  2023

Episode 102

Anjali gets determined to marry Krishna and gains Saroj’s sympathy. Krishna takes Sayuri to Radha Krishna temple and makes her profess her love.

Friday 14 July 2023

Episode 103

Nakul cautions Saroj when she desires that Sayuri and Krishna should part ways. In the meantime, Krishna pours his heart out to Sayuri at the temple.

Saturday 15 July 2023

Episode 104

Anjali informs the Sharmas about her wedding with Krishna and warns Sayuri against creating trouble. Elsewhere, Krishna decides not to give up on Sayuri.

Sunday 16th July 2023

Episode 105

The Sharmas appeal to Sayuri and ask her to give Krishna another chance; Anjali eavesdrops on Nakul and Krishna’s private conversation.

Monday 17th July 2023

Episode 106

Anjali manipulates Saroj into promising her that she will not throw her out of the house; Saroj worries about Anjali’s injury; Sayuri misses Krishna.

Tuesday 18th July 2023

Episode 107

The police arrive at the Choudhary mansion at midnight; Anjali secretly performs a fake marriage with Krishna while he is asleep.

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Episode 108

Krishna informs the Choudharys of Anjali’s disgusting behavior; Kusum wants to throw her out of the house; Anjali attempts to end her life.

Thursday 20th July 2023

Episode 109

Saroj takes control of the situation caused by Anjali at the Choudhary mansion; Krishna longs for Sayuri and hopes she returns to him soon.

Friday 21st July 2023

Episode 110

The Sharmas bid goodbye to Pihu when she leaves for the hockey camp; Krishna encourages her as she begins her new journey.

Saturday 22nd July 2023

Episode 111

Krishna seeks help from the Sharmas to win Sayuri’s heart; the Choudharys incur a loss in business; Anjali offers monetary assistance.

Sunday 23rd July 2023

Episode 112

Krishna refuses to seek Amitabh and Anjali’s help; Saroj is against the former’s choice; the Sharmas intend to give Sayuri’s room for rent.

Monday 24th July 2023

Episode 113

Dhanraj warns Saroj to refrain from causing a scene at the Sharma mansion; Krishna has a good time residing with the Sharmas.

Tuesday 25th July 2023

Episode 114

Anjali lashes out at Kusum for asking her to stay away from Krishna’s life; Nakul opens up to Krishna about his feelings for Rashmi.

Wednesday 26th July 2023

Episode 115

Saroj and Sayuri learn about Nakul’s feelings for Rashmi; while Krishna supports them, Sayuri is against their growing affection.

Thursday 27th July 2023

Episode 116

Saroj questions Nakul about his love for Rashmi; Anjali pushes Saroj off the stairs, leading to a severe head injury and loss of blood.

Friday 28th July 2023

Episode 117

Kusum informs Sayuri about Anjali’s shameless act; Sayuri silences Saroj when she expresses disgust about receiving blood from her.

Saturday 29th July 2023

Episode 118

The Choudhary family learns that Saroj has regained consciousness; while Anjali visits the hospital to meet her, Sayuri gives her a stern warning.

Sunday 30th July 2023

Episode 119

Sayuri sees Anjali manhandling a security guard at the hospital’s parking lot; Krishna drives Saroj home after getting discharged.

Monday 31st July 2023

Episode 120

The Choudharys welcome Saroj to their mansion after getting discharged from the hospital; Krishna dazes them by disclosing his love for Anjali.

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Destined By Fate Upcoming Episodes 

Sayuri tells Kanha that she must have imagined something and troubled him and family. She goes to get ready for breakfast. At the dining hall, Rashmi says Kanha and Sayur didn’t come down yet as maybe Sayuri is still feeling weak, so she will take breakfast to Sayuri to her room. Sayuri gets ready and tells Kanha that they should go down now. Kanha replaces her bindi and says he has another surprise for her. Rashmi walks in with breakfast and says since Sayuri must be feeling weak and wants rest, she brought breakfast for her. Sayuri says she is fine and would have breakfast with family. Kanha says same. Rashmi frowns but agrees and takes breakfast back.

Sayuri joins family. She hands over Mithu to Kanha and says she will serve breakfast today. Saroj refuses to accept breakfast from her and says she is not yet hungry. Tej says breakfast became tasty with Sayuri’s touch, his will be more happy if he gets tea. Dhanraj sayshe still remembers Sayuri’s tea taste. Sayuri remmebrs preparing tea for 2 days and leaving it in thermos flask for Dhanraj. She says she will serve them tea and pakoras with special chutney in the evening. Tej says he will enjoy pakoras and tea. Daadi mausi scolds him that sweet and oily food is prohibited for him. He says even sugarless tea tastes good from Sayuri’s hand.


Kanha apologizes Nakul for being rude to him in the recent past and promises to accompany him work soon. Nakul hugs him and says he didn’t feel bad. Rashmi gets jealous seeing their growing bonding and her plan failing. She thinks she needs to emotionally blackmail Sayuri and stop her from revealing truth to family. She carries her son to Sayuri’s room and pleads to forgive her for her son’s sake. Sayuri says she will expose her lies at the right time. Rashmis says even now is the right time as it did a year ago, she wanted to reveal truth herself but stop because of her son. She continues to emotionally blackmail Sayuri and requests her to hide the truth for her son’s sake. Sayuri takes Arjun in her hands and says a mother is defeated by a sister, she suffered separation from her daughter because of Rashmi, but will hide truth for Arjun’s sake. Rashmi thanks her for maintaining secret and tries to hug her for forgiving her. Sayuri stops her and says she will never forgive her for her heinous act but will maintain silence. Saroj demands Kanha to get his and Mithu’s DNA test done as she cannot live without a doubt in her mind. Kanha is shocked and refuses her plea. She continues to pester him and walks behind. Sayuri hears their conversation.

Kanha gets tensed seeing Sayuri hearing his and Saroj’s conversation and nervously asks what is she doing here, she should have taken Kuku out. Sayuri asks him till when he will avoid Saroj’s questions, she will answer Saroj’s questions. Saroj says she wants to know how she spent her 1 year. Kanha says he already answered her questions, then why she is questioning Sayuri now. Whole family gathers. Sayuri says let her answer Saroj’s questions as she wants Saroj to hold her grandchild happily.

Sayuri describes that before going for a holy pilgrimage how she learnt via doctor that she was pregnant and how she fell down from the cliff and survived and when she delivered a baby, she wasn’t allowed to hold her baby; she faced may difficulties until she reached home and held her baby. Saroj says she can’t believe so many miracles happened with her and she got pregnant when doctors declared she can never become a mother. Sayuri says that miracle happened. Saroj refuses to believe her and gets adamant to get Kanha and Mithu’s DNA test done. Kanha says he already told her that he knows Mithu is his daughter and he doesn’t want to perform any test.


Back to room, Kanha asks Sayuri not to bother about Saroj’s words. Sayuri is says she’s not bothered as Saroj won’t have to face any other’s questions and can confidently answer now. Kanha praises her positive thinking. Indu questions Saroj for questioning Sayuri’s character. Saroj gets adamant that its her right to know the truth as she is worried for her son like Indu is worried for her daughter. Their argument ensues. Daadi Mausi interferes and calling Indu as a guest says she doesn’t does have any right to interfere in their family matters. Indu feels disheartened and leaves with Bhanu. Daadi mausi asks Saroj not to bother about all this and asks Rashmi to explain her mother and grandmother what they really meant.

Kanha informs Nakul what Saroj did. Nakul asks if Saroj believes in DNA tests than Sayuri. Kanha says Sayuri handled the situation positively and its good that Sayuri has Mithu and Kuku to get busy instead of thinking all this. Rashmi hears their conversation. Kanha notice sher and asks her to come in. Rashmi thinks she will not let Sayuri in peace so easily. Sayuri spends time with Kuku and Mithu. Kuku dances on Leja Lejare.. song. Sayuri joins her. Bhanu prepares Sayuri’s favorite halwa and asks Indu to go and give it to Sayuri as she must have missed it since a year. Indu asks her not to remember about Sayuri’s troubles and asks if they should return home. Bhanu says they should as guests should stay at someone’s house until they are respected. Rashmi hears that and asks why they are thinking so. Indu asks her not to stop her, they will leave once Sayuri gets completely well as they can’t stay at daughters’ house for long. Rashmi says she is right as a MIL can’t stay at SIL’s house for long, they can visit us often. She thinks the lesser Sayuri’s supporters in this house, the more good for her. Indu says she will go and give Sayuri’s favorite halwa. Rashmi says she will go and give it to Sayuri and thinks let her see how much Sayuri likes her favorite halwa.


Kuku falls asleep tired after dancing. Sayuri switches off TV. TV switches on automatically and Vikrant emerges in TV and calls her Sachu. Sayuri panics and tries to walk out. Rashmi walks in and asks what happened. Sayuri points at TV. Rashmi says there is no one here and asks what did she see. Sayuri thinks she can’t trust Rashmi and says its nothing. On the other side, Nakul brings Kanha’s favorite coffee and reminds him how they both and Chiru used to go on a long drive for coffee and roadside tea. Kanha asks if he wants to discuss about this new project. Nakul asks him to spend some quality time with Sayuri and then return to business after some time. Kanha says he prayed god for 1 child and god bestowed him with 2 daughters, he wants to find a lawyer to legally adopted Kuku and perform Mithu’s naming ceremony.

Rashmi offers halwa to Sayuri and lies that he prepared it. Sayuri gets suspicious
and asks her to taste it. Rashmi tastes a teaspoonful and asks Sayuri to have it now. Sayuri says nothing happens with just 1 teaspon. Rashmi asks if she thinks she mixed poison in halwa. Sayuri says she doesn’t trust Rashmi after what she did. Rashmi says they are sisters. Sayuri says their relationship ended when Rashmi pushed her from cliff and tried to kill her. Rashmi pleads to trust her. Kanha walks in and asks what are they talking about. Rashmi says Sayuri doesn’t want her support. Kanha says Rashmi should support Sayuri. Rashmi walks away. Sayuri thinks he shouldn’t inform him that she saw Vikrant in TV or not.

Saroj steals his used coffee cup for DNA test. Daadi Mausi steals Mithu’s bottle. Saroj thanks Daadi mausi for supporting her. At night, Sayuri feels thirsty and walks to living room to have water. Lights flicker. Sayuri hears Vikrant’s voice who challenges her that he will get her at any cost. She panics again and hides under the dining table. Kanha walks to her and comforts her.

Doctor treats Sayuri and tells Kanha that he gave medicine to Sayuri and she will be fine once she wakes up. Kanha says Sayuri got an attack twice since 2 days. Doctor suggests to start Sayuri’s psychiatric treatment then and inform him after consulting his family. Nakul says he will drop doctor out. Daadi Mausi says let her drop him out while discussing about her medicine and leaves looking at Saroj. Nakul gets suspicious. Indu asks Kanha what did doctor say. Kanha says doctor told that Sayuri is suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder and suggested to start Sayuri’s psychiatric treatment soon or her situation will worsen. Rashmi thinks its good for her, she will prove Sayuri insane.

Saroj tells Kanha that he should accept doctor’s advice. Dhanraj asks Kanha to take an informed decision. Saroj says there is nothing to think as such illness can’t be treated at home. Kanha says he can’t take any decision in a hurry and needs time. Daadi Mausi requests doctor for a help and asks him not to inform anyone about it. Doctor says he didn’t understand. Daadi mausi gives him Kanha and Mithu’s samples and asks him to get their DNA test to confirm that Mithu is Kanha’s daughter. Doctor agrees and says he will send report directly to Saroj. Nakul hears that and confronts Saroj. Saroj requests not to inform anyone about it. Nakul determines to inform Kanha about it. Saroj emotionally blackmails him. Nakul says her justification doesn’t convince him as even if Mithu is not Sayuri and Kanha’s daughter, she brought happiness in their lives and he will not let anyone ruin their happiness. Daadi mausi asks Saroj not to bother about Nakul’s words as he is a kid.

Kanha at home temple recalls Sayuri’s panicked behavior and prays god to get Sayuri well soon. Dhanraj walks to him and says he nows his dilemma, but this time he should listen to his brain and not heart and help Sayuri in whatever way he can. Kanha says he is right, he will help Sayuri by taking her for a psychiatric treatment. He returns to room and notes Sayuri waking up, asks how is she feeling, shall he press her head and legs. Sayuri says she is feeling weak. Kanha presses her legs and says he was thinking of performing Mithu’s naming ceremony tomorrow. Sayuri feels excited and explains how she will search a name for Mithu. She then describes how she couldn’t perform any rituaal for Mithu since she is born. Kanha comforts her and says they will perform all the rituals and he will not let a shadow of sorrows fall on Sayuri. Rashmi watches them hiding and thinks she will ruin their happiness soon. She calls someone and asks him to be present when she calls him. Sayuri and Kanha’s nok jhok starts during naming ceremony. Saroj looks at Nakul signalling him not to inform anything to Kanha. Panditji says he found an initial. Sayuri asks him to reveal it. He builds suspense and shows Ka letter. Nakul says let us debate on a name. Sayuri and Kanha dance on Aaj Phir Kithe Chaliye Morni Banke.. song and drag whole family along. Sayuri then gets a call. She picks it and panics hearing Vikrant’s voice.

Sayuri gets tensed hearing Vikranth’s voice through the phone. Kanha asks what happened and Sayuri says that it’s Vikranth. Kanha picks the call and the guy on the other hand says that he called from the lucky draw. Kanha cuts the call asking him to not call again. He says the same to others but Sayuri says that she’s sure that it’s Vikranth. Everyone says that she might be mistaken and asks her not to worry. Sayuri says that she’s sure he’s Vikranth. Kanha comforts her while Nakul suggests to give the number to the Police Station. Kanha asks him to proceed. Rashmi comes in private and calls someone. She says that everything is happening according to her plan.

Nakul says Vikranth that Police traced the call. Kanha tells Sayuri that it’s actually a sales call. Sayuri gets angry and asks how it could be a sales call when she clearly heard it’s Vikranth. She soon realizes that she acted rude unnecessarily with Kanha and apologizes to him. Kanha says it’s fine. Indu asks Dhanraj if Sayuri really needs treatment. Saroj complains to Dadi Mausi about how Kanha has to deal with Sayuri’s mental state. Dadi Mausi comforts her that it’s just a matter of time till she turns back to normal. Saroj wonders when they would get the reports and is worried what if their suspicion turned true’. She is worried about how to handle the issue. Kanha and Sayuri come to shop for Holi with Kanha when Kanha leaves to get his wallet.


Sayuri is sitting in front of the tea shop when a mask seller comes there and pleads with her to get one. Sayuri says that she doesn’t want when the masked person asks her to get it for Kuku and Mittu. Sayuri gets shocked hearing him take her kids name and asks who he is. He removes his mask and Sayuri gets shocked seeing Vikranth. She runs after him but Vikranth runs away from her. Sayuri catches him when Vikranth scares her in private. Sayuri sits scared. Vikranth continues scaring her. Kanha comes in search of her.

Suddenly Vikranth gets replaced by another man who lies that it was Sayuri who wanted to purchase mask from him. Sayuri gets confused and asks him to leave. While he’s about to leave he slips and Vikranth’s mask falls down. Sayuri helps him while he gets scared. Kanha comes there and the guy hides the mask behind his back. Sayuri says he’s just a sales man but Kanha notices him hiding mask in mirror and gets doubtful. Sayuri and Kanha buy lots of gifts for the kids.