Deception Thursday update 23 January 2020


Deception Thursday update 23 January 2020

Naren asking Pooja to bring the kids and says their studies will be complete today. They come out of brothel. Kids say where we will study now. Goon tells that if Chandani doesn’t dance then how she will earn for her livelihood. Naren asks Gudiya not to worry and says we will find more good space than this. Pooja asks shall I get farm cleaned. Naren says no and tells that kids will study at his house. Pooja thinks if he takes kids home then big drama will happen and Harish and Supriya will get upset, thinks to stop Naren…Harish thinks about Bhola Babu’s mum coming to India for puja and wanting to meet Naren. Rakesh comes and asks what is bothering him. Harish tells that he needs someone at this time and says he can rely on him only. He tells that he is stressed and asks him
to take care of office work and take important decisions. He says you are seeing what Neelima is doing here, and tells that even Hardik’s behavior is not justified. He tells that he will shift share on his names. Rakesh says I don’t want to take advantage of your situation and says he will work on salary. He requests him not to involve Mayank as he is young and have no right on his business.

Naren says kids will study here. Pooja sees dharmshala there and tells Naren to make them have gola. Naren takes kids to have gola. She talks to Pandit ji and tries talking to him to permit them to let rang gali kids study here. He refuses and badmouths about pr*stitutes. Pooja is about to go. Naren comes and asks her to come. Pandit ji thinks Naren is her husband and tells that they can teach kids here. Pooja says you are thinking wrong. Boy comes and says Naren is calling you. Chandani asks Naren not to change their destiny. Naren says he will drop kids back to their homes after teaching them. Pooja tells that they don’t need to go anywhere and tells that Pandit ji let them to teach kids here. Naren agrees and asks kids to come. Pooja thinks how to clear Pujari ji’s misunderstanding now and thinks of Kusum’s words. She thinks goodness have the strength to change anyone. Naren writes English alphabet and Pooja to concentrate on studies. His jeans tears while he tries to sit. Pujari tells that he will give clothes to Pooja and asks him to change.

Naren changes his clothes and tells Pooja that it doesn’t have drawstring and says you should have checked. Pujari ji comes and gives it. Pooja asks him to take it. Naren takes it. Pujari asks her to go and help him. Naren asks how to push that drawstring inside. Pooja thinks he is spoiled and asks him to give his pajama. She inserts the drawstring/nada in his pajama and returns pajama back to him. Naren teaches them ABCD. Pooja tells EFG…..Naren looks at her. Pooja says time has come to have food. Naren asks her to study. Goons come there and talks to Pujari ji. Pooja happens to see them and thinks they have come to stop his class. She makes an excuse that she is feeling thirsty and will come soon. She comes near goons and takes lathi, thinks when will her black belt get used. Pujari asks goons not to do gundagiri.

Pooja asks what is happening here. Goon says they will not talk to woman. Pooja asks him to tell what is his problem? He asks her to move and not to become Jhansi ki rani. He asks don’t you get afraid. Chandani comes with other women and says we all are with her. Pooja smiles. They see many women coming there. Goon says all women will talk as men with us. Pooja says no, we will talk as a woman only. She says when Pandit ji have no problem with our school, then what is your problem. She says if we can wear ghungroo, then we can pick lathi also, and go to police. Goon tells Chandani that this revolt is not good. Pooja says they are all mum and asks him if he forgot his mum’s anger.. They look at the police there. All goons leave. Chandani hugs Pooja. They smile.

Naren scolding Pooja for wasting time and says you have many excuses not to study and smiling. He says you shall be punished and asks her to stand there holding her ears. Pooja looks on. Naren says I am serious. She holds her hand and smiles. Kids laugh. Naren asks them to be silent. Pujari says it happens between husband and wife and says you will soon get accustomed to these arguments. Naren says I don’t understand what you are telling. Pujari says you will get habitual to knok jhok. Pooja throws chalk piece on Gudiya. Gudiya asks the boy why did he hit her. Boy refuses. They argue. Naren asks Gudiya and other kids to keep quiet and concentrate on studies. Pujari ji asks Naren if he needs anything. Pooja says nothing. Naren says what he was saying? Pooja says he was missing
his wife and says you will not understand this. She says they shall give meals break to kids. Naren gives them break. Pooja asks him to have food and says it needs for health. Naren says you have a slow progress and needs to study.

Mayank is having sandwiches and thinks Pooja makes good food. Mishra ji comes and gives to him saying he sold few things in market. Mayank says now we don’t have to wait for insurance to make shed. Mayank smells flowers and wishes to give to Pooja. Gudiya comes to Naren and complains about some boys who were saying that she will have to dance when grown up and made her fall. Naren says they shall teach self defence to kids. Pooja says she will teach them karate, and then realizes and tells that what is in that to do. Naren says he will hire teacher for that. Pooja says Mayank can help us. She calls Mayank from Naren’s phone. Mayank thinks Naren called and tells that he is stuck in the farm because of Pooja. Pooja makes sound to make him realize that she is on call and asks him to come to Rang gali. Mayank is tensed. Satish feels restless and thinks to call Pooja.

Harish declares that he has decided to make Rakesh as head of the company and says no work in the office will progress without his signatures. He says all employees shall report Rakesh babu, and asks everyone to co-operate. Hardik, Neelima and Rahul are shocked and upset. Harsha asks Harish to tell Rakesh that she will rule on him. Rakesh says when did I say? I am used to your rule. Harsha says we all shall sit for sometime.

Pooja tells kids that Mayank will teach them karate. Mayank gives money to Naren and says it is farm’s first earrings. Pooja says it seems farm’s fruits and flowers were sold at good price. Naren sees flower and asks why did you bring it. Mayank says I brought it for you, I love you so much and hugs him. Pooja smiles. Mayank gives his clothes. Neelima asks Harish, how can he make head to anybody. Harish says he is our family member and I can make any person, head of the company and asks what is her problem? Neelima says she has objection as Rahul and Hardik work harder for the company and you want them to report to Rakesh babu. She asks him to sidelined her family. Harish says he is doing this for betterment and reminds her that he made the company on his own and Hardik joined later on and Rahul joined 2 years back. Neelima takes her son’s side and says today’s kids roams in gali/streets. Harish gets angry. Neelima goes.

Satish thinks where is Pooja and thinks she is not picking the call. He thinks to ask Naren and go to Rang Gali. Mayank trains the kids, Pooja and Rang gali women about self defence. He comes to Pooja and asks her to punch him. Pooja punches him. Mayank says you are a fast learner. Naren says she needs to learn more.

Harish gets a call and tells Supriya that there is a call from New York. He picks the call and greets Bhola Babu and asks him to send Amma’s flight details. He says Naren is waiting for Amma eagerly and ends the call. He tells Naren have to face the challenge. Naren writes the school stuff to be brought for kids. Pooja says she will buy the stuff from a dealer and asks him to give money. Naren asks how you will manage. Pujari ji asks him to leave work for wife. Naren is shocked.

Purohit ji asking Naren to leave everything on his wife. Pooja says he loves his wife much. Harish comes to temple and sees Naren. He feels pain in his chest while talking to him, and falls down unconscious. Mayank tells that he is Pooja’s Mama. Naren asks someone to bring water. He calls Kusum from Satish’s phone and tells that his condition worsened in rang gali. She gets shocked. Doctor tells that his condition is worsening. Kusum comes to rang gali and asks driver to wait, and says we will go to dehradun. She meets Purohit ji and asks if he knows Naren. Purohit ji asks him to ask his wife about him. Kusum turns and looks at Pooja. Pooja is also shocked to see her. She says Mami….you are here? Kusum slaps her hard and says you didn’t feel ashamed to blacken your face
with this guy, and asks her why didn’t you kill your mama before marrying him. Pooja says this is a misunderstanding. Kusum says if anything happens to your Mama then I will never drink water from your hand. She goes inside and sees Satish. Pooja also comes there. Kusum stops her and accuses her for his condition. She asks how did this happen? Naren says Doctor said that he will get consciousness in sometime. Doctor comes and says he is unwell since many days, and has a heart ailment which is not treated. Kusum nods. Pooja is shocked. Kusum thinks about Supriya’s words and gets angry, leaves from there.

Harsha shows her jewellery. Supriya asks her to keep it safely. Harsha says we have old and loyal servants, we shall not worry. Kusum calls Supriya. Supriya asks how are you? Kusum scolds her and reminds of her words. Supriya asks where are you. Kusum says Naren called me to Rang gali and tells that pooja is roaming here as Naren’s wife. She is shocked. Kusum says if anything happens to her husband then she will get her curse. Supriya shows trust on both of them. Kusum asks her to come to rang gali and see. Harsha asks if everything is fine. Supriya says we have to go to rang gali.

Anuj asks Rachel to give 5000 rent to Kusum. Rachel asks him to give rent to her and asks about Pooja’s job. Anuj tells that Pooja is working with Vyas and forgot her dream of dance. Pooja stops and thinks about Mami’s warning. Naren asks why you are standing out, and takes her inside holding her hands. Pooja cries and says you always thought me as your son, but when you need me the most, you didn’t tell me. Kusum comes and asks Pooja to leave from here. Naren says Maam. Kusum asks pooja to get up and leave from there. She holds her hand and takes her outside. Pooja cries badly looking at mama. She asks why do you want to take your Mama’s life. She pushes Pooja. Supriya and Harsha come there and hold her.

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