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Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 4th Feb 2019

Pragya telling Abhi that she is Pragya, his fuggi.. Abhi gets happy and hugs her. Pragya says she was helpless because of the children and wants to pr [...]

Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 5th Feb 2019

Disha asking Pragya to take the vegetable dish. Pragya refuses. Disha throws it on her dress intentionally. Pragya goes to clean it. Purab asks Abhi t [...]

Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 6th Feb 2019

Pragya thinks she must find out what Aaliya and Tannu are upto, and promises someone to be there soon. Pragya plans to follow her. Tanu and Aaliya [...]

Monday Update on This is Fate 4th February 2019

Sarla asks what Shrishti saying is. Preeta says there was a thief at house and she thought he intended something else. When she had caught him, he was [...]

Tuesday Update on This is Fate 5th February 2019

Prithvi thinks this is enough now, he decides to kill Janki in the party right now but in a way that her death appears to be an accident. He turns aro [...]

Wednesday Update on This is Fate 6th February 2019

Karan still says.. Preeta. Rishabh and Preeta are shocked. Karan says Rita, not Preeta. Rishabh asks him to say clearly.. he heard Preeta. Karan says [...]

Sunday Update on Gangaa 3rd January 2019

Next morning, Maharaj is drops the crockery as the floor was wet. He asks Mehri to clean nicely. Ganga comes there. She was about to step on one piece [...]

Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate 3rd February 2019

Abhi’s guitar breaking when Simonika enters his room. Simonika says sorry. Pragya asks him to use other guitar. Abhi says he got this guitar made for [...]

Sunday Update on This is Fate 3rd February 2019

Prithvi was curt why Bee ji had been staring at Janki, if she would wake up that way. He coughs and asks Dada ji for a glass of water, then close the [...]

Saturday Update on Gangaa 2nd January 2019

Niru also asks Ganga to come. Ganga comes then. Amma ji whispers to Sudha she did good and saved them. Sudha says I did not do anything. It was all Ga [...]
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